The Best Dog Memorial Stones (Review) in 2021

Last Updated March 20, 2020

For all pet owners, there is one sad fact that we fail to consider and dread to think about and that is our pets passing on. We fail to think about the reality of the life cycle. From birth to childhood to adulthood, old age then death. I guess we think about the first three a lot but never give a thought to the last part, which is death.

Our dogs are not exempt from death and as long as you have them, a day will come when their vision will grow dim, their ability to run and catch objects you throw around will decrease and, finally you will have to say goodbye to them. While there is time, give a thought to what life will be like once your pooch is gone. Thinking of their demise means thinking of where they will be laid to rest and what headstone or engraving would befit your dog.

There are a lot of beautiful dog memorials out there with an added touch of quotes or sayings to go with the emotion you might be feeling in that moment and what memories you cherish of your dog. So, in today’s post, we have given a lot of thought to what our dog’s place of rest should look like. We have put together, the top 10 dog memorial stones, the frequently asked questions and the points to consider when making your purchase. If your dog has recently passed on, and you are faced with deciding which dog memorial stone is best, then we hope that this list will keep you well informed and enable you to reach a decision.

Top 10 Dog Memorial Stones:


Some people have a beautiful way with words even in the face of grief, and there are some who find it hard to put together a sentence when shedding tears and feeling sad. The Evergreen Garden Pet Paw Print Memorial Stone from Evergreen Enterprises Inc. has already been adorned with beautifully crafted words that will succinctly summarize the loss you are feeling and also tell the world about what your dog meant to you.

It is made of stone and not so heavy (weighing in at approximately 4 pounds), portable and weather resistant. This stepping stone can be placed around the house, in your late dog’s favorite spot or even where your dog was laid to rest. All that needs to be done is to either lay it flat on the chosen spot or attach it to the chosen spot using the keyhole at the back of the stone. It is also well-priced so it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

The features of Evergreen’s Polystone Memorial Stepping Stone make it a perfect and memorable piece for you or a close loved one who has lost a dear dog pet. Perhaps your dog is severely unwell and you are preparing for his inevitable passing, then this heartwarming and sweet dog memorial with its expressive inscription must be your number one pick. This is because you will connect with it, just as it did with us.

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  • Brand: Evergreen Garden
  • Model: 746851532146
  • Weight: 2.64 pounds


Amongst dog lovers and their loved ones, it is widely known that to feel closer to your lost pet, it would help to have a keepsake or an artifact that reminds you of their presence and the memories you shared. And that sentiment is precisely what you will receive with the Paw Print Pet Memorial Stone. When shopping for pet memorial stones, this stone from Pawprints Remembered makes an ideal gift that the bereaved pet owner would appreciate. It is made of materials that can withstand rain or shine. In this sense, you can place it indoors or outdoors. In the patio, hall, backyard garden or somewhere special are all great spots for this memorial. For poetry lovers, this is specifically made for you. The Paw Print Memorial Stone comes with a copyrighted poem which makes you feel the presence and warmth of your deceased pet.

This memorial stone also comes with a photo frame so you can attach a photo of your dog. For the photo to last longer in the photo frame, you are advised to get the photo laminated. A great part of this product for shoppers is the money-saving factor attached – it is very reasonably priced. Even if you don’t have a deceased pet dog, this stone will make the perfect loss of pet gift to anyone you know who may have experienced such a loss.

  • Brand: Pawprints Remembered
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds


Grasslands Road Beloved
Grasslands Road Beloved

When it comes to remembrance, not only humans desire to be remembered. I believe our pets would like that as well. Grasslands Road Beloved Paw Print Remembrance Stepping Stone plaque is great as a pet grave marker and fantastic for pet memorials. It is made of cement and resin. This plaque is ideal for placing directly on a designated spot or hanging up because it comes with a hole at the back. This can also be placed inside or outside depending on what you prefer. You will be making a good choice if you decide to buy this plaque for your pet’s grave or for the pet of a loved one. They will definitely feel the remembrance factor whenever they come to your memorial location.

  • Brand: Grasslands Road
  • Model: 453270
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds


GiftsForYouNow Engraved Pet Memorial Stone
GiftsForYouNow Engraved Pet Memorial Stone

Are you looking to get your pet’s memorial stones personalized? Then the Giftsforyounow Personalized Engraved Pet Memorial Garden Stone is just for you. Years after your pet has been buried, you’ll find comfort and solace in the knowledge of having had a personalized pet memorial made for your deceased dog. This engraved memorial garden stone will give you a special way to always have the name and life of your dog in mind, heart and words. Special techniques involving laser etching are used to add names and dates to the stone.

