The Best Chinchilla Cages (Review) in 2021

Olivia Williams
Published March 19, 2020

Chinchillas are an increasingly popular exotic pet in the US. They are a clean and quiet furry friend for your family but they will need their own chinchilla cage where they can live safely. It will need to be secure and give your pet enough room to climb and play.

Chances are you have never had a chinchilla before and won’t know what kind of cage suits them. That’s why we have prepared this comprehensive buying guide with our selection of top products and our pick of the best chinchilla cage as well as some essential advice.

The Best Chinchilla Cage


A luxurious chinchilla mansion for gorgeous pet, this cage is available in three sizes and the largest size measures 46 8/9 inches by 22 4/5 inches and is 24 inches high. There is plenty of room for your little chinchilla to move around. It could also be used for pet rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets. The base is made from easy-to-clean plastic which retains liquids and protects the surface on which you place the cage. The upper part is a wire frame with an epoxy finish giving plenty of ventilation and a great view of your pet at all times.

This chinchilla enclosure also looks great! It has attractive red detail on the arched metal wire top which opens up in two separate sections. The additional wire door at the front means that you can access all areas of the cage easily. Inside, you’ll find a balcony accessed via a ramp and a food dish that is tip-proof and can be fixed to the balcony floor. The area underneath the balcony provides a quiet and private area where your pet can escape from the world when they want to. This cage comes with a water bottle (drip proof) and a hay guard but these are accessed from outside the cage which makes it quick and easy. You’ll be able to put the cage together in a few minutes using no specialist tools and by simply fixing the eight plastic clips.

Plenty of room

Easy to clean plastic base

Wire frame top for ventilation

Two separate top doors

  • Brand: Living World
  • Model: 61859A1
  • Weight: 19 pounds


A spacious and robust wrought iron cage with a powder-coated Hammertone coating. There’s plenty of room for a chinchilla or ferret to move around inside across four levels. The interior layout is versatile enough to be separated into two spaces if needed. This is a heavy cage so it comes on easy-rolling casters so that you can move it around your home easily.

Containment and safety will not be a problem, the space between the wires is only 7/8-inch and the two front doors have escape-proof locks. The doors are also large enough to allow access to all parts of the cage. Inside the shelf there are two plastic platforms which are reached via three plastic ramps. There are also a hammock and a grille. At the bottom of the cage, the debris tray catches waste and when you need to slide it out for cleaning you simply undo the wind-bell lock. Underneath the cage, there is a useful storage shelf for food, toys and treats.

Wrought iron with powder-coated Hammertone coating

Large internal area loved by chinchillas

Platforms and ramps

Debris tray for cleaning

  • Brand: Prevue Hendryx
  • Model: 485
  • Weight: 50 pounds


A multi-level large chinchilla cage that is robust but very easy to assemble. It’s made from strong metal and has a powder coating that resists corrosion but is completely non-toxic. At the bottom of the cage, there is a pull-out plastic tray so that your pet does not have to live with soiled material but it is covered with a plastic floor grid that’s kind to little feet.

You can move the cage around your home using casters and there is a useful urine guard at the bottom to make sure that your home is protected. The cage fits together with strong clips and the spacing between the bars is only half an inch so your furry friend cannot escape. Two doors at the front of the cage provide easy access. Inside, there are plastic shelves and ladders to make the environment more varied and interesting.

Multi-level strong metal cage

Pull out plastic tray at the bottom

Plastic grid which is kind to paws

Two large doors

  • Brand: Homey Pet
  • Weight: 26 pounds


If you’re looking for a cage where your chinchilla will be safe and happy, this critter nation cage is what you need. It consists of a square tube metal frame with metal wire and finished with gray quartz hammertone paint. The horizontal spacing of the wires is half an inch so small animals can climb as they would in the wild. The double doors at the front are the full width of the cage giving easy and complete access. A useful feature of critter nation cages is that there are two leak-proof pans for catching waste and two adjustable shelves to make the internal environment more interesting. The shelves are accessed via sturdy, plastic ramps which have covers for grip and the cage lay out prevents nasty falls.

The large double doors that cover the whole width of the critter nation cage allow access for cleaning and feeding. There are plenty of attachment points for hammocks and toys. You can move the cage around your home using the strong casters which are lockable.

Square tube metal frame

Half inch horizontal spacing of wires for climbing

Full width double doors

Leak-proof pans for waste

  • Brand: MidWest Homes for Pets
  • Model: 162
  • Weight: 109 pounds


A large metal cage constructed from powder-coated steel finished with Hammertone for an attractive appearance. The wire spacing is tight to maintain security but also allows climbing.

There is a large pull-out grille at the bottom and a debris tray which collects waste. This is held securely in place by a wind-bell lock to prevent escape attempts! The whole construction is strong and sturdy and the interior shelves and ramps are chew-proof. The large front door gives easy access for cleaning out the chinchillas and the whole cage can be moved around on easy-rolling casters. There is an extra shelf at the bottom of the cage for storing food and supplies.

