The Best Dog Cave Beds (Review) in 2021

Last Updated August 31, 2020

Do you wonder whether your fur baby is really a prairie dog, due to his love of burrowing under cushions, duvets, or anything else he can find? Or does he sleep better when cocooned in blankets or snuggled inside his crate bed? If this sounds like your fur baby, then he’s going to love a dog cave bed! Designed to be a comfortable enclosed space he can hide away in, a cave or cocoon dog bed will also help make your dog feel safe and secure.

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Choosing the right type of cave bed for your dog is essential and, with a wide range of styles and designs out there, it can be tricky to get this choice right. But don’t worry, as we have put 10 of the best cave beds for dogs to the test, so you and your pooch can rest easy.

The Best Dog Cave Bed


With its sherpa fleece lining and unsupported blanket hood, Furhaven have produced a versatile dog cave that works to match your pooch’s mood. Fold back the top and use as a cover blanket for when your pup wants to be sociable, or pull the cover down and over, to create a cave for your dog to burrow and snuggle. Whichever he prefers, the comfort factor is guaranteed, thanks to the orthopedic padded base and insulating fleece inner, that hugs your dog’s body. The outer is made from micro-suede and the whole cover is removable and can be popped into the washing machine. Available is a choice of sizes, right up to a canine weighing 95 pounds, the Furhaven hooded dog bed is the ultimate snuggle cave. 

Cave bed with attached blanket

Machine-washable suede outer

Lined with insulating Sherpa fleece

Orthopedic foam base

  • Brand: Furhaven
  • Model: 95508033
  • Weight: 4.6 pounds


The Snoozer Cozy Cave has the comfort factor, thanks to the padded base that just invites your pup to settle down. Available with a cedar/poly mix padding, the stuffing of the base means your dog can burrow without damaging the pad’s shape . There’s also a choice of orthopedic padded cozy caves if your dog needs additional support. The hood is spacious and provides enough cover for your dog to hide away inside, while the outer is removable and can be put through the washing machine. While it’s not the cheapest covered dog bed you can buy, you do get premium materials, a choice of sizes and colors and a high quality design that should last a long time. 

Overstuffed inner pad for comfort

Sherpa liner and hood

Concealed rod supports the hood

Removable and machine-washable cover

  • Brand: Snoozer
  • Model: 874-CC
  • Weight: 9.5 pounds


Take a bite out of this shark shaped cave bed which is perfect for small dogs. Made from soft-touch fiber cloth, with a cotton filled inner pad, this isn’t the largest cave bed in our review, meaning it’s only suitable for toy breeds. But where it lacks in size it makes up in personality. The cave bed is nicely free-standing, and the inner is cozy but open enough for your little dog to have a good view out. And the inside is well-padded, meaning you get a lot of cozy dog bed comfort for your money. You will have to regularly shake the bed to fluff up the padding but that’s no hardship – if you can tempt your small dog out!

Self-warming shark cave bed

Sized for small dogs up to 10 pounds

Detachable pillow padding

Anti-slip bottom

  • Brand: G Ganen
  • Weight: 14.4 ounces


The Jobar Pet Cave is a straightforward pet bed that offers super-comfort for your snuggle-loving dog. The outer is made from a soft red fabric that looks smart, lined with poly sherpa that cocoons your dog’s body as they settle down. The hood is zipped so you can remove it if you just want to use the dog bed. The hood is also held up with a plastic rod frame to give some extra dome-like coverage for when your dog wants to hide away. Large enough for medium sized dogs, the padding is sumptuous and will keep your pet lovely and warm.

25-inch diameter base

Zip off hood and fabric outer

Use as a cave or flat bed

Machine washable outer

  • Brand: Pet Parade
  • Model: JB6177
  • Weight: 10.6 ounces


Create a home sweet home for your fur baby with this house-shaped cave bed. Made from high quality polyester, the design is filled with poly-foam to maintain the free-standing shape. The door dimensions are big enough for your smaller dog to get in, but still offers a sense of privacy if they want to hunker down. And the fleece-covered Polyfill walls and base give them stability and support. What we really like about the Pet House is the Polyfoam padded cushion base, which molds to the shape of your dog for a cradle like experience. The inner fleece is also water-repellent and the whole house is machine washable without losing its shape, although you will need to do some fluffing once its dry.

