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Can Dogs Eat White Rice? (Nutrition Guide)

Every dog owner owes it to his pet to provide meals that are not just well-planned and balanced but also provide all-round nutrition. After all, nothing in the world could be more satisfying than watching your canine companion glowing with health and continuing to spread joy and cheer without so much as a hiccup. But ensuring this is a task which is easier said than done, especially in case of dogs.

dogs eating rice

When it comes to choosing food for dogs, most owners tend to steer clear of fads which clearly belong to the danger zone. It is only in case of certain types of food that dilemma sets in, given that these food groups do not belong to either category. One such food is white rice, so much so that it is a common sight to come across dog owners debating whether to serve it to their dogs.

Dogs can definitely eat white rice, but what matters is how well it suits them in terms of health, nutrition and digestion. In the absence of any clear cut yes/no, discussed as follows are some aspects that you as a pet owner must bear in mind while serving white rice to your dog.

Types of Rice – White and Brown

Not all types of rice are white – there is a brown variety as well which is regarded as being equally good, if not better, especially for dogs.  If you run your finger down the list of ingredients mentioned on the packet of any reputed brand of dog food, you are sure to come across the mention of rice. However, the type of rice being used – brown or white – is usually not specified, thus leaving you the task of conducting research.

Irrespective of the color, what really matters is the grade of rice being used, and to this effect, a strong recommendation is to stick to avoid cutting corners and stick to human-grade rice.

Advantages of Serving White Rice to Dogs

Having opted to include white rice in your dog’s diet, following are some advantages that you stand to accrue:

  • Since time immemorial, it has been regarded as being a perfect home remedy for stabilizing tummy in case of indigestion or diarrhea and it works in case of dogs too.
  • Considering that dogs often tend to lap up their food without chewing, white rice is a convenient option since it is soft enough not to necessitate much chewing.
  • Owing to being simpler in composition as compared to brown rice, white rice is a lot easier to digest.
  • Because it cooks faster, white rice is an easier alternative for the pet owner too.
  • As an option that is cheaper as compared to brown rice, it is a cost effective alternative.

Is Rice Toxic for Dogs?

Unless your canine is allergic to rice, there is no danger of toxicity. To test whether or not your dog can eat rice, serve a small quantity and keeps your eyes open for an adverse reaction. Some ways in which rice allergy could manifest are constant itching sensation, hair-fall and increased susceptibility to ear infection. Since these symptoms become evident as soon as rice is consumed, spotting rice allergy or the lack of it is quite simple and straightforward.

Assuming that your dog is not allergic and looks forward to being served rice, there needs to be certain restriction in terms of quantity. When served in limited amounts and mixed with other types of food, rice could turn out to be your canine’s favorite food.

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dog eats rice

How Do Dogs Benefit From Eating White Rice?

Including white rice in your dog’s diet could benefit your canine companion in a number of different ways, some of which are listed as follows:

  • White rice is naturally enriched in carbohydrates which would ensure that your dog remains mentally and physically energetic throughout the day.
  • Courtesy of prompting the growth of good bacteria, it would help regulate bowel movement and enable better digestion. It is also a natural cure to combat stomach related issues, diarrhea being the most common in case of dogs.
  • Being low in fat and sodium, white rice keeps a check on levels of bad cholesterol.
  • Every time your dog eats white rice, he nourishes his body with vitamin D and a variety of essential minerals.
  • To an extent, eating white rice also has a positive impact on skin related problems.

Final Word

Moderation is the key while including white rice in your dog’s diet and as long as it is mixed with vegetables, meat or other food groups, there is no reason as to why your dog cannot or should not eat it. In fact, it would also be the safest, considering that you would be preparing it yourself and would ensure that it is fresh and free from contaminants of any kind.


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