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Last Updated March 16, 2021

Have you been using the usual recommended grooming products but finding that they just don’t seem to cut the mustard? Just like humans, dogs and cats can struggle with skin problems that just need something a little stronger to clear them. Medicated pet grooming products contain medicative compounds that help to restore your pet’s skin much quicker than conventional grooming products and get them feeling like their old selves again. It’s not always easy to find the right medicated grooming product for your four-legged friend, however, but by understanding how these products work you may find the choice much easier to make.

What is a Medicated Pet Grooming Product?

Medicated pet grooming products are formulated to target skin problems and contain medicative ingredients to deal with specific skin conditions, such as fungal or bacterial skin infections, dry itchy skin, flaky or yeasty skin, and skin irritations caused by allergies or mites.

“Certain medicated shampoos are made just for pets with skin problems, like skin infections,” says Melissa Bain, DVM, a professor of clinical medicine and epidemiology at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in California.

“Like most dog shampoos, medicated shampoos typically have a base of water, surfactants, and emollients,” says Dr. Bain “Additional ingredients—such as special medications used to treat dog skin problems—are added to help the particular condition. It’s important that the [medicated] shampoo is applied evenly to the hair/coat after being diluted in water. And keep it on the dog’s skin for 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.” Dr. Bain explains.

7 Fantastic Medicated Grooming Products

When it comes to finding the right medicated pet grooming products for your pet, we have done all of the hard work for you and found a wide range of options to suit a large variety of pets, even those that hate bathtime!


Douxo Chlorhexidine 3% PS Pads

If you’re looking for a medicated grooming product that can treat the issue quickly (at least until you can do a full bath), then the Douxo pads would be ideal. These pre-soaked pads contain Chlorhexidine, which is a disinfectant and antibacterial agent perfect for combating bacterial growth and controlling fungi and yeast populations in problem areas such as the folds of the face, chin, ears, and between the toes.

Chlorhexidine, an antiseptic, controls bacteria, whilst Climbazole works to control yeast and fungi populations.

100% biodegradable and alcohol-free, perfectly safe for cats and dogs.

Micellar solution technology cleanses the skin and fur without stripping essential oils.

Easy pads to use perfect for disinfecting areas of localized pyoderma.

Phytosphingosine has anti-inflammatory properties to help restore the skin’s natural barrier.

  • Brand: Douxo


Douxo Chlorhexidine PS Dog & Cat Shampoo

When the quick fixes need a bit more help, the Douxo Dog & Cat Shampoo should give you everything you need to clean your pet’s skin properly. Not only does it contain a healthy amount of Chlorhexidine for the general antibacterial element, but it also has climbazole, an antifungal agent to back up the antibacterial ingredient in combating fungal build-up. Not only that, but it also possesses an anti-inflammatory agent, which will help soothe your pet’s skin and keep them from scratching.

Chlorhexidine and climbazole help control fungi and bacteria populations.

Deposits a long-lasting film that resists rinsing and protects against loss of moisture and irritation.

Moisturizes and leaves a lipo-protidic film deposited on the skin, helping to restore the skin barrier.

Phytosphingosine possesses anti-seborrheic properties and anti-inflammatory, helping to eliminate itching.

Best results when used 2-3 times weekly, for 1-2 weeks.

  • Brand: Douxo


Douxo PS Dog & Cat Shampoo

This fantastic bundle provides you with a choice of the fast-acting Duoxo medicated mousse, and their equally effective, though more thorough, medicated shampoo. Having effective grooming and skincare remedies that don’t need to be washed off sounds too good to be true, but the medicated mousse is exactly that! An easy product to use that is ideal for targeting trouble areas. And when you’re needing to be a bit more thorough, and provide your pet with a soothing bath along with it, this shampoo is an extremely effective straight-to-the-point grooming product that will leave your pet feeling soothed and comfortable.

Mousse does not need to be rinsed or require bathing, as well as not leaving any residue.

Combo purchase provides a quick mousse option as well as a more thorough shampooing option.

Climbazole is an imidazole compound that helps to control yeast and fungi populations.

The Shampoo deposits a rinse-resistant long-lasting film, protecting against irritation.

Phytosphingosine has anti-inflammatory properties, to help eliminate itching.

  • Brand: Douxo


Douxo Dog & Cat Mousse

The Douxo medicated mousse can be left on your pet’s skin without needing to be washed away. It is perfectly suited for localized areas of concern and is quick and effective at alleviating itching and beginning to reduce bacteria build-up. Using medicated grooming mousse is definitely the easier option, however, this works best in conjunction with a medicated shampoo for a more thorough treatment.

Can be left on, without needing a bath or rinse, leaving no residue.

Helps to eliminate itching by reducing the bacteria and inflammation in localized areas.

Lipacide C8G forms a hydrolipidic film, which helps to regular inflammation.

Chlorhexidine controls bacteria whilst Climbazole controls fungi and yeast populations.

Phytosphingosine helps to restore the skin barrier.

