husky golden retriever mix - breed facts & temperament

Husky Golden Retriever Mix: Breed Facts & Temperament

If you breed together two of the world’s most popular dogs you’d get a hound that is surely to turn your world around, in a rather good way. The Husky Golden Retriever mix, or more fondly called the Goberian, combines the unique weight pulling abilities of the Husky with the scent tracking and playfulness of the Golden Retriever. Both are highly trainable, energetic, and full of vigor that the result of the blending of its genes is sure to bring into the dog world a kind of hound that is very entertaining, friendly to kids, eager to please, and would want to work as much as it could.

History of the Goberian

The Siberian Husky has a long history dating back to the Chukchi peoples of the Bering Sea and Chukchi Peninsula region in the Arctic. Not much is known about the historical origins of the Chukchis, but they are generally considered to be members of an ancient Paleo-Siberian community making the Husky one of the oldest breeds of dogs. The Husky has been used by these people to help them in the transport of their goods over snowy lands. They were introduced to the Americas in 1908 in Nome, Alaska when Russian fur trader William Goosak used them to pull his loaded sleigh.

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On the other hand, the Golden Retriever has a more recent entry into the world of canines. The Goldie was bred by Dudley Marjoribanks in Scotland in the mid-19th century by mixing existing Retriever breeds with Tweed Water Spaniels. As the new breed developed, additional breeds were mixed like the light-colored Bloodhounds, St. John’s Water Dog, and the Irish Setter. This blending of the unique qualities of these breeds characterizes the Goldie that everyone knows today – calm yet energetic, gentle and friendly dog, very intelligent, and possesses unparalleled love for life.

While the two parent breeds have definitely long histories, no one actually knows when the first Goberian was mix-bred or who or where. What is known is that the Goberian started appearing in the early parts of the new millennia.

Who are the Parents?

Since the Goberian is a mixture of a Siberian Husky and a Golden Retriever, you can expect its characteristics to be a little bit of both. Following the principles of Mendelian inheritance, half of the characteristics of the Goberian will come from a Siberian Husky while the other half will come from a Golden Retriever; provided you have purebred Husky and Goldie. However, it’s not really as simple as getting half the chromosomes of one and mixing it with the other. One also needs to understand dominant and recessive traits for each breed.

Let’s take a look at the progenitors of the Husky Golden Retriever Mix.

Siberian Husky

With a possible history that dates as far back as 8,500 years ago, the Husky is a large breed of dog typically reaching 60 pounds for the male and 50 pounds for the female. With a lifespan that can last up to 14 years, the Husky is classified as a working dog, although the FCI classifies it as a Nordic sledge dog.

A 2015 genetic marker study reveals that the Siberian Husky shares its genetic characteristics with the Alaskan Malamute, Chukotka sled dog, and the Alaskan Husky. While some believe that the Husky is a direct descendant of the grey wolf, studies suggest a closer genetic relationship with the Taymyr wolf, an extinct North Asian wolf. They are considered to be high-latitude dogs and are especially geared for living in colder climates. However, introgression has somehow afforded the breed with phenotypic variation allowing it to adapt to new and otherwise challenging environments. This makes the Siberian Husky a really tough, sturdy, and very resilient breed.

Since the Chukchi raised the Husky to live with their families, this dog is especially fond of children. They are often allowed to roam free and hunt in packs in the summer. It has a very high prey drive that can still be seen in the Huskies of today. However, you can always trust your Husky to be friendly and cordial when kids are around. But when it comes down to work, they really mean business. They need obedience training right from puppyhood. They are very intelligent, alert, and very outgoing. Failure to train them at an early age their independence as a descendant from the Taymyr wolf will surely show you who the boss is.

The Husky is a very sturdy breed. While most dogs of its size will be prone to a variety of health problems the Husky will only have a few – hip dysplasia and a handful of eye problems such as retinal atrophy, cataract, and corneal dystrophy. It is believed that the hardiness of the wolf is in the Husky.

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Golden Retriever

There are plenty of reasons why the Golden Retriever is consistently ranked in the top 3 of the most popular breeds of dogs across different kennel clubs. It’s friendly, devoted, intelligent, reliable, confident, trustworthy, and kind. When trained at an early age, the Golden can easily become a family dog; otherwise it wouldn’t be the Presidential dog of the Ford administration. It’s very adaptable, affectionate, and very easy to train. The Golden is also very friendly to kids, other dogs, strangers, and even cats.

Weighing about 55 to 75 pounds, the Golden can last up to 12 years and is classified as a sporting dog. Its unique qualities are derived from the mixed breeding of various gun dogs in the mid-1800s. A mixture of Retrievers and Tweed Water Spaniels which was later refined with the inclusion of the Irish Setter, light Bloodhound, and the St. John’s water dog into the breeding program, the Golden Retriever is the best all-around hunting and sporting dog. It’s a favorite among members of the service industry

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Exercise is a must for this dog. They love swimming, hiking, jogging, walking, and even playing a game of fetch, be it a tennis ball or a Frisbee. They thrive in puzzles and other mind games, too. Now if you’re not up to these fundamental requirements of a Golden, you can expect a rather destructive hound wreaking havoc in your place. It may have soft jaws, but it sure can still tear a place down.