This stone has a large surface for all that you would want to be written on the stone. Thankfully, it is created in such a way that it doesn’t appear too large so the whole stone does not take up a lot of space. Also, because of its unique design, it is lightweight and won’t need a lot of energy to lift or place in your desired spot. You can choose to have it someplace visible or totally obscured.

  • Brand: GiftsForYouNow
  • Model: L553714P


The Carson Home Accents is not only about home décor. They also make creative sentimental pieces for bereaved families and individuals with dog pets. The Carson – Beadwork Garden Pet Footprint Stepping Stone is ideal as a pet memorial garden stone. Their memorial stones have been designed in a manner that prevents them from chipping, cracking or breaking.

There is a keyhole on the stepping stone which makes it easier for hanging purposes. It has a paw designed into the stone with an added note about the loss of a dog which aids with your grieving process. The last piece of beauty about this Beadwork Garden Stepping Stone is how its finishing resembles a sandstone look.

  • Brand: Carson
  • Weight: 3.04 ounces


Most dog grave markers look alike but it isn’t the same with the Lara Laser Works Personalized Dog Memorial Headstone. If you are contemplating purchasing a custom headstone for your deceased dog, then this would work well. It is suitable for outdoor or indoor placement with little to no difficulty in taking care of it. It needs only a bit of dusting if indoors and a protected outdoor spot. You can make it your own personal headstone with information about your dog including, names, dates and a favorite saying.

The stone size is mainly 6 inches by 6 inches however if you prefer something bigger, changes can be made for you. All that needs to be done is to contact their support team first, that way all customization and demands can be met perfectly.

  • Brand: Lara Laser Works
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds


Memorial stones for our pets come in different ways, shapes, and sizes. Graphic Rocks Personalized Red Stone Pet Memorial Grave Marker makes a nice pet headstone for your deceased pet. In this case, it makes for a nice dog headstone for your lost dog. What makes it special is its striking pastel red colour. It’s not every day that you come across doggie memorial stones which are red!

This piece is also made from natural stone unlike, other pet headstones that are made from resin. It makes for an ideal garden stone if you choose to bury your dog at home. You can also breathe a sigh of relief because you will definitely be getting your money’s worth. This item is made by people who love and care about pets and dogs just the same way you do. This grave marker is one that falls into the category of pet memorial stones that can be personalized.

  • Brand: GraphicRocks
  • Weight: 5 pounds


Personalized dog grave markers and dog grave stones seem to be much preferred by dog owners these days. No one wants their pet memorial looking bland and uninspired. This can never be said of the ‘You Left Paw Prints on Our Hearts’ Personalized Pet Grave Stone. This is part of the unique Personalized Pets collection created by Stocking Factory.

This custom artwork is like none other. It uses state of the art laser technology to imprint the headstone with a personal saying or quote. It also allows for engraving the names and significant dates of your dog directly on it.

If you have no personal quote, you can go along with the normal one on the catalog. This memorial stone comes in absolute black granite stone and you are assured that the engraving will last for a long time. Additionally, you can place it in multiple spaces in both an indoor or an outdoor setting.

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  • Brand: Personalized-Pets-by-StockingFactory
  • Model: Granite-Pawprints-Hearts-Pers
  • Weight: 4 pounds


There are times when all that keeps us going are the memories we made with our deceased pets. With this unique Dog Memorial Stone, CT Discount Store has ensured that the memories we make with our dog pets don’t fade from our minds and hearts, especially after they are gone. This pet memorial stone is great for your garden. It has an added quote or saying which will help to keep the memories fresh in your mind 24/7.

It is well detailed and made from ceramic. You can get this as a gift for any dog lover who has lost their pet and is grieving in any of your circles. Be it church, school, work or, someone close in your extracurricular activities. This also makes for a cute gift as it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

  • Brand: CT Discount Store
  • Weight: 2.6 pounds


Uniquely designed with a heartfelt poem, this Pawprints Remembered Pet Memorial Stone will be a nice keepsake for you or a grieving friend. It is made of resilient and weatherproof resin that are built to last. You won’t be having to think of a fixed place for it because it has a long-lasting shelf life and can be placed almost anywhere from the lawn, kitchen, hall, patio, garden or anywhere else.

This memorial stone is made of high-quality materials and with its exquisite outlook can stand out amongst other memorial stones. Paw Prints Remembered, the manufacturing company, offers you a 30-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee if it doesn’t meet your taste and satisfaction. Gift wrapping is also available should you opt for it.

  • Brand: Pawprints Remembered
  • Weight: 2.7 pounds

Dog Memorial Stone Buying Guide

Things To Consider When Buying A Dog Memorial Stone

  • The Pricing

The first thing to think about when you want to buy a dog memorial stone is the money factor. You need to ensure that you are getting real value-for-money with your purchase. Before setting out to the store or buying online, have a look at some of the general prices listed for these memorial stones. Shop around on a wide variety of websites. Set yourself a budget and be sure to stick with it as there is a product for every budget. Don’t be tempted to buy something you cannot afford.