Large metal cage

Wire spacing is ideal for chinchillas to climb

Pull out grille and tray at bottom of cage

Can be moved around on casters

  • Brand: Prevue
  • Model: 495
  • Weight: 30 pounds


A tall and strong cage designed for ferrets but suitable for chinchillas and other small mammal pets. It’s made from metal tubing and wires (powder coated) finished with hammertone paint which is non-toxic, stylish and resists corrosion.

There’s around 0.9 inches between the bars so little feet can climb them and inside there are six platforms connected with ramps for fun and exercise. The ramps have embossed stripes to prevent slips and injuries. There are three arched doors which can be securely closed but open fully to give access to all parts of the cage. The tray at the bottom catches waste and slides out for cleaning but is protected by a metal mesh so that your pet does not end up walking in their own pee and poop. This is a large and heavy cage so it is fitted with smooth rolling casters which can be rotated to maneuver it in all directions. It comes with a water bottle and food bowl.

Powder coated hammertone finish

Bar spacing makes it easy for chinchillas to climb

Three large arched doors

Non-slip ramps

  • Brand: Yaheetech
  • Weight: 28.2 pounds


There’s no way that your chinchilla will chew their way out of this cage! It’s made from strong metal wire with an epoxy coating that is non-toxic. It has tight spacing that facilitates climbing but will not allow any escape attempts! Inside, there are three levels to provide a more enriching environment. There are also ladders which are designed to be safe for paws.

This strong cage is suitable for all sorts of small mammals including chinchillas. Underneath the grate floor, there is a removable tray for hygienic collection of waste and easy cleaning. Two access doors at the front make all areas of the cage accessible and the handles help you carry it around. If you need to travel with the cage or store it, it can be folded flat.

Suitable for chinchillas and other small mammals

Made from strong, metal wire

Secure cage for small pets

Removable tray at base

  • Brand: Mcage
  • Weight: 8 pounds


A secure play area and cage for cats that can also be enjoyed by chinchillas and other small mammals. It provides a large living space that offers plenty of room for play and movement.

Because it is made from strong metal wire coated with an anti-corrosion e-coat paint, your pet will be both secure and safe. When you need access to the cage to reach your pet or for cleaning, there are two large doors that you can use with secure latches. At the bottom, there is a plastic pan that will retain urine and spillages and protect the floor surface underneath. Inside, there are three resting platforms that can be adjusted to provide a versatile living space for chinchillas. It takes no time to set up and comes with four lockable casters that can be used to move it around. When not in use, it folds up to a compact size.

Large space for chinchillas with several platforms

Resistant to rust

Plastic pan to catch urine and waste

Can be moved around on casters

  • Brand: MidWest Homes for Pets
  • Model: 130
  • Weight: 38.9 pounds


With three doors and two optional stairs, this chinchilla cage offers a versatile and easily accessible space for your furry friend to enjoy. It even has a hammock where your pet can literally hang out!

It’s made from strong metal but sets up quickly and easily and requires no tools. Inside there are platforms to make the environment more interesting. There is also a plastic tray to catch waste. To move it around, you just push it on the lockable casters using the two strong handles.

Large play space for chinchillas

Strong metal cage

Sets up with no tools

Can be moved around using the handles and casters

  • Brand: Homey Pet
  • Weight: 38.8 pounds


A strong metal cage that has a large internal space which can be customized to suit your pet’s needs. It’s made from strong metal that is both scratch proof and chew proof. The base is a solid metal tray which can be removed for easy cleaning and even more waste will be caught on the metal shelves.

Inside there is plenty of room for your pet to play and climb. The powder coating on the cage is pet-safe and resists corrosion. You can move it from room to room using the casters.

Strong metal cage

Large internal space

Removable bottom tray

Casters to move it around

  • Brand: Exotic Nutrition
  • Weight: 86 pounds

Best Chinchilla Cage Buying Guide & FAQ

Things to Consider When Buying a Chinchilla Cage

Chinchillas need an appropriate habitat to keep them safe, well and happy. A chinchilla cage is a big investment and you can expect it to last for a long time so it is important that you make the right choice. Here are some of the main things that you should consider.

  • Size

Try to buy the biggest cage that you can afford. Chinchillas are essentially wild animals that like to move around. They are agile and have ‘crazy’ times when they will fling themselves around – there just isn’t enough room in a small chinchilla cage. The more space they have to do this in, the better. If there is any possibility that you will want more than one chinchilla, you need a bigger cage with enough space!

  • Security and durability

The bottom line is that you do not want your chinchilla to escape so beware of very cheap chinchilla cages! They could hurt themselves and cause damage to your home. The catches on chinchilla cages need to be strong and secure. The structure of the cage must also be strong enough to stand up to a lot of nibbling! Wire cages with an epoxy coating are popular. The coating of the metal must be non-toxic but should resist corrosion because it is very likely to get urine and water on it.

  • Side bar construction

Not all wire cages are the same! The spacing of the wires is important. They should be wide enough to allow climbing but not so wide that they will allow the chinchilla to squeeze through.