Poly-filled free-standing dog house

Soft fleece outer and lining

Padded walls and Polyfoam cushion

Water resistant and machine washable 

  • Brand: Best Pet Supplies
  • Model: HH110-T
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds


Shaped like a giant croissant, this ‘cuddle cave’ is a giant hug for the more anxious or comfort-loving dog or cat. It isn’t the largest dog cave, so best for small dogs that are comfortable with being securely contained. But as the ultimate burrow, this well-priced dog cave bed is hard to beat. With a soft micro-suede outer and faux fur interior, it’s a plush bed that will hold your dog snuggly with a decent opening so he can see the outside world. The inner filling fluffs up in an instant with a good shake. And to keep it fresh, the pet bed is machine washable and lightweight enough to take it on your travels. 

Cave pouch for small dogs

Soft faux fur interior

100% recyclable filling

Easy to clean – machine washable

  • Brand: Ethical Pets
  • Model: 603204


While it may be towards the top end of our best dog cave beds review, this smart dog bed from AmazonBasics offers two beds for the price of one. In a range of sizes, the large is, well, large and provides ample space for medium to larger dogs. But the beauty is that you get a soft circular bed, which can be turned into a cave with a zip on cozy hood. The outer is made from suede-feel microfiber while the cocooned interior is a gorgeous faux sherpa fleece. And with a well-stuffed base, this is the place for your dog to chill out. The only downside to this pet bed is that it’s not machine washable and can only be spot cleaned. 

Circular faux fleece pet bed 

Zip on hood to create a dog cave

Faux micro suede exterior

Spot clean only

  • Brand: AmazonBasics
  • Model: DF2018563B-L
  • Weight: 6 pounds


Totally snugalicious (if there’s such a word), if they made this human size, we would all want one! Made from micro suede, with a fleece interior, this cave bed is perfectly sized for smaller dog breeds of 10 pounds or less. The feel is ultra-soft, and while the inner space is on the snug side, it’ll give your dog that cocooned feel. And thanks to the fabric, it is self-warming, using your dog’s body heat to keep them toasty. It is also a good choice for a puppy or more nervous dog who needs the extra reassurance from the bed’s soft ‘hug’. And it’s a cave bed that can take plenty of use, just shake it every so often to get it plumped and back into shape.

Micro-suede outer; soft fleece interior

Soft padding retains its shape

Easy to clean and machine washable 

Ideal for small dogs up to 10 pounds

  • Brand: aingycy
  • Weight: 1.6 pounds


Available in jumbo and standard sizes, this cave bed works well with dogs up to 35 pounds so a good choice for the small to medium dog. And the large dimension of the sleep pad means there’s plenty of room for your pooch to snuggle down.  And when they want to get anti-social and burrow, the over-blanket soft hood creates a hidden space for your dog to relax. What we like about this cave bed is that the pad sides are raised to give superior comfort and support. Add upholstery quality microfiber with deep, soft padding that retains its loft, and you have a mid-priced cave bed that gives more expensive soft hood beds a run for their money. 

Dog bed design with pet blanket cover

Large pet pad with soft fiber filling

Pet-safe faux fur lining

Dirt resistant backing; machine  washable

  • Brand: Best Friends by Sheri
  • Model: CZC-ILN-DRK-2424
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds


For a good value bed when your smaller dog needs extra security, this self-warming bed from Hollypet is up to the job. Not the most robust bed in our review, the beauty of this foldable cave is that it’s portable so a good standby for your dog, at home or on the road. It’s small, so can only take breeds up to 15 pounds but does fold down when not in use or can be used as a flat mat. And thanks to the elastic foam outer, it pops up into its round ‘cave’ shape, ready to accommodate your pup inside. It uses your dog’s body heat to keep the interior warm and your pooch nice and toasty. It’s also pretty easy to clean as although it is not machine washable it can be wiped down. 

