The Best Snuffle Mat for Dogs (Review) in 2021

Last Updated September 7, 2020

Leaving your dog alone in the house induces an indescribable form of guilt that hits differently than the rest. It may seem like your heart is breaking in two when you shut the door on your dog who is unleashing their best puppy eyes in a bid to make you stay home. However, with a snuggle mat at your disposal, your dog will barely notice you leaving home – they’ll be far too preoccupied rummaging around the felt for treats!

However, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the variety of snuffle mats on the market. Don’t worry; when it comes to dog feeding mats, we know what sets apart a high-grade product from the others. Any one of our ten snuffle mats featured in this buying guide will have your dog’s foraging skills put to the test.

The Best Snuffle Mat for Dog


Introducing “The Wooly”: PAW5’s beautiful snuffle rug for dogs. Designed in particular for dog owners who want to retain some semblance of refinement in their interior design, the combination of sustainable, upcycled felt is colored dark grey so it almost looks like an extra rug rather than yet another dog toy strewn over the floor.

Whether you own a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, any breed would be delighted to have a “Wooly” snuffle mat in their life. As the “Wooly” snuffle mat encourages natural foraging and natural instincts in your pet, they’ll be shattered after exhausting themselves looking for their food!

Encourages natural foraging in dogs

Stimulates dogs brain activity, leading to healthy development

Made sustainably from non-toxic materials

Modern gray design blends in with any interior design theme

  • Brand: PAW5
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds


Featuring as our best choice of dog activity mat in this buying guide, AWOOF’s Pet Snuffle Mat is as brilliant as it is beautiful. Composed of bright green felt cloth to resemble blades of grass, this digging mat for dogs can function as either a bowl or an olfactory pad.

If you ever happen to be going on holiday, not to worry; you won’t have to leave behind your dog’s favorite dog mat this time around. Thanks to the shrinking abilities of this mat, it can be compressed into a small storage bag, also making it simple to hang from a door. Whether your dog requires this mat for brain development, weight loss, or simply for a bit of fun, AWOOF’s toy will be a great source of entertainment for dog owners and pups alike.

Snuffle mat is portable dye to the inclusion of the small storage bag

Recommended for encouraging weight loss for your overweight pup

The perfect training toy to stop dogs wolfing up their food

Entertains dogs when left home alone

  • Brand: AWOOF
  • Weight: 4.97 ounces


Struggling to stop your dog from practically inhaling their food? Filled with plenty of nooks and crannies in which to hide treats, Stellaire’s snuffle mat puts your dog’s sense of smell to the test

Stellaire’s product boasts a non-slip surface so your dogs don’t become irritated trying to find their treats. Plus, the rug can be flung in the wash whenever it starts to stink of food. The polar fleece and upcycled materials that it’s made from hold together well in the wash, and their quality prevents your beloved pet’s face from becoming red from nose and face friction. It seems as though manufacturers have thought of everything that it takes to create a fantastic dog mat for food.

Portable snuffle mat is easy to carry around for trips

Encourages slow feeding in multiple dog households

Upcycled materials used to make this snuffle mat

Snuffle mat is fully machine washable

  • Brand: Stellaire Chern
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds


Amongst the most popular snuffle mats on the market, Sniffiz’s is by far the most aesthetically delightful. It’s even a pleasure to look upon this red poppy design; the splendour of which is enhanced by its contrasting grassy green backdrop. The lustrous fabric that it’s made from is Oxford fleece – a soft material that won’t cause your dog to develop friction burns when scouring their mat for treats.

Yet the true irresistibility of this design comes down to the ability to adjust the difficulty level of your dog’s snuffle mat to match their experience with puzzle toys. The treat pockets hidden away at the back of the petals in particular present a real challenge, as they come in five different levels: the accessible handkerchief design being the easiest the crack open, whereas the ball pocket is rated the hardest puzzle for your inquisitive canine to solve.

Gorgeous red poppy design with green grass as a backdrop all made from Oxford fleece

The difficulty level of all five puzzles can be increased if necessary

Stress engendered from being left at home alone should reduce

Hidden treat pockets at the back of petals are challenging to find!

  • Brand: Sniffiz
  • Weight: 3.45 pounds


AWOOF are back again and this time, featuring their distinctive Big Orange Flower design. Boasting four layers of soft orange petals perfect for hiding your dog’s kibble in, the impressive variety of hiding spots are why this feeding mat ranks among the best mats on the market. For puppies who are still developing their motor skills, the o-shaped tunnel pockets and among the “flower petals” are the best places to hide treats, whereas the triangular and X-shaped hiding spots will challenge active, grown dogs’ minds.

The mat’s versatility is largely due to the attached buckles which allow the mat to be easily folded up for trips away and to be strapped down to furniture so your inquisitive pooches don’t become overexcited and flip it over. In fact, the manufacturer is so confident in their creation that they offer customers two options if their snuffle mat doesn’t hold up: obtaining a full refund or a free replacement.

