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Your Pet’s Secret Life: Strange Things Pets Do When You’re Away

Have you ever wondered what your pet is up to when you are not around? Well, wonder no more. There is a popular animated film that was released a few years ago, known as the secret lives of pets. It portrays in a jokingly way, the adventurous things that pets may do in the owner’s absence. Funny as some of these adventures may seem, pets have their “thing” going on, apart from what they do with their human companions.

Whether you own a dog, cat, squirrel, or any other pet, sometimes you come home to a torn apart house. It could be that the pillow is not where you left it, the shower gel is used up, the chairs are overturned, and many other things. Research shows that pets understand the human perspective to a considerable extent. This means that they can get away with breaking the rules when nobody is watching. That is why a dog, for example, would disregard the command of not snatching food when in the dark. So, if you come home and realize that the food is missing, you pretty much know who the culprit is.

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1. They Take a Bath

It’s shower time for your friend when you leave the house! The moment they see the pond of water, they cannot wait to get inside and enjoy themselves. After all, you aren’t around to bath them, yet they need one. It would be quite apparent that they would only do this during a hot summer afternoon – well, to keep fresh, but nope! Even a winter afternoon is a great time to dip in. So, if you find your toilet mat dirty, do not be surprised. Instead, shower your pet because now you know how dirty they possibly are.

2. Snacking Time

Have you ever noticed how many times food goes missing when you leave your pet in the house? Know you know how this happens. Some pets will be smart enough to hide the evidence while others will shove it into your face the moment you walk into your house – not intentional though! Perhaps your canine friend was a little bored and hungry when you left, and it figured out that having a snack would solve the issue. Well, in the end, it may create more problems than it resolved. Either way, consider getting a dog treat dispenser for your pets to enjoy snacks even in your absence.

3. They Play in the Bathroom

 “If you are mad now, please do not look at the bathroom.” Ever get home to find your cat giving you this stare? If yes, know that that place is a pure mess, and you shouldn’t go there if you are mad. If you do, you might accelerate your sad mood. It’s still not clear why pets run to the bathroom to create messes when they are left alone. Probably it’s because rolling the tissue up and down gives them a sense of enjoyment and well, some extra work for you.

4. It’s Reading Time

Yaay! Your pet is too smart. Anyway, why would they wait for you to leave before they unleash their literacy skills? It turns out your pet loves reading when you are gone. Maybe they want some privacy so that they can concentrate better. Either way, they leave such a massive mess for one to comprehend. All you can hope is that it doesn’t get hold of your favorite new novel. You may also consider getting a higher shelf if you want to keep your books in great shape.

5. Eat Poop

Although dogs are some of the smartest creatures on the planet, sometimes they do nasty and crazy things like eating poop. If you usually take your dog for regular walks in the backyard, you may have caught them eating poop, but luckily enough you managed to shoo them away. However, when you are not in the house, and the urge to eat poop catches up with them, they will have nobody to stop them. Strangely, dogs eat poop with the aim of keeping their space clean. This is usually the case when they have a female companion around them and would like to impress. However, you ought to watch this behavior as it is a sign that your dog is not getting sufficient nutrients from its diet. As such, consider investing in the best dog camera.

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6. How About a Communal Nap?

It’s said that animals speak a common language, just like in the animated movie, “the secret lives of pets.” In the movie, dogs and cats communicated easily, and they even made plots as a team! It turns out that this could be true, and they might even decide to take a nap together. After all, birds or the same “fur” stick together. Anyways, it would be so cool to find them cuddled up together, as it’s a sign that they are in good terms. What would be better than knowing that everyone in your household is in good condition?

7. Take Out the Trash

If you always find the garbage everywhere, then you now know how it happens. It’s not time to mention names yet, but so far you have an idea of who would be behind the messy kitchen or background you find; with trash spilled all over. Do you ever wonder why this might be so? Probably you can try locking up the trash or throwing it in the dumpster every morning before you leave. That way, your lovely pet will not be susceptible to contracting diseases as it looks up the trash. Such a small act would go a long way, right?