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Gentle, loyal, intelligent, and even-tempered as they are, Goldens are not actually immune from health problems. They are especially known for a few types of cancer like lymphosarcoma, osteosarcoma, hemangiosarcoma, and mast cell tumors. Additionally, they’re also prone to hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and subaortic stenosis, a kind of heart problem whereby the major blood vessel exiting the heart becomes narrowed. Goldens are also known for epilepsy, hypothyroidism, skin infections allergies, and ear infections.

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Quick Facts

If you’re considering on bringing a Goberian home, here are some quick facts that you may want to keep in mind.

  • A Goberian can reach up to 25 inches in height but should not be less than 20 inches.
  • It can have a highly varied weight from as light as 35 pounds to as heavy as 80 pounds.
  • On the average, expect a Goberian to last about 10 to 13 years.
  • The Goberian has a dense and long-length coat with straight or wavy hair, depending on which between a Husky and a Golden is more dominant.
  • The color of its coat can range anywhere from brown to light brown or black and brown with a light-colored muzzle.

Things You Should Know

First-time dog owners are not really advised to bring home a Husky Golden Retriever mix as the independence of the Husky and the playfulness of the Golden Retriever can be a really challenging mix to work with. Nevertheless, if you are really intent on bringing home a Goberian, make sure that you understand the implications of the following things.

  • Training

The Goberian is very intelligent but can be quite stubborn to train especially if the handler doesn’t know the characteristics of its progenitors. As such, it is best reserved for individuals who have an advanced knowledge handling hounds and who have levels of energy similar to the Goberian. They don’t like to be bossed around. They are especially known for testing the leadership skills of their owners. Training should always begin in puppyhood, giving it plenty of interactive and puzzle toys. 

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  • Feeding

All dogs require high quality, animal protein-based food. You’re talking about two of the best-known working dogs in the dog world, one that is bred for pulling sleds over great distances and another one bred for hunting and retrieving. They need all the proteins they can get to develop their muscles. Don’t skimp on the quality of proteins. Only animal-sourced proteins should be given. As such going raw is always the best.

  • Exercise

Goberians require plenty of exercise, mental stimulation, and playtime activities. It may be good for apartment-dwellers provided you bring them out for their daily exercise needs. Otherwise, expect canine boredom and its associated behavioral problems to kick in. Generally, they require at least 60 minutes of vigorous exercises every day. If you cannot commit to such a routine you can forget about owning one as behavioral issues will surely creep in. Goberians love brisk walking, jogging, or even following you on your bicycle. It’s the perfect companion for fitness-minded folks. 

  • Socialization

It requires early socialization and obedience training if you want it to grow friendly with kids, other animals or pets, and other people. A Goberian puppy may have to be enlisted in a kindergarten class for puppies. Having guests in the house, especially kids, can help acclimatize your young Goberian to the presence of different people. But then, you’ll also have to check whether your Goberian’s parents were also socialized early on. If not, then socialization may not proceed as smoothly as you’d have hoped. 

  • Grooming

The Husky Golden Retriever Mix doesn’t require very extensive grooming as it doesn’t shed that much. However, a twice weekly brushing is recommended. This is to make sure that its double coat is maintained and early manifestations of possible skin problems can be detected. Brushing also gives you the opportunity to check whether your dog has ticks, fleas, or mites which can cause a variety of problems. Once-weekly toothbrushing is also recommended; although doing it every day is a lot better. Cleaning your dog’s ears is also important. This can be done at least twice a week especially if your hound is fond of the outdoors. 

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  • Health

Hip dysplasia is a very common problem among Goberians since both Huskies and Goldens are known for such a condition. There is also a 50% chance that eye problems, cancer, bloating, and allergies can occur. As such you’d have to pay special attention to their diets as well as their physical activities. Regular visits to the vet are, thus, recommended.

The Goberian is perfect for individuals who have the following characteristics.

  • Good knowledge of obedience training and socialization beginning in puppyhood
  • Active lifestyle, preferably one who enjoys fitness, exercise, and the great outdoors
  • Qualities of a pack leader: confident, smart, trustworthy
  • However, the Husky Golden Retriever mix is not ideal for the following folks.
  • First-time owners with very limited understanding of canine obedience training basics
  • Don’t have time to spend on exercise, socialization, and play time
  • Don’t like the idea of going outdoors for exercise or adventures
  • Don’t like grooming and tending to the needs of a Goberian

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Owing to the gentle and friendly nature of both its progenitors, Goberians are very friendly, kind, and gentle to their owners, their kids, and even their other pets. However, this can only be ensured if the Goberian has been trained and socialized right from puppyhood. They are intelligent and would love the challenges that come with well-tailored activities. They are very eager to earn the nod of their pet parents, very eager to please.

Do understand that Goberians have a stubborn and independent-minded streak. That’s why it is important that training be initiated as soon as you bring home a Goberian. Moreover, it is crucial to learn the temperaments of its progenitors as they can play a role in your Goberian’s own temperament.

The Husky Golden Retriever Mix gives you the fine qualities of both Siberian Huskies and Golden Retrievers. They’re intelligent, very eager to please, and make for great family dogs. However, training them as a puppy is important if you want a Goberian to grow as a well-rounded dog.


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