Captivating design features four layers of orange petals on an orange flower and an outer ring of grass for your dog to discover treats in

Convenient buckle design allows snuffle mat to be folded up for trips away

Features a wide range of difficulty options for puppies and dogs alike

Triangular pockets are perfect for providing an extra challenge

  • Brand: AWOOF
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds


Snuffle mats like AK KYC’s that are renowned for their durability are hard to come by. That’s why we’re even more delighted to be advertising such a commendable product in our buying guide – one that functions as a solution for stressed-put pups. Consisting of rows of fleece strips, an assortment of four unique design options are available to choose from. All shades are neutral colors, thereby ensuring that not another part of your home will be invaded by unsightly dog toys!

As well as the inclusion of rubber backing keeping the snuffle mat stuck to the floor while your dog is in the process of snuffing out their food, the four release buckles are able to be tied to furniture in the vicinity, subsequently making the snuffle mat even stronger. And, if you believe your pet’s mat is beginning to give off an odor, just chuck it in the wash and it will be ready to play with in no time at all.

Squeak toy in the center piques a dog’s curiosity

Made out of premium Oxford cloth and polar fleece

Four release buckles can be tied to surrounding furniture, keeping dog snuffle mat attached to the floor

Able to be machine washed

  • Brand: AK KYC
  • Model: SNFMAT-BYP
  • Weight: 0.35 ounces


IFOYO’s Dog Feeding Mat will quickly earn its place among your dog’s playtime favorites. Available in various colorful models, it’s the perfect toy to curb your hyper pup’s energy levels in the evening by putting their senses to the test. Featuring two straps that impede the mat from moving about the floor, the straps also allow the feeding mat to be conveniently hung up to save space when not in use.

If you’re worried about your hyperactive dog ripping their new mat to pieces to find the treats faster, IFOYO have taken measures to ensure this won’t occur. As this sturdy snuffle mat has been crafted by hand, the stitching and sewing is incredibly precise and won’t fall apart without a fight!

Snuffle mat available in five aesthetically pleasing designs

Strap design allows puzzle toy to be stored out of reach of your pet

Two straps keep slippage to a minimum when mat is in use

Both rabbits and dogs alike can enjoy this training mat

  • Brand: IFOYO
  • Weight: 5.01 ounces


Available in six different colors, YINXUE’s beautiful selection of pet snuffle mats look so lovely that guests in your home are bound to mistake them for a rug. Dogs of all shapes and sizes will love the time they spend with their training toy searching for food. If you’re a multi-pet household, even an animal as small as your bunny can get in on the fun!

Made of high quality polar fleece, a snuffle mat will mimic a dog’s ancestors natural foraging for food in grass and fields, thereby stimulating their brains. And combined with an anti-slip mat on the bottom of the rug to stop it from flipping, your dog will never tire of their delightful new toy.

Six unique color designs will blend into the background of your home

Small and large dogs alike can enjoy the mental stimulation and fun this snuffle mat provides

Allows your dog to mimic hunting behavior to improve their natural foraging instincts

High quality polar fleece makes it safe for our pets to explore under

  • Brand: YINXUE
  • Weight: 1.22 pounds


Ideal for dogs who love to track and find, IFOYO’s Dog Feeding Mat provides the mental stimulation your dog craves every work night that you don’t have time to provide them with. The detailed display is an amalgamation of various types of hidey holes; each one varying in difficulty and presenting another challenge for your dog to dig their teeth into – or, in this instance, their nose into!

Honestly, this puzzle toy is a life changer for pups who suffer from stress and need a distraction from their own thoughts and tendencies. You’ll love this toy too – let’s face facts and admit that there’s nothing cuter than a dog finding a treat in an adorable felt flower.

Unique snuffle mat available for purchase in a variety of different shades

Two scraps can be fixed to furniture to stop mat from sliding

Brings fun back into mealtime!

Can be washed in the washing machine

  • Brand: IFOYO
  • Weight: 6.07 ounces


We’ve been saving one of our personal favorites for last: Liakk’s Snuffle Mat. It’s cheerful sunflower aesthetic is, for starters, simply adorable. It brightens up our days just looking at it! And you’ll feel even happier observing your dog’s delight as they sniff away happily looking for treats hidden amongst the “petals”.

Recommended for every size of dg, cat, and even rabbits, the non-slip pad works wonders for keeping Liakk’s sunflower snuffle mat tethered to the ground. Seriously, if you often struggle trying to find a toy that will entertain your dog for more than a day, you’ll be amazed at how quickly they take to Liakk’s snuffle mat.

Contains an anti-slip bottom to keep mat tethered to the floor

Able to be washed by hand or by machine

The perfect training tool to alleviate the risk of destructive behavior

Searching and sniffing for food slows down fast canine eaters

  • Brand: Liakk
  • Weight: 10.41 ounces

Best Snuffle Mat for Dogs Buying Guide & FAQ

What is a Snuffle Mat?

