The Best Hedgehog Cage (Review) in 2021

Last Updated March 10, 2020

Cages are not only to protect its occupants, but it can also be made into a desirable mini-home. In the case of hedgehogs, it is also caged for the protection of other family members in the household. Unless they feel threatened, hedgehogs are not so dangerous, but keeping them in a confined space, whether at home or in a zoo, is always the best idea. The variety of cages available gives you a lot of options to choose from, making it easier to find the perfect one for your hedgehog. In this article, we will review ten great cages and select the best hedgehog cage currently on the market.

The Best Hedgehog Cage


The Living World Deluxe Habitat is a luxury hedgehog enclosure that will keep your pet safe. It also has everything to keep your hedgehog comfortable enough. This hedgehog cage comes in an extra-large size, and so it is spacious enough for the animal to move around. It is a hybrid cage, with the base made of plastic and the upper part built with wire fencing. The top part of the fence comes with adequate spacing to ensure the habitat is well ventilated but still keeps your pet inside to prevent escape. The inside of this pet hedgehog cage is furnished with different areas to cater to your hedgehog’s needs. There is a balcony in the cage, with a ramp for easy access. The hedgehog’s feeding bowl is attached to the bottom of the balcony so that there is no spilling of food.

You also get a space for a water bottle so your pet can be hydrated. The bottom of the cage in deep enough so that there is no spilling of litter or dirt, and the plastic material makes it easy to clean. You can access the cage from the top, which features dome-shaped doors for a classy look.  Overall, the hedgehog cage size measures 46 8/9 inches long, 22 4/5 inches wide, and 24 inches high. Putting the cage together and setting it up is very simple, and there are no special tools required. In a matter of minutes, your hedgehogs cage will be ready, providing him with a convenient space to live a happy and healthy life.

Extra-large size

Upper wire fencing

Plastic bottom

Comes with a balcony

  • Brand: Living World
  • Model: 61859A1
  • Weight: 23.6 pounds


Another cage that you can use to keep your hedgehog safe is the Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage by Midwest. This is a convenient and comfortable hedgehog cage because it has all the necessary features for that. It is an eight square foot living area with accompanying compartments for an enjoyable experience. When assembled, it measures 47 x 24 x 14 inches, which is enough room for your hedgehog to move around. The 14-inch walls also provide maximum security for your pet and anyone who comes into contact with it. It is a two-part cage with the upper part made of a wire mesh, while the bottom features a PVC lined canvas bottom. The mesh has adequate spacing so that the animal cannot escape through and also protects it from predators.

You can access the cage via its multi-access folding top, which allows you adequate space to reach the hedgehog at any time. You can make the most out of the enclosure since it comes with a divider to provide specialized areas for the hedgehog. For example, you can furnish one part of this large hedgehog cage with food and water and another section with playful things. This will make staying in the cage feel more attractive to your pet, and their lives won’t be boring. The ramps and doors are hinged and feature a “lock-in-place mechanism” to ensure your hedgehog does not escape. The bottom of this hedgehog enclosure is leak-proof, washable, easy to remove, and durable, and so even a pet with sensitive feet is protected. You will not need external help with assembling this cage because the parts are easy to put together. Midwest are known for making convenient hedgehog cages and this one is no exception.

PVC lined canvas bottom

Wire mesh top

Measures 47 x 24 x 14 inches

Comes with a divider

  • Brand: MidWest Homes for Pets
  • Model: 171GHP
  • Weight: 14 pounds


If you are looking for cheap hedgehog cages, the AmazonBasics Small Animal Cage is great value for money. This product will give your hedgehog a living experience they have never experienced before with its simple design. It has a simple construction but with features that are practical and meant to make your pet as comfortable as possible. It is a large enclosure that can hold small pets and so your hedgehog will be okay with it. They will have enough room to move around, and it won’t even feel like they are in a cage. The upper part features an iron wire frame with adequate spacing between them, which makes the enclosure a safe one. The spacing also allows for proper ventilation to keep your hedgehog healthy.

