20 Best Pitbull Mixes For You To Bring Home

20 Best Pitbull Mixes for You to Bring Home

Pitbulls are a very popular breed of dog. These strong canines are excellent family pets with a sad beginning. Today, the Pitbull is employed as a guard dog, often put to work in a home to protect vulnerable family members. Though they are considered by many to be an aggressive dog breed, the opposite couldn’t be truer. In this guide, you’ll find the basics of 20 different Pit mix dogs, from the friendly Akita Inu-Pit Bull mix to the Springer Spaniel-Pitbull mix.

We can’t cover the huge number of crossbreeds in this guide, but any common dog you can think of has likely been bred with a Pittie. There are Doberman Pits, the Blue Nose Pitbull mix, and even long-haired Pitbull mix breeds!

Quick History of the Pit Bull

The name of the Pit Bull comes from their parentage and dog use. After it became illegal to force Bulldogs to fight large animals, that awful side of the public turned to a new “sport” called Ratting. For this event, rats were released into a pit and shortly followed by the dog, which would be tasked to kill as many rats as possible. Dogs competed against each other to see which dog could kill more rats.

The “sports” required higher levels of agility, so Bulldogs were crossed with Terrier dogs to make the first Pit Bull Terriers. Though it wasn’t the intent of the breeders to make these dogs family-friendly, that’s certainly what has happened to them over the years.

20 of the Best Pitbull Mixes

1. Akita Pit

Akita Pit on the Beach

Photo by @mika_barkkinen

Parent breeds:Height:Weight:Lifespan:Personality traits:
Akita and American Pitbull Terrier16 to 23 inches30 to 70 pounds10 to 12 yearsLoyal, intelligent, enthusiastic

The Akita Pit Bull mix has high energy levels and is extremely loving. The huge difference between their height and weight minimum and the maximum is because of the dogs the Akita Pit is bred from. They have a muscular appearance and are considered a very strong dog, though they are a medium-sized breed and not a large breed of dog.

Breeders started mixing Akita and American Pit Bull dogs in the late 1990s, so the breed is relatively new still. Both breeds are known for their loyalty and eagerness to please, so their descendant carries these traits.

2. Alaskan Pit Bull

Alaskan Pit Bull at Home

Photo by @marshalmathers2021

Parent breeds:Height:Weight:Lifespan:Personality traits:
Alaskan Malamute and American Pit Bull Terrier19 to 26 inches60 to 80 pounds13 to 15 yearsEnergetic, Social, Protective

Alaskan Pit Bulls are created when an Alaskan Malamute and an American Pit are bred together. This heavy crossbreed dog is quite energetic and would be better suited for active families.

If they’re healthy, the Alaskan Pit can live up to 15 years, which is a great lifespan for a domestic canine. Females of the breed are usually a little shorter but still, fit in the average height of the breed and are just as energetic and playful.

3. Aussie Cattle Pitbull

Aussie Cattle Pitbull Close Look

Photo by @themissourimutts

Parent breeds:Height:Weight:Lifespan:Personality traits:
Australian Cattle dog and American Pit Bull Terrier17 to 20 inches30 to 50 pounds13 to 15 yearsEnergetic, loyal, loving

The mixture of an Australian Cattle dog and an American Pitbull Terrier reveals the Blue Heeler Pitbull. These beautiful dogs have inherited some really unique coloring and markings, usually with a silver undertone – which is why their cattle-herding parents are called “Blue” Heelers.

The pup is a cross of a herding dog and the extremely loyal and durable Pitbull Terrier. From that mix, you’re left with an energetic breed happy to be put to work or run alongside an active family. With a herding dog as a genetic parent, it’s no wonder they’re so keen to run around.

4. Beagle Bull

Beagle Bull Playing Outside

Photo by @bonnielabonita

Parent breeds:Height:Weight:Lifespan:Personality traits:
Beagle and English Bulldog13 to 15 inches30 to 60 pounds10 to 13 yearsLoving, even-tempered, playful

Though not technically a “Pit” Bull, the Beagle Bull is still part of the family. Instead of being bred from crossing an American Pitbull Terrier with another dog, the Beagle Bull uses the English Bulldog breed and a Beagle.

We can hazard a guess as to why this cross came to be. Beagles are among the friendliest, most loyal, and most trusting dogs in the canine world. Beagle Bulls will have retained this trusting nature, in a smaller, more compact body. A Beagle is usually quite slim, but a Beagle Bull appears to be a Beagle coat on a Bulldog form.

