Cat Food Shortage Continues To Leave Shelves Empty

Cat Food Shortage Continues To Leave Shelves Empty

Across the nation, cat owners are still struggling to feed their furry friends even after the harsh aftermath of the Covid 19 pandemic. The struggle specifically targets those buying and feeding their felines canned wet food.

Numerous stores have been pictured with empty shelves as people have desperately sought to feed their best fur friends wet food. It doesn’t seem like an issue for some, as there appears to be an abundance of dry food and fresh alternatives. However, those with cats will understand how tricky it can be to feed picky eaters or those with specific dietary requirements.

The issue also severely affects shelters and centers that need to feed an abundance of cats and kittens numerous times a day, seven days a week. Fortunately, some have an adequate supply to last them for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, others aren’t so lucky. Furthermore, there seems to be little information regarding the restocking of particular foods. However, plenty of manufacturers reassure their customers that they do everything to get products back on shelves.

The Reasons Behind The Shortage

Woman choosing a dairy products at supermarket.Pet Food

During the Covid pandemic, pet adoptions and purchases soared, with most homes holding onto their new furry family member. In contrast, others, realizing the responsibilities associated with pet care, have sadly given their pets up. As a direct result, the demand for wet cat food has surged significantly, resulting in empty shelves.

Other sources claim that the issues reside with the manufacturers struggling to collate their ingredients and restock suppliers after the heavy demand during the pandemic. In addition to this, aluminum, which is primarily used for packaging wet food, also seems to be in short supply, according to other sources.

Is There an End in Sight?

Unfortunately, little is known about when cat owners can expect to see products back on the shelves. However, it’s important to bear in mind that most long-standing pet food manufacturers have your cat’s best interest at heart and are working tirelessly to end the shortage.

Alternative Resources

With websites such as Amazon coming to the rescue to supply households with almost everything they could ask for, it’s normal for pet parents to take to the company to buy their pet food. The drawback here is that owners have often commented about the price.

Some cat lovers have resourcefully dedicated themselves to making their cat food, sometimes using meats fused with gravy and brown rice. Others have enlisted the help of The Humane Society, which can help owners source pet food, medical care, and other necessities.

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