The iron part of this habitat features opening at the top and in front to allow easy access into the cage. The base of the enclosure features a PP plastic construction, which makes it easier to clean. One of these comes with a hay guard, a non-drip water bottle, and a balcony with a ramp to exercise it. The space beneath the balcony can be used as a hideout area so that the hedgehog can experience n amount of safety. The dimensions on this hedgehog habitat are 42.1 x 24.2 x 19.7 inches, and it weighs 15.56 pounds.

Iron wire frame

PP plastic bottom

Measures 42.1 x 24.2 x 19.7 inches

Weighs 15.56 pounds

  • Brand: AmazonBasics
  • Model: 9012-1
  • Weight: 19.8 pounds


The Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home is a cage that can hold a variety of small animals, including hedgehogs. Prevue creates hedgehog cages that feature a sleek design and so it will fit in almost every living space. It is also complete with all the features the hedgehog will need for a comfortable stay. Like other good cages, this one has a combined construction in it more enjoyable. The top part consists of a wire construction with 3/8-inch spaces to prevent the hedgehog from escaping. This fence sits on a large tubby base, which is perfect for exercise and accessories. It is extra deep so that the occupant can enjoy some privacy once in a while. There are two large doors for accessibility, one on the side and the other on the top of the cage.

This makes it easier to get to your hedgehog without much struggle to feed, replace water, or just to play with it. A latch locking mechanism secures these doors, and so you assured there would be no escaping while you are away. This habitat comes in a dark gray color that matches most home designs and will look great in any space. It measures 32 ½’ x 19 x 17 ½ inches, which allows your pet to get the exercise it needs. The inside features an elevated level, which can be used as the feeding area. It is connected to the base of the enclosure by a ramp for smooth movement.

Wire mesh

Tubby base measuring six ¼ inches deep

Measures 32 ½’ x 19 x 17 ½ inches

Extra level

  • Brand: Prevue Pet Products
  • Model: 528
  • Weight: 14.7 pounds


MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home Kit Another cage that will work wonders for your hedgehog is the MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home Kit. This hedgehog cage is one of the best because it will keep your hedgehog safe while also making them comfortable. Midwest hedgehog cages have a simple look but provides an extraordinary experience for its occupants. The design and décor also make it fit into the design and décor of any living space without looking too out of place. The cage features two parts made of different materials for maximum function. The top section consists of wiring with adequate spacing to keep your pet safe and prevent escaping while. The bottom is 5.5 inches deep and holds litter and prevents it from spreading.

Access into the cage is via the top and side door, and it will be easy to remove litter, water, and food and clean the cage. It measures 39.5 x 23.75 x 19.75 inches, which is enough space for your pet to run around to play and exercise. The inside features a balcony as a feeding area with a ramp to access it to add some style to the enclosure. Underneath the balcony, your hedgehog can have some privacy when they want. This pet habitat comes with a water bottle, a feeding bowl, and a hay feeder. It is also easy to clean, and can put this cage together and set it up because the parts are not cumbersome to operate. You will not need any special tools, and within minutes, your pet will have a comfortable home.

Wire top

5.5-inch deep base

Elevated feeding area with a ramp

Measures 39.5 x 23.75 x 19.75 inches

  • Brand: MidWest Homes for Pets
  • Model: 158
  • Weight: 16.2 pounds


The Cavie Guinea Pig Cage is one of the most impressive hedgehog cages to put your pet in because it will keep them secure no matter the weather. The enclosure is top-notch since its features are durable and practical, and it has a great look as well. It is in tow parts, each featuring a different material to serve a purpose. The upper section of the cage features a wire mesh that prevents predators from getting in and your hedgehog from going out. This mesh also allows the cage to be adequately ventilated to keep the pet healthy and happy. The base is also deep enough to hold litter and offer security for your pet. The cage is 30 inches long, and so your pet can run around and have some exercise. Overall, it measures 30.3 x 18.5 x 16.5 inches, and so your hedgehog gets enough room for everything else.