  • Bottom grid

You may find out that your chinchilla does not like walking on hard metal so have a good look at the bottom surface of the cage. Check that the bottom of the chinchilla cage will it be kind to little feet.

  • Doors

You will need to get inside the cage to clean it out so it should have plenty of large doors. All parts of the cage should be accessible. A removable bottom tray is also useful for cleaning.

  • Casters

There may be occasions when you need to move the chinchilla house around your home for cleaning or to adjust the temperature. They can be so heavy that strong caters will be needed. Carry handles are also very useful.

  • Enrichment

The more interesting you can make the interior environment of the cage, the happier your chinchilla will be. Look out for features such as ramps and shelves and attachment points for toys and hammocks. However, beware of some ramps. You should check that your pet cannot get their little feet stuck in metal ramps and cannot slide off. Non-slip, solid plastic ramps may be the best idea.

It is also a good idea if there is a quiet, covered area that provides privacy. Chinchillas are naturally shy creatures and they will appreciate this a lot.

  • Added extras

Some cages come with food bowls or water bottles. It would be useful if these can be accessed from outside the chinchilla cage.

Chinchilla in cage

Best Chinchilla Cage FAQ:

Q: What kind of cage do chinchillas need?

A: Chinchillas need large cages that give them a lot of room to move around. They also like to climb so cages made from wire are the best. It makes a great climbing frame and offers plenty of ventilation.

Cages that have multiple levels are good because they provide a more interesting experience. The cage needs to be strong and secure enough to stop them from escaping or chewing their way out.

It is useful to be able to move the cage around so that you can maintain the temperature, humidity and noise levels that your little pet prefers. Finally, the chinchilla cage must be easy to clean. As with all pets, there will be a lot of poop and pee to deal with!

Q: Where should I put my chinchilla cage?

A: We may think that our house is a safe and comfortable place to be but how does a chinchilla feel about it? Unfortunately, chinchillas can find human homes quite stressful. There are unfamiliar odors and sounds as well as startling things to look at.

It is tempting to have want to keep your chinchillas close to where you spend most of your time but it is best if you find a nice quiet part of your house to place the cage. This is especially important if you have a busy household with a lot of adults and children living in it. Cages should be well lit but not in direct sunlight or in a draft. Try to avoid being close to TVs and music speakers because the noise and vibrations can be upsetting.

You also need to consider the temperature. Chinchillas naturally live at high altitudes so they like cool and dry conditions the best. Therefore, try to maintain the temperature within the cage at between 55 degrees and 70 degrees F. Any temperature above 82 degrees F could trigger heat stroke so you will have to turn the AC on if indoor temperatures become too warm.

Place the cage away from any trailing electrical wires or anything else that your chinchilla could nibble or reach through the cage.

Q: Can chinchillas use ferret cages?

A: When it comes to cages, chinchillas and ferrets have very similar requirements so cages can be used for both. They have similar space requirements and both need strong and secure cages that they cannot break out of. Both animals like to climb and will enjoy having multiple levels and ramps. Chinchillas and ferrets both need some sort of tray to catch waste and need wire cages that will stand up to chewing.

Q: Should I cover my chinchilla’s cage?

A: Chinchillas can be very sensitive little creatures. If they get upset and stressed, they can become ill. If possible, place the cage in a quiet area but if that is not possible, it will help if you cover the cage with a thin cotton cloth during the busy times of the day.

Q: How do I clean my chinchilla cage?

A: Your chinchilla cage will need three levels of cleaning. Daily cleaning, weekly cleaning, and deep cleaning. If you have more than one chinchilla in the cage, it will need more frequent cleaning.

As a daily clean, you should empty all of the food dishes and water bottles. Sweep up droppings and discarded hay from inside the cage. Urine should be removed from areas around the cage and inside the cage using a cloth and water.

Every week, you should use a suitable pet-friendly detergent to wash out the chinchilla food and water bowls. If you are using a litter tray, clear it out completely and clean it with the same detergent. Clean any shelves or toys that are obviously soiled.

A deep clean is needed every few months and you should take this opportunity to check the chinchilla cage for wear and tear that could injure your pet. Take everything out of the cage and give it a good soak and scrub with a suitable detergent. Rinse it all thoroughly with clean water. Use the same detergent to wipe down all of the bars and all of the internal surfaces but rinse them afterwards. Replace all damaged toys and fixtures.

During the deep clean, your chinchilla will need to be in a play pen or in another part of your house with an adult supervising them. It is best to not put them back in the cage until everything is dry.

Our Top Pick

Our top pick is a luxurious chinchilla mansion available in three sizes. There is plenty of room for chinchillas to move around. The base is made from easy-to-clean plastic to retain liquid and the upper part is a wire frame with an epoxy finish.

It has attractive red detail on the arched metal wire top which opens up in two separate sections and there is an additional wire door at the front. Inside, there is a balcony, ramp and food dish.

The area underneath the balcony provides a quiet and private area for chinchillas. It comes with a water bottle and hay guard. You can put the cage together in a few minutes using no specialist tools.

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