10 Best Dog Training Books to Help You Train Your Pooch in 2019

Not all of us are gifted with the skills of famous ‘dog whisperers’ who can somehow magically transform even the most vicious pooch into an obedient, peace-loving, and highly well-balanced canine. Because we want our dogs to behave in certain ways that will also not embarrass us in our respective neighborhoods while also earning the respect of our peers, training our pooches to become responsible and sociable members of our own families have become an important aspect of being a pet parent. Unfortunately, hiring the services of so-called dog behaviorists, canine handlers, or dog trainers can be expensive. This is where dog training books can help. For just a few dollars we’ll gain a much-better understanding of how to become better pet parents for our dogs. Best of all, we can read and reread these literature throughout our lifetime. It is, thus crucial to choose the best dog training books that will help us achieve our goals. Here are our picks.

Dog Training Books Buying Guide

There are two things you have to understand before you start picking that dog training book to help you become a better pet parent. First, you need to appreciate how reading books can help you in training your pooch. Second, you need to keep a few things in mind before finally deciding on a particular title.

How a Book Can Help You Train Your Dog

  • You gain insights about the best practices in dog training from a multitude of experts 

Whether it is to teach your dog a trick or two, follow your simple command, or even manage a behavior that you think is growing out of control, dog training books can provide you with many wonderful insights on how to accomplish all of these things. The beauty of it all is that you can gain insight into a particular issue from the perspective of not one, not two, but a multitude of dog training experts.

While you may not have the luxury of working personally with these renowned trainers and experts in dog training, you will still be able to gain an idea of each expert’s take on a particular training methodology. Here, you can actually compare different methods employed by various experts on any given canine issue. You will also be able to identify recurring themes in their training philosophies, principles, and methodologies. In a way, reading a variety of dog training books can help you create your very own perspective on what you can do with your pooch.

Many authors will also provide you with tricks and tips, things that only they know about. A word of caution, though; these are highly relative. It doesn’t mean that since it worked for them it should also work for you. But it’s always best to try.

More importantly, you will be able to identify which methods work and which ones don’t. The thing is that, while the methods described and explained in these pieces of literature have been tested on many dogs, there really isn’t any guarantee that your pooch will react in the very same way or that you will obtain the exact same result. Having books on dog training helps you narrow down the various training techniques and methodologies to create a program that is specifically intended for your pet.

  • You can master one specific training aspect at a time 

Training is all about patience and perseverance. Our pet canines, sociable and intelligent as they may be, operate on a different cognitive level as humans. For us, our memory recall is so great that we can somehow remember things that we did in the distant past.

Dogs, unfortunately, are not really gifted with such a skill since a great number of them operate on a here-and-now principle. They learn the things that are pointed to them at that exact moment. That is why timing is very crucial in canine training since you don’t want your pooch to associate the behavior with something else.

The point is that you can actually focus on a single aspect of your pet’s training one at a time until mastery has been achieved. Now, if you were to perform this under the supervision of a dog trainer or even as part of a large class, then you will have to consider them, too.

  • You study and learn at your own pace 

While your dog may be expected to accomplish the different tasks that you want it to learn, you’d have to remember that it is you who will be in command of the training sessions. Having a dog training book allows you to read and reread every principle, every theory, and every single trick that is written and illustrated in these books.

Compare that to hiring a dog trainer and you will most likely forget whatever he has taught you within a few hours. Unfortunately, it would simply be unforgivable to ask the trainer to repeat what he has already taught you. Books will not complain. So you can read everything back again until such time that you have already memorized every word on every line on the book.

  • It’s more practical which can help ease stress off budgetary concerns 

Don’t get us wrong; getting the services of a canine behaviorist or a dog expert to help you address some of the issues of your dog is highly recommended. Unfortunately, it is definitely not for everyone since it does entail a handsome price. So, instead of using the money to pay for their services, better invest in several good dog training books, read and understand these very well, and be on your way to implementing whatever it is you’ve learned from the books.

Things to Consider When Buying a Dog Training Book

Picking the right dog training book can be a lot easier than picking a novel from your favorite bookstore. The reason is quite simple: you are already in a highly specific genre plus there aren’t that many authors who write about hound training compared to those who pen novels. Nevertheless, here are some things you need to consider when buying a dog training book.

  • Author’s reputation and credibility 

Revered dog trainers are a class of their own. Many actually do not write, preferring instead to provide personal dog training services rather than writing it down and having it published. But this doesn’t mean they cannot publish. They can still ask someone to write for them and have it published. Of course, there are also reputable dog trainers who write as well. The point is that you don’t want to buy a book penned by an author who is not really known for being a dog trainer. Credibility is crucial as the information you read in the book should be based on facts and not mere fiction.

  • Purpose 

Different books cater to different pet parents. There are those that talk only about a particular training methodology while others are more general. This means that you have to get your priorities straight. Are you buying a dog training book to learn everything possible about caring for pooches or are you planning to read a book because of one very particular need. As much as possible you need to clarify your purpose for buying such a book.

  • Ease of reading 

Not everyone can understand certain terms that only veterinarians or dog experts understand. While we do recommend going for highly informative and educational dog training books, it should also be entertaining and quite fun to read. More importantly, it should be very easy to understand. As much as possible illustrations, pictures, and images can help drive home the point and make learning and training execution a lot easier.

Dog training books are invaluable resources in our pursuit of becoming better parents for our pets. With these best dog training books we’ve listed, we’re confident you will be more empowered than ever to assume your role as the pet parent of your beloved pooch. Aside from books, there are also some great online training courses for dogs you may wish to check out!

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