You will not experience any challenges maintaining this cage because it is easy to access it. There are two doors, one on the top and the other on the side to allow you to reach into the cage. You get a water bottle and a food dish alongside the cage so that you can keep your pet in best shape without spending extra money. The six-inch base has an elevation on one side, which serves as the feeding area for the hedgehog. If at any point, your pet does not want to see anyone or play, they can just hide underneath the raised level, and they will have their privacy. This home is easy to clean, and comes in a neutral color that will add a touch of class to any space.

Wire mesh top

Six-inch base

Elevated feeding area

Doors on the top and front

  • Brand: Ferplast
  • Model: 57054070
  • Weight: 8.2 pounds


If you like bright colors in your home, then you will love the Kaytee My First Home 2-level Pet Habitat. This cage comes in a bright blue color, which is hard to miss and will add a fun look to that area. The enclosure is ideal for small pets, and so your hedgehog will be comfortable enough in it. It is a two-leveled habitat measuring 42 x 18 x 19 inches with features that any hedgehog will enjoy. The upper part of the cage is made of mesh with one-inch spacing so that the home is adequately ventilated. The base features a pull-out tray that catches debris and dirt and allows you to empty it into the trash can directly. There will be no need for you to disassemble the unit to get it clean.

There is a shelf inside the habitat that acts as a story which glides to allow you to move it without detaching the wire. A access ramp connects the shelf to the floor of the cage to make it easy for the hedgehog to get there. There are two doors that allow access into the cage, and they are located on the top and the front. The entry and exit points are secured by the latches and lock tabs so that your pet cannot escape. The latches on the cage are chew proof, and so the habitat can last long for you and your hedgehog. The cage comes with a hay buffet, a food dish, and a water bottle to help you better take care of your pet. One convenient feature of this hedgehog habitat is that it has wheels underneath, and so it can be rolled from one place to he other effortlessly. The dimensions are 42 x 18 inches, and there is no need for special tools to put this together because the parts are easy to assemble.

One-inch spacing mesh

Measures 42 x 18 x 19

Pull-out tray

It comes with a shelf

  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Model: 100523397
  • Weight: 16.8 pounds


Another hedgehog cage to consider when looking for one is the Ware Chew Proof Small Animal Critter Cage. This is an excellent cage for small animals, and it has a simple design that you can tweak to your liking. There are not too many parts to this enclosure, and this allows you to turn it into the perfect t home for your hedgehog. One convenient thing about this hedgehog cage for sale is that it is easy to assemble because of the minimal parts. There are two sections, which are the base and the mesh. The base protects your pet’s feet while collecting dirt and debris while the mesh covering offers protection to the occupant of the cage. It is durable because of the powder-coated wire, which happens to be chew-proof as well.

All the parts of the cage are constructed with metal and so chewing is not encouraged, and the cage will last long. Metal is also resistant to many conditions, and this gives it a better chance at lasting long. The wire has a half-inch spacing between them, and this allows for adequate ventilation. The overall dimensions of the cage are 25 x 12 ½ x 12 ½ inches, which is enough room for healthy movement. Cleaning this enclosure will be effortless because of how simple it is.

Wire age with ½ inch spacing

Measures 25 x 12 ½ x 12 ½ inches

All metal construction

½ -inch spacing between mesh

  • Brand: Ware Manufacturing
  • Model: 00661
  • Weight: 7.1 pounds


One of the hedgehog homes that looks like an actual house is the Kennel-Aire A Frame Bunny House. It is built to keep your pet hedgehog safe and will last for a very long time. This is because all the materials used to create it are durable and can withstand numerous conditions. It consists of a metal mesh that can hold small animals and has the space for healthy movement. The other part of the enclosure is the plastic slide-out pan, which makes it easy to clean and maintain the cage. This cage is heavy-duty and has accompanying heavy duty wheels to be able to move it around as and when you need to. Accessibility into the cage is not challenging because of the two doors available.