  • The Material It Is Made From

Dog memorial stones come in different shapes and sizes with eye-catching designs. You need to know what your preference is. Is it granite, bronze, resin, ceramic, slate or flagstone that you like? Also consider the colors available, the shapes and designs it would come with and how the whole finished product would look like. Consider looking at existing memorial stones made from most materials available to know how they would look after a while and in their present state. This will help when it comes to you making your final pick.

  • The Durability Of The Materials Used And The Finished Product

Depending on the materials used to make the item, you have to know if it can last for a long time or not. Some materials tend to crack, chip and, fade with time. You’d be surprised at the strength of some materials that you overlook and shocked with the shelf life of the one that catches your fancy. Search around for materials that would work for you and which can be kept indoors and outdoors so if your mind changes about where to put it, you wouldn’t be found wanting.

  • Choosing To Add A Personal Touch Or Not

Current purchase of pet memorial stones and dog headstones comes with the option of choosing to add a personal touch or not. Some memorial stones are already engraved with personal messages; some are just plain. Others too request to know if you want to have it personalized or not.


Q: Are dog memorials made of real stone?

A: Dog memorials are mostly made of real stone. Manufacturers like to play around with the materials used in creating the memorial stones. The stones usually used are that of granite but are not limited to sandstone and flagstone. Other manufacturers prefer to use resin designed to resemble stone. There are even others who use slate, marble and, bronze. Cautiousness must be added when thinking of purchasing a dog memorial. If the manufacturer states in the product description that the memorial is made from natural stone, you have to check out similar ones in your neighborhood to verify if it’s true or not.

Also, you can have a friend who is knowledgeable about memorials check out these memorials before you go ahead to purchase it. In this way, you save yourself from trouble and stress because you could be presented with a memorial that appears to be stone but in reality, is made of ceramic or something else.

Q: Can I engrave my artwork or designs into dog memorial stones?

A: Engraving personal artwork or designs into dog memorial stones is totally possible. This means you would be in charge of the whole memorial from scratch. You would have to make up the memorial and leave enough space for the desired artwork or designs. The possibilities are limitless although a whole lot of things can go wrong. If you choose to do it yourself, you have to get it right. You are putting up this memorial for a dog you shared a lot of memories with, they deserve nothing but the best.

In case you are pressed for time, purchase an already made memorial stone which leaves you with room to go ahead and explore. Make sure you get someone who can bring your ideas to life, this will take care of any frustrations you would have should things go wrong. On the other hand, if you have a lot of time on your hands, you can give it a try without a hitch. Get your materials, tools and designs or artwork ready for assembling. Gather resources and inspiration from people who have done it before and you and look at where they fell short. You will be able to have a jump start on this project and, you will turn up with some amazing results!

Q: What are the limitations to what can be engraved into a dog memorial stone?

A: There are certain procedures and a variety of ways for engraving designs and artwork on dog memorial stones. They have been used for a long time by professional engravers.

Currently, there aren’t a lot of limitations to what can be engraved into a dog memorial stone. The only real limitations have to do with the pricing (your budget), availability of the materials to be used and their shelf life. The time that will be needed to complete this work also has to be considered. When engraving a design onto a dog memorial stone, it is mostly advisable to limit the number of words, designs and, artwork to be placed on the stone.

It is obvious that there would be a lot of precious words that we would like to have engraved in remembrance of our dearly departed dogs. But if care is not taken you will end up with a stone that appears too cluttered and unkempt. Keeping everything to a limited and barely-not –seen design is the way to go. This way, the memorial stone looks well put together and carefully thought through and stylishly executed.

Dog Memorial


Losing a pet is a time of pain and remorse that no one would like to go through, but unfortunately, we have to deal with this loss as it is indeed part of the circle of life. Our dogs can still live on not only through our thoughts and memories but through a physical monument that can stand the test of time. It involves a lot of thinking and time to execute a beautiful grave marker for our pets.

Our pets will surely look down on us with love and gratitude (from doggie heaven, as I was told) when they see what we have done in memory and honor of them. Make sure that you go through our top picks concerning dog memorials, and when at it consider your time, money and, your taste and preferences. Do not forget to think about the shelf life of the materials that have been used because one would rather spend money on an item that will last all the rainy, stormy and sunny seasons than an item that chips and cracks at the least provocation.

If you fall into the group of people who are into DIY, then go ahead and create a memorial stone for yourself. But be prepared to spend a lot of time picking out materials memorial as well as the design, artwork and, words you would want to remember your dog by. Whether you decide to buy it or build it, be sure to give your precious pooch a great send off by choosing a stone that best represents all that he/she meant to you.

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