To put it frankly, a snuffle mat is the addition to your dog’s toy box you’ve been searching for. This enrichment activity relies on a dog’s sense of smell to sniff out their dry meal amongst layers of high quality felt. More advanced snuffle mats will even contain puzzles dispersed amongst the layers of felt, ranging in difficulty, to keep your dog mentally stimulated. All things considered, snuffle mats are a brilliant toy to correct issues that arise if your dog is a fast eater (that’s right, no more repulsive after-dinner gas!) while providing them with a self-rewarding way to find their dog food.

Selective focus of cute golden retriever eating dog food

Why Your Dog Needs a Snuffle Mat

Snuffle mats slow down fast eaters: In most multiple dog households, getting your pets to eat their dinner doesn’t tend to be a problem. Au contraire: dogs often become competitive with each other over their food and race to discover who can wolf down their dinner in the least amount of time. Unsurprisingly, this engenders repulsive gassy smells later on at night. Throwing a snuffle mat into the mix will slow your competitive canines way down when eating their food, extending dinner time to over ten minutes rather than a few seconds.

These mats are great for developing dogs’ natural instincts: Dogs partake in foraging due to their ancestors’ reliance on hunting prey in the wild. Nowadays, the mental stimulation your dog will profit from by providing them with a snuffle mat somewhat mimics the stimulation their ancestors received when hunting their prey.

Snuffle mats are excellent for tiring out your pup: Rumor has it that fifteen minutes of snuffle mat sniffing burns as many calories as an hours walk – that’s crazy stuff, right? Although we certainly aren’t suggesting that your dog’s nighttime jaunt should be substituted for fifteen minutes of fun looking for treats, this statistic does mean that, after a long day, you won’t have to engage in active playtime with your pup. Instead, you can simply snuggle up on your sofa and give instructions from there!

How to Choose the Right Snuffle Rug for Dogs

Would your prospective snuffle mat slip around the floor? The best snuffle mats contain non-slip backing so your dog’s mat won’t go flying while they forage for treats. Alternatively, a decent snuffle mat will have the option of being bolted down to the ground with release buckles that are designed to attach securely to the surrounding furniture.

Can the snuffle mat be played with by dogs of all shapes and sizes? High quality snuffle mats should be one-size-fits-all – meaning that dogs, cat, and even rabbits should be able to enjoy the same snuffle rug!

Can the “difficulty level” of the snuffle mat be altered? If the difficulty level of a snuffle rug cannot be modified over time, your dog is either likely to give up trying to obtain their treats or become bored due to the easiness of the snuffle dog. As an example, our premium pick of the day – Sniffiz Smelly Matty Snuffle Mat for Dogscontains five food puzzles with varying levels of difficulty so your pup can be matched to a difficulty level that compliment their mental skillset.

How to Use a Dog Snuffle Mat

Successfully introducing your pup to their snuffle mat will encourage them to return to play with their new toy another day. Here is how you create the conditions for your dog to properly use their snuffle mat in the future:

At first, don’t make your snuffle mat too difficult for your pooch: Nothing will put your puppy off their brand-new brain game more than if the treats hidden amongst the felt are too challenging to solve. Instead, dispersing three to five treats on top of the mat fleece will provide instant gratification, encouraging your dog to return to play with the mat another time.

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Be involved: It’s important to sit with your dog during their playtime for the first few days. This is so you can point them in the right direction, showing them how to use the snuffle mat with clear and decisive instructions like “Sit” and “Leave It” when they inevitably get a tad too excited and attempt to flip it over.

In fact, snuffle mats are excellent for training in general. By asking your dog to “Sit” when you’re setting up the mat, this is a wonderful way to teach them the virtue of patience. Likewise, formulating release commands such as “Ok” and “Go” are advantageous for positive reinforcement.

Cute dog eating food

Best Snuffle Mat for Dogs FAQ:

Q: What can I put in a snuffle mat?

A: We recommend only adding dry food or treats to a snuffle mat. Although adding raw pieces of food is tempting, the felt material used to comprise the snuffle mat unfortunately means this won’t be possible. Oh, and if it wasn’t obvious enough already, never add wet food to a snuffle mat. You categorically do not want to deal with the mess and smell this would create!

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Q: What material is used for snuffle rugs?

A: More often than not, the brands who create snuffle mats are conscientiously-minded and ensure the material they use to construct their snuggle mats are environmentally friendly and sourced from ethical places. The most common materials used to create snuggle mats are Oxford wool, polar fleece, and upcycled felt –high-quality materials that will keep your snuffle rug from falling apart. Likewise, these materials are soft to the touch, thereby stopping your dog’s face from obtaining friction burns.

Q: Can I wash a snuffle mat?

A: Thankfully, you can wash the majority of snuffle mats. This type of training toy’s ability to be washed in a washing machine rather than by hand is one of the principal reasons why it’s so popular. Manufacturers recommend throwing your pet’s snuffle mat in the wash around twice a week on a gentle cycle.

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