  • Brand: Douxo


Douxo Micellar Dog & Cat Solution

Though this product is not to be used as a way to combat bacteria, it is the perfect way to keep a problem area clear between flare-ups. The use of Phytosphingosine in this solution means their skin barrier will be restored, whilst the area is gently cleansed. By removing excess grease and dirt from areas that have the potential to become inflamed, you can prevent fungal or bacterial issues from happening in the future.

Phytosphingosine helps to restore the skin barrier.

Micellar solution technology gently cleanses the skin, whilst removing grease.

Ideally suited for removing waxy, oily debris from the ear and skin folds.

Only takes 60 seconds of gently massaging it into the skin to be effective.

Thoroughly moisturizes without making the coat greasy or oily.

  • Brand: Douxo


Douxo Calm PS Dog & Cat Gel

This Douxo soothing gel provides a lasting protective layer for your pet’s skin that will also help the skin to stay hydrated for longer. Hinkitiol is the key ingredient in this formula which has anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties, as well as Phytosphingosine to help regenerate the skin barrier. This soothing gel is ideal for hot spots, as it is easy to apply, long-lasting, and doesn’t need to be washed away.

A soothing skin gel to ease discomfort with allergy-related dermatitis.

The gel formula creates a protective layer over affected areas, for a lasting effect and to maintain hydration.

Ideal to use with hot spots and itchy feet, due to the long-lasting gel formula.

Phytosphingosine helps rebuild natural ceramides, which provides additional support for a healthy skin barrier.

Can be left on without needing to be bathed or rinsed off.

  • Brand: Douxo


Douxo Chlorhexidine Dog & Cat Micro-emulsion Spray

The Douxo micro-emulsion medicated spray is ideal for those pets that may not appreciate have you rubbing at them in order to apply a remedy. The super convenient spray bottle means all you need to do is spray your pet down and let it soak in, though with this method you may need to apply more for longer furred pets. As an added bonus, this spray can also be used alongside the shampoo treatment for a faster result!

Only needs to be used every 3 days, rather than daily.

Contains a moisturizing agent to avoid skin drying out.

Can speed up the healing process when used alongside Douxo Chlorhexidine PS Shampoo.

Antibacterial and antifungal properties help to reduce bacterial or fungal growth and limit infection.

Conveniently designed spray bottle for quick and easy application.

  • Brand: Douxo

Over the Counter Medicated Grooming FAQs

Q: Why would I need medicated grooming products?

A: If your pet seems to struggle with skin issues on a regular basis related to things such as seasonal allergies, irritating dandruff, or eczema along with many other mild skin infections, a medicated grooming product could be exactly what they need to help them work through the problem instead of having to go to the vets.

Though it needs to be stressed that these products are only mildly medicated and that if a problem does not seem to be calming down after a few uses, it may be worth approaching your veterinarian for additional advice.

Q: Should I ask my vet first?

A: It is not necessary to ask your vet for advice before using a medicated grooming product,  however, if a particular skin problem is worrying you and seems to be extremely irritating for your pet it is definitely worth going to your vet to see if your furry friend might require a stronger medication to help them clear the issue.

Q: Are mediated grooming products worth it?

A: Absolutely, by keeping medicated grooming products handy you can always be sure that if your pet has a flare-up you’ve got them covered right away. You may not need them all the time, as some animals only struggle with their skin at certain times of the year or on occasion, but it is always helpful to keep at least one of these products in your cupboard so that when the problem arises you are able to deal with it quickly and effectively and potentially avoid the need for a trip to the vet.

The skin is a delicate ecosystem that needs to be cared for properly,  dogs and cats, in particular, have more sensitive skin than humans and therefore need more care when it comes to dealing with dermal problems. The right grooming products will help to protect and nurture your pet’s delicate skin, and keep the balance between microflora and the skin barrier preserved.

Funny portrait of a welsh corgi pembroke dog showering with shampoo

Q: Can medicated grooming products hurt my pet?

A: Not at all, in fact, quite the opposite, medicated grooming products will often provide your pet with the relief that they need when they are experiencing a flare-up of an aggravated skin condition. Many medicated grooming products contain anti-inflammatories that will soothe the problem area rather than irritate it.

Q: What makes Douxo the best?

A: Douxo has gone out of its way to create simple, effective, and easy-to-use remedies for skin difficulties that are perfect for almost every feline or canine pet. Whether you’re in need of moisturizing dog shampoo, medicated cat gel, medicated dog wipes, moisturizing cat mousse or easy-use soothing sprays, they’ve got you covered. They have made a point developing formulas that only target the problems at hand, with no needless ingredients that could aggravate rather than help, whilst finding the most effective delivery system and easiest application to suit your four-legged friend.

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Q: What is Chlorhexidine?

A: Chlorhexidine is an antiseptic and disinfectant. Chlorhexidine is used before surgery as a way of sterilizing surgical instruments, and can also be used to disinfect the hands of healthcare providers as well as the skin of a patient. Chlorhexidine is used in medicated grooming products because its uses also include cleaning wounds, treating yeast infections, and preventing dental plaque.

Q: What is Climbazole?

A: Climbazole is a topical antifungal agent used for the treatment of fungal skin infections including eczema and dandruff. It is this antifungal agent that helps to reduce bacterial and fungal growth in problem areas with pets,  hence its use in medicated grooming products.

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