5. Border Pit

Dog sitting on the terrace

Photo by @m.c.widolff

Parent breeds:Height:Weight:Lifespan:Personality traits:
Border Collie and American Pit Bull Terrier15 to 16 inches25 to 50 pounds12 to 13 yearsSocial, affectionate, active

A Border Collie Pit, also called the “Borderbull”, isn’t as fluffy as a Border Collie, but they are incredibly friendly and energetic. The downside of breeding a Border Collie Pit is that both genetic parents are known to suffer from separation anxiety. To prevent your dog from becoming distressed and lashing out at your furniture or hiding away, it’s best to have them checked on throughout the day or consider a different breed if you’re someone who has a busy schedule.

The Border Pit will likely retain their Pitbull parent’s small, muscular look, and they don’t typically grow to more than 16 inches at the shoulder. They’re a compact breed, taking on some characteristics from both parents.

6. Boston Pit

Boston Pit view from the window

Photo by @southern_helle

Parent breeds:Height:Weight:Lifespan:Personality traits:
Boston Terrier and American Pit Bull Terrier17 to 20 inches30 to 60 pounds9 to 12 yearsQuirky, social, cheerful

Crossed from two terrier dogs, this unique breed makes an excellent household companion. Whether you’re living alone or have a family, the Boston Pit is this gorgeous, cheerful canine that just wants to play and have fun. Their personality is very bright, and they’re great to be around.

The dog is medium to large, usually weighing no more than 60 pounds. Most Pit crosses are compact like this, so it’s not unusual to keep seeing crossbreed weights around that number. Though they might be a little heavy, they’re very non-threatening and perfect for homes with slightly older children who understand how to respect a dog’s space when playing.

7. Bull Boxer

Bull Boxer Dog

Photo by @gracie_the_amazing_puppy

Parent breeds:Height:Weight:Lifespan:Personality traits:
Boxer and American Pitbull Terrier16 to 20 inches50 to 80 pounds10 to 14 yearsProtective, loyal, active

The Boxer-Pitbull mix needs a little extra care in the form of frequent exercise and being kept cool on hot days. Bullboxer Pits, as they’re also known, have a tendency to overheat and can sometimes suffer from weight issues. Obesity in Bully breeds isn’t uncommon, but it’s something to watch when you’re adopting or buying a stocky dog like the Bullboxer Pit from a breeder.

A great trait of the Bull Boxer dog breed is that they protect children in their immediate circle. If you have kids, your Bull Boxer will take steps to protect them. This has been noticed so much by owners of this breed that the dog has gained the title of “nanny dog”.

8. Bully Pit

Bully Pit in the yard

Photo by @bullydognix

Parent breeds:Height:Weight:Lifespan:Personality traits:
American Bulldog and American Pit Bull Terrier21 to 24 inches40 to 55 pounds10 to 13 yearsFriendly, goofy, protective

Though this mix refers to the Pit Bull-Bull dog mix, it’s not unusual to see it mixed up with any other bully breeds. Many Bully breeds look similar anyway, and the Bully Pit certainly shares a lot of physical traits with other Bulldogs and Pit Bulls. These dogs are super protective of their families, friendly, and strong. It’s the strength of Bully breeds that scares novice dog owners, but an experienced dog owner will have no trouble knowing how to give their Bully Pit the proper socialization they need.

Other bully breed mixes include the Staffy Bull Pit and the Weimar Bully; both of which are examples of an exceedingly loyal breed of dog

9. Corgi Pit

Corgi Pit

Photo by @canascrews

Parent breeds:Height:Weight:Lifespan:Personality traits:
Corgi and American Pit Bull Terrier17 to 19 inches30 to 50 pounds12 to 15 yearsPlayful, goofy, eager to please

As you may expect from this crossbreed, the Corgi Pit combines all the goofy affection of the Corgi with the protective loyalty of the Pitbull in the most delightful way. The traditional Pitbull has a strong face and stocky body, but when bred with a Corgi, that changes quite a bit. You get a stronger Corgi with more protective instincts, one that slips into any family dynamic and can be housed with other pets. It is essential to properly socialize your Corgi Pit to help them act properly around other people and animals.

Early training and socialization are the keys to unlocking this breed’s potential. Without socialization, they won’t do well in public and may even cause chaos at home.