2-in-1 pet cave and mat

Folds down for storage

Self-heating to keep your dog cozy

For smaller pets under 15 pounds

  • Brand: Hollypet
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds

Best Dog Cave Bed Buying Guide

Why Do Dogs Like Caves?

Ever wondered why your pooch likes to hide in an enclosed space for a snooze? Well, it harks back to a time when wolves had to survive in the wild. To stay safe when they slept, wild dogs would make dens to hide away from predators. These tight burrows would give wild dogs a sense of security while they slept. Although domesticated, your pup has inherited some of the wolf’s wild instincts, including the need to hide in a safe burrow, especially when they’re feeling anxious or cold. And it can be anywhere in your home, from their crate to hiding under a blanket or cushion.

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Cute relaxed puppy

Things to Consider When Choosing Dog Cave Beds

Choosing the right type of cave bed for your pooch is an important first step. Here are the key things you need to consider:

Your dog’s preference: Matching the cave bed to how your dog likes to sleep will ensure he’s a happy pooch! If he likes burrowing under blankets or the duvet then a nesting bed with an unsupported roof is a good choice. But if he doesn’t like the enclosed feel, then a bed with a rigid roof is his way to ‘go cave’.

Size: The cave bed needs to be large enough to comfortably hold your dog when lying down, but still create that cozy, contained feel. To ensure it’s the right size, read the manufacturer’s guidance, which is usually based on maximum weight. Or measure the length of your dog when lying down and add an inch or two.

Material: Cave beds can be made from a range of materials, including fleece, suede, and microfiber. The choice will be dependent on price as well as your dog’s comfort but always ensure the material is hypoallergenic and pet safe.

Durability: Your dog’s new cave bed is going to take a lot of use, so ensure it’s tough enough for your dog and their habits. The material and build needs to stand up to chewing, scratching and general canine behavior but should still offer the comfort factor.

Support: Yes, it may be for snuggling, but the cave bed also needs to offer the right level of support for your dog, especially if they are older and have issues with their joints. Check the padding inside the bed to ensure it will comfortably cradle your pooch. Also look at the build quality if you are going for a cave bed that has a supported entrance (as opposed to a non-supported, floppy entry).

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Easy to clean: Choose a cave bed that’s easy to keep fresh and clean and includes removable covers and pads. And ideally, you want the whole bed to be washable, so safe for the washing machine rather than spot cleaned.

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Benefits of Hooded Dog Beds

While they’re not for all dogs, there are many benefits to cave dog beds:

  • Calms anxious or stressed dogs.  A cave bed’s enclosed space can be like a hug for your dog and is especially beneficial if they are nervous or anxious. They can also help a stressed dog settle down, calm a pooch if they are in a new place and reduce the impact of separation anxiety.
  • Makes them feel safe and secure. The wrap-around feel of a cave bed can help to make your dog feel secure, meaning he can slip into a lovely deep sleep.
  • Great for crate-loving dogs. If your pooch loves to spend time inside his crate, then chances are he will take to a cave bed as he will be used to that enclosed and protected feel.
  • Ideal for ‘burrowers’. If your dog has a habit of burrowing down under your cushions or blankets and you want to save your soft furnishing, a cave bed will be a great alternative to your furry burrower!
  • Keeps them warm. As a winter alternative to his crate, a cave bed is a great way for your pet to feel cozy and warm, especially if he is a short-haired or thin-skinned breed.

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  • For little dogs. A cave bed is the perfect cozy retreat for small breeds and puppies, especially if they’re prone to the cold.

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Our Top Pick

With its fleece lining, orthopedic pad, and removable cover, the Furhaven Dog Bed is the ultimate soft-hood cave bed. With the hood up, the Furhaven creates a comfortable space for your burrowing dog to happily bed down. And it easily converts into an open bed by rolling back the blanket cover. With its high quality, durable build, the Furhaven comes out top as our best choice cave pet bed.


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