How to Convince Your Parents to Get a Dog: Tips for a Successful Conversation

How to Convince Your Parents to Get a Dog: Tips for a Successful Conversation

Each and every one of us goes through this process and we often get the same response. Initially, it is always a no. Whenever kids suggest getting a dog, parents will most possibly hear furniture and household damage, the waste laying around the house, additional expenses, and more work to do.

There are specific methods though that can help you win your parents over. One of the better ways on how to get your parents to get you a dog is to talk about their concerns while at the same time, emphasizing the advantages of having a pet dog.

A dog is a responsibility, and it is your job to convince your parents that you are sensible enough to care for a pet. Talk is cheap so let your actions show. Here are more convincing ways on how to persuade your parents to get you a dog.

Family with their pet dog

Discuss the Dog as a Family Pet

Talk to your parents about the advantage of having a family dog. You will spend more time at home, for one. Having a dog is also great for the entire family – the dog can strengthen family bonding moments. Tell them that having a dog during a picnic or summer backyard party makes for enjoyable activities. Even movie nights at home are more fun with a dog by their side.

Will Make You Appreciate the Outdoors More

Dogs need their exercise, so explain to your parents that having a dog around can help you appreciate the outdoors more. If your parents often complain that you’re always inside your room playing video games or browsing the net, tell them a great dog can encourage you to get into outdoors activities, catch some sun and feel the breeze along with your doggy.

Show That You Can Be Responsible, Too

As mentioned earlier, you need to convince your parents through deeds, not only through words. Help around the house and fulfill your household chores. Get your homework ready. You can also try getting a part-time job. These decisions will prove that you can be as responsible as the next adult.

Save Some of Your Funds for the Dog You Want

Another good way on how to convince your parents to get a pet is by saving money for it. Save enough funds for the dog breed you’re after and put some money away as well for maintenance and medical checkups. You can get a paper route for extra cash or look for part-time work. Prove to your parents that you can save dutifully for important matters.

Do Some Research on the Dog Breed You Like

First, you need to do some research on dog breeds. List possible breeds that can fit your family. Gather all the required information so you can explain to your parents how the dog is going to be a proper fit for the family. The trick here is to meet each other halfway – you and your family need to agree on the right dog breed.

Explain the Benefits of Having a Dog Around

To convince your parents more, you do need to come up with the advantages of having one. With a little research, there are plenty of benefits that you can point out. Explain to them that first and foremost, having a family dog teaches responsibility. Dogs also bring lots of joy and contentment at home. Dogs can help convince you to become more active and physically fit. A great dog allows owners to appreciate the outdoors even more.

Be Completely Honest

Bringing up the question of getting a dog will also compel your parents to ask specific questions about it. They will be concerned about how you are going to care for it, the expenses involved, where you are going to get the dog, and vice versa.

Being completely honest is crucial here since lying could put them off from the idea, forever. In case you do not have any answers for a certain question, do not come up with a made-up answer; be truthful about it and tell them that you have no answers for it at the moment but you will do research regarding their query ASAP.

Family running with dog in park

Tell Them That a Dog Can Help Improve Your Mental Health

One way on how to convince your parents to get another dog is by telling them that they help improve mental health. Dogs are not only amusing, caring pets, they can also serve as therapy dogs or service dogs. This is due to the fact that they can readily provide comfort and support during stressful, trying times. Dogs are very intuitive; they are mindful of their owners and know ways to cheer them up.

If your parents are always busy at work, do tell them that a family dog will not only be a comforting element at home; it can also help keep family members company while they’re away.

Explain That Dogs Provide Security at Home

Dogs for centuries have been used by people to guard property and livestock. Canines are also known to protect their pack and they will do what it takes to guarantee the safety of people and animals they consider as part of the pack. Tell your parents that with correct, careful training, the family dog can learn who is readily welcome and who isn’t to your residence.

Explain to them that dogs are not only faithful, lifetime companions but able protectors, too. When parents need to travel for work or go on a vacation, they can be assured that they have a loyal and protective family dog that will help secure the safety of their family.

Check out Best Guard Dogs for Families.

Guarantee That the Dog Will Not Cause Damage to the Home

Some people are put off by the idea of having dogs around due to the thought of damaged furniture and home fixtures. This is the time to assure them that the dog will not destroy things in the house. Again, it’s your responsibility to guarantee that such events won’t happen.

Tell them that you will make a cleaning schedule to remove fur around the house. Provide him enough chew toys so he does not chew fixtures, wires and furniture around the house. Give your dog a bath regularly and make sure the dog’s paws are clean before he gets inside the house.

Give Your Parents a List of Reliable Veterinarians

Prove to your parents that you can provide excellent medical care to your doggy. Do some research; ask friends and classmates about veterinarians they can recommend. Look for a vet that lives close to your residence if you do not drive yet. Demonstrate to your parents that you went ahead and did your research on medical care for dogs.

Be Prepared to Wait Before You Can Get Your Dog

When it comes to dogs and their kids, parents are always concerned that their kid’s interest in it might wane after a few weeks and eventually stop taking care of the pet. Assure your parents that you are willing to wait for a few months before getting a family dog. Guarantee that owning a dog is not a phase, that you are really committed to the idea and willing to prove your dedication for this decision.

Give Your Parents Enough Time to Think About Getting a Dog

As tempting as this may sound, do stop yourself from asking your parents about getting a dog, over and over, 24/7. This will annoy your parents and they’ll ignore you instead. If the parents disagree with the idea, make sure to show them your understanding and maturity.

Again, prove to them that you are responsible. Do chores around the house, take care of your homework on time and occasionally bring up the subject to your parents so they will get used to the concept. Patience is a huge part of maturity and being patient will also prove that you’re focused, cooperative and ready to wait.

Take up Your Parents’ and Other Family Members’ Concerns

Not all households are ready for a dog, usually due to health concerns. Maybe either of your parents or siblings are allergic to dogs and cats. If this is the case, explain that there are also hypoallergenic dog breeds around.

In addition, if your parents’ main concerns are your grades and extracurricular activities, do respond to them calmly and honestly. Hear them out always. Give your parents sufficient time to think about your decision.

Kids hugging a golden retriever dog

Make Your Parents Empathize With Stray Dogs

Convince your parents that getting a dog from a shelter will help save them from abuse and loneliness. Have them sympathize with stray dogs and other pets put in shelters. It’s not only a humane act, but an act of love and compassion for your furry friends.

Having a dog as a companion is one of the happiest decisions a person can make. However, this is a big responsibility, too. Follow these tips on how to convince your mom and dad to get a dog and you might just win yourself a canine companion for life.


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