10. Doberman Pit

Doberman Pit sitting at park

Photo by @ronnie_cristina_barcelona

Parent breeds:Height:Weight:Lifespan:Personality traits:
Doberman Pinscher and American Pit Bull Terrier22 to 28 inches35 to 80 pounds10 to 14 yearsStubborn, loyal, gentle-hearted

With the face of the Pit Bull and the body of the Pinscher, there’s a lot of history and strength behind this crossbreed. Not one for new pet parents, the Doberman Pit needs someone with experience to bring out their best qualities and their hidden gentle nature. They respond best to firmer hand training using positive reinforcement and good techniques.

Despite the heavier training for this breed, they don’t need much grooming or maintenance. Keep up with their vet visits, feed them appropriate food, and get them some early socialization and training. Do this, and you’ll be rewarded with a loyal dog that will be your companion until the end of their days.

11. German Pitbull

German Pitbull Mix Dog Breed

Photo by @jonesco

Parent breeds:Height:Weight:Lifespan:Personality traits:
German Shepherd and American Pit Bull Terrier17 to 26 inches30 to 90 pounds10 to 12 yearsEnergetic, loyal, loving

The German Shepherd-Pitbull mix dog is a great choice for pet lovers who are used to handling stronger breeds. German Pitbull dogs have adorable floppy ears that sit in a half-bent position on the top of their head. They often retain the common brown and black coloring of the German Shepherd breed, though they appear a bit stockier and more compact.

These high-energy dogs are perfect for families who often find themselves on the go. They love long walks, so hiking is perfect, but they’ll happily settle for afternoons at the dog park or running around your backyard.

12. Golden Pit

Golden Pit the dog is sitting on the dock

Photo by @simba_the_goldenpit

Parent breeds:Height:Weight:Lifespan:Personality traits:
Golden Retriever and American Pit Bull Terrier17 to 24 inches35 to 75 pounds10 to 15 yearsFriendly, social, loyal

Perhaps one of the most eye-catching Pitbull breed crosses, the Golden Pit often has a light golden yellow to soft brown coat. Examining the breed, you’ll see that they take their coloring from their Golden Retriever parent, though their face shape is reminiscent of both genetic parents.

In a way, you could consider the Golden Pit a tougher version of a Golden Retriever. They aren’t as fluffy, have stronger-looking faces, and retain the muscular appearance of a Pitbull. They aren’t always golden, but this is usually the color that breeders try to achieve.

13. Pitador

Pitador Sitting at Grass

Photo by @zekethepitlab

Parent breeds:Height:Weight:Lifespan:Personality traits:
Labrador Retriever and American Pit Bull Terrier20 to 24 inches60 to 90 pounds10 to 14 yearsLoyal, playful, friendly

Also known as the Labrador Retriever Pit Bull mix, the Pitador is a medium-sized dog with a big personality. They’re very energetic, but they have an amazing amount of loyalty gained from both breeds that act as genetic parents. Pitadors can have some beautiful coat colors, and it’s entirely possible to see them fully black or with golden brown coats. If you’ve seen a black Pit Bull mix breed, it may have been a Pitador!

Certainly one of the popular Pit Bull mixes, Pitadors are great if you have children at home. They’re extremely patient and tolerant, which makes them excellent playmates. Of course, it’s always better to adopt a dog when your children aren’t so young because they will understand the dog’s needs more intimately. Pitadors adore being around children, and they’re very sturdy pups.

14. Pit Chow

Pit Chow Mix Dog Breed

Photo by @kylothepitchow and @made.by.beth.designs

Parent breeds:Height:Weight:Lifespan:Personality traits:
Chow Chow and American Pit Bull Terrier17 to 21 inches30 to 70 pounds10 to 15 yearsPlayful, independent, friendly

Pit Chows are hybrid dogs created from crossing a Chow Chow and an American Pittie. Like all other Pit crosses, the Pit Chow is a mixed breed that shows traits from both the breeds that it’s crossed from. This does mean that, although they are considered friendly dogs, they can be very suspicious of strangers and need socialization from an early age.

The Pit Chow can be an excellent guard dog if trained properly. They’re also incredibly intelligent and can learn scores of skills and tricks. Training a Pit Chow to compete in dog shows could be entirely possible, but they may not be allowed in under American Kennel Club breed standards.

15. Pit Pei

Pete Pei is lying in front of the house

Photo by @mainstreetmodern

Parent breeds:Height:Weight:Lifespan:Personality traits:
Shar-Pei and American Pit Bull Terrier18 to 21 inches35 to 60 pounds10 to 12 yearsNoisy, stubborn, independent

Pit Pei’s often need more grooming care because of their wrinkles. Dogs with wrinkles are more prone to skin irritation, infections, and other skin conditions. They don’t have a huge number of wrinkles, but typically have some on their head and neck, as well as their legs.