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8. It’s Time to Blow Them Up

When your pet is bored, there is a chance that they will look for anything to destroy or run around the house. The innocent look it gives you may even make you blame the wind since you cannot imagine breaking such a fragile heart. However, do not be fooled, it is your feline friend that made that mess – yea! Anyway, you can’t blame it, especially considering how hard it must be to be left lonely and alone in the house.

9. They Water Plants

So, your pet has been watching how you care for the plants and has decided to give a helping hand. So, you cannot blame them for helping, can you? The only problem would be that they did some tearing up job, but it was only because they do not know any other way. Probably the best thing would be to keep your potted plants out of reach; LOL!

10. They Clean Dishes

An amazing thing about animals is that they watch what you do and yearn to do the same. When you are busy at the sink cleaning up the dishes, your pet is watching you keenly and plotting on how they will take over the kitchen in your absence. The moment you leave the house and close the door, they know that they can now do whatever they like, including doing dishes. The only difference would be that your canine friend will not leave the dishes as clean as you may want them, but at least they will try.

dog waiting

11. Wait for You to Come Home

This is especially true for dogs that do not have a companion to hang out with, such as a second pet in the house. Sometimes you may come home to find your pet in the exact place you left them. Some pets will stare at the window in a bid to look out for you when you arrive. It is possible for pets to get used to your schedule, so, when they sense that you are about to come, they wait for you at a particular spot. This could be a sign of loneliness, and you’ve got to do something about it. You may even ask a friend to watch over your pet when you are not around. It doesn’t have to be daily, but at least once a week. That helps to ease the tension and anxiety.

12. Guard Your Home

Although your dog may not be the type that barks at everyone who passes by your house, it doesn’t mean that they will stay silent when they are alone. When they catch new scents of other pets or people around your home, they are likely to bark at them. Whether it is a new neighborhood cat, a mailman, or a flying bird, they might bark at them. Your house is their domain, and they are ready to keep it safe at all times.

13. Do Some Makeup

You can’t blame a cat for trying, can you? Now that you left the makeup lying around and they want to look cute, they have no option but to apply it. The makeup does look cute on them, and you will be happy to see their smiley and happy faces when you return. The only problem is that they are not sure of what should go where, so you might find some lipstick on the eyelids. If you do, please don’t be angry, they were only giving makeup a try.

14. Get Some Sun

Did someone say photosynthesis was only for plants? Because someone has a different idea! While you were away, your pet was basking in the sun and enjoying the summer sun. Looks like a nice beach bed, where is the water though? Besides watching the house in your absence, your dog also takes some time off to relax, and what better way than sitting out there under the lazy sun?

15. Relax to Some Music

Talking of relaxing, basking in the sun is not the only way that dogs find to have fun. Have you ever had a stressful day and the only thing that would calm your nerves was some chilled up music? If yes, you are not alone. Dogs also enjoy listening to some cool songs. So, you ought to consider creating a sweet playlist and leave it playing in the house for your canine friend to enjoy. The advantages of music for dogs are scientifically proven, and the recommended genres are reggae and soft rock. So, do not be shocked to find your furry friend listening to music, it is merely having a great time.

16. Take Some Margarita

Told ya! Pets are always watching what you do and cannot wait for you to leave the house so that they can try out the new stuff they learned. If your cat thinks that you look cool when you sip the margarita, be ready for it because they will do all they can to imitate you. Just make sure not to leave anything in the glass, because you might as well come home to a tipsy, well, cat!

puppy and kitten in a basket

17. Napping in Weird Places

You may have noticed some dog hairs in strange places, such as on your bed and in the laundry basket. Well, there is a possibility that your dog has been napping in these places. Just like toddlers, pets also nap whenever and wherever sleep catches up with them. They don’t take time to find their way to the bed. So, in your absence, be sure that your dog has slept in many weird places, including the ones they are not allowed to sleep in.

Pets have the potential of surprising their human companions in ways that one wouldn’t imagine. They can do strange things, even if their actions do not make much sense compared to what they should do. It’s certain that pets act differently, depending on whether you are around or not. When you are away, they feel like the masters of the house (which is totally cool), and they have the time of their lives. Investing in a camera is a good idea, as it allows you to watch how they act. If you want to curb some behaviors that you do not deem right, you can consider doing some additional pet training.


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