Though Pit Pei’s can become affectionate and friendly dogs, they need a knowledgeable dog owner to help them get there. Because of the breeds that the Pit Pei is created from, they tend to have a stubborn streak, and they won’t do well in homes without a firm hand and a decent amount of space. They’re also one of the louder Pit Bull crosses, so bear that in mind.

16. Pit Shepherd

Pit Shepherd Look up

Photo by @only.the.shadow.knows

Parent breeds:Height:Weight:Lifespan:Personality traits:
Australian Shepherd and American Pit Bull Terrier17 to 23 inches30 to 85 pounds10 to 16 yearsLoyal, energetic, playful

When we refer to the Pit Shepherd, this is the breed created by mixing an Australian Shepherd and a Pit Bull rather than a German Shepherd. Because both non-Pit Bull breeds have similar names, their crosses do, too. It can cause some confusion!

The Pit Shepherd is an energetic Pitbull terrier mix with a kind, sometimes goofy expression and a very loyal personality. Aussie Pits, as they’re also referred to, are considered a designer dog breed because they were specifically bred to create a crossbreed dog that had certain traits (which is the reason behind any crossbreed) and are sold at high prices to reflect this.

17. Pug Pit

Pug Pit Mix Dog Breed

Photo by @adventures_of_rocko_and_remy

Parent breeds:Height:Weight:Lifespan:Personality traits:
Pug and American Pit Bull Terrier14 to 16 inches23 to 34 pounds10 to 13 yearsAffectionate, gentle, intelligent

The interesting thing about the Pug Pit is that there isn’t too much physical difference between a regular Pug and this crossbreed with Pitbull genetics. They are, perhaps, a little less wrinkly, but that’s the most noticeable change.

This designer hybrid takes the best of the personalities of the Pug and the Pitbull. They are fiercely loyal, affectionate, and gentle, and though they are stubborn dogs, they are also very protective. They remain a small dog breed, weighing no more than 34 pounds (near the minimum weight for most other Pit Bull crosses on this list).

18. Pyrenees Pit

Pyrenees Pit Sittin at Flour

Photo by @lifeofpeeku

Parent breeds:Height:Weight:Lifespan:Personality traits:
Great Pyrenees and American Pit Bull Terrier21 to 27 inches60 to 85 pounds10 to 12 yearsAffectionate, loyal, protective

For a cross-breed Pitbull that takes protection very seriously, try out the Pyrenees-Pit Bull cross. These dogs are not one of the small Pitbull mixes at all. They’re large dogs that are heavy and tall. Despite being good with children, it’s always best to adopt or buy dogs when your children are a bit older. Your Pyrenees Pit may not realize how strong they are.

They have many coat color possibilities, so you could end up with a simple brown Pitbull mix or find a unique pied or silver coated dog. Whichever fur color dog you encounter, they will be endlessly affectionate and loyal.

19. Saint Pitbull

Saint Pitbull lies in the girl's arms

Photo by @ariffindifil

Parent breeds:Height:Weight:Lifespan:Personality traits:
Saint Bernard and American Pit Bull Terrier20 to 27 inches50 to 120 pounds8 to 11 yearsGentle, friendly, patient

Saint Pitbull is perfect for a family dog that is a little goofy but still relatively calm. This breed takes the best parts of Saint Bernard and the Pitbull and melds them together to create a good-sized dog that isn’t as intimidating as the large-breed Bernard.

Although Pit Bulls receive a lot of negative press because of their origins, you can rest easy knowing that Saint Pitbull has no intrinsically aggressive tendencies. They are gentle giants.

20. Springer Pit

Springer Pit Outside

Photo by @crazy_creatures_2012

Parent breeds:Height:Weight:Lifespan:Personality traits:
Springer Spaniel and American Pit Bull Terrier19 to 21 inches35 to 50 pounds10 to 15 yearsEnergetic, excitable, playful

Looking for a Pitbull cross with lots of energy? Considering that the Springer Spaniel breed was originally used as hunting dogs, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that a cross between Springers and Pitbulls retains their high energy levels and playfulness.

Though this breed isn’t one of the bigger Pittie crossbreeds, they have a very muscular and compact body, with extremely strong jaw muscles. Have an active household if you’re considering adopting or buying a Springer-Pit Bull mix.

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