One door is at the front, while the other is at the top, and you can use any entry depending on what needs to be done. Because of the simple design, you can include any accessories of your choice to enhance the hedgehog’s stay there. You decide where the water bottle, feeding bowl, and other useful accessories should be placed in order to make your pet more comfortable. It measures 29.5 X 16.5 X 24 inches, which is enough room to move around and get the exercise they need. With this hedgehog cage, you can improve the living conditions of your pet so that it can grow up healthy and happy.

Metal mesh

Plastic tray

Four wheels

Measures 29.5 X 16.5 X 24 inches

  • Brand: Kennel-Aire
  • Model: 49960
  • Weight: 15.2 pounds


If you want a cage that is well of the ground, then try the Prevue Hendryx Cocoa & Cream Small Animal Cage Stand. It has long legs and so can be placed at any part of the house and not on a table. These legs also come with wheels, and so you can move the pen from one place to another effortlessly. It is a heavy-duty enclosure with metal wire and plastic base. The legs are also constructed with metal to give the cage durability. The pan is very deep, and so it will contain and control the mess, and the mesh also has adequate spacing for proper ventilation. The is an elevation on one side of the cage to provide an extra area in their house with an easy access ramp.

Long legs

Ramp and platform

Plastic base

Metal wire

  • Brand: Prevue Hendryx
  • Model: 425
  • Weight: 29.8 pounds

Best Hedgehog Cage Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Consider When Buying a Hedgehog Enclosure

  • Size

Size matters when it comes to comfort and smooth movement. If you get a cage that is too small for the hedgehog, they will not enjoy their time spent there and might even end up hurting themselves. Your hedgehog must also have enough room to exercise so that they can be healthy. A healthy pet is also a happy pet, and so you will be killing two birds with one stone by getting them adequate space.

  • Material

Durability plays an essential role in ensuring that your hedgehog gets the best experience possible. Material such as metal is useful, especially for the wire part of the cage because it can withstand several conditions, including rust. It is even better if the metal has a coating for extra protection. This means that you will get a lot of use out of the cage, and there is a lesser chance of your hedgehog getting hurt by any damage. Porcupines are spiny animals, and if the material used is not proper, then you will spend resources replacing it. When it comes to the base, plastic is best, mainly because it is easier to clean and disinfect. Plastic handles stain well and are also gentle on feet.

  • Design

When choosing the best hedgehog cage for your pet, you should consider things like ventilation, accessibility, maintenance, and portability. That is where you should look out for the spacing of the wire, how easy it is to assemble, the position of the doors, and whether it has wheels or not. A cage that is easy to assemble will be more convenient and useful, especially if you are on the go. The spacing of the wire should be such that the hedgehog cannot escape, but they can still get proper ventilation. Maintenance can halt the breeding of bacteria and other harmful organisms and so the cage you pick must be easy to access for that.


Types of Hedgehog Cages

There are a lot of cages available, and the design is what distinguishes them. The best and most popular ones are the wire cages, which consists of the top made with mesh and a base. Even with this design, there are differences in the size of the base. While some have deep bottoms, others just have a pan base that usually slides out. Some people also use plastic containers to keep hedgehogs, but the problem with this is that it is difficult to get the right size. There is also the issue of visibility for your hedgehog, no matter how clear the plastic is.

Best Hedgehog Cage FAQ:

Q: What size cage do I need for my hedgehog?

A: The size you get depends on the size of your hedgehog, and it should be large enough for your pet to move around.

Q: Do hedgehogs like multi-level cages?

A: Multi-level hedgehog cages are okay for hedgehogs if they are not too high because while hedgehogs are excellent climbers, coming back down the cage can be a problem.

Q: Can I keep my hedgehog in a hamster cage?

A: Yes, you can. The best cage for your pet should be big and spacious enough to keep them content.

Q: Do hedgehogs need a heat lamp?

A: No, they do not, but the space around their hedgehog cage has to be at 73 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit for them to grow well. Anything outside this range can be detrimental to their health.

Q: Can hedgehogs be housed together?

A: The ideal situation is to keep one hedgehog in one cage. However, they will receive companions warmly, and it is known that female hedgehogs live well together in single hedgehog cages.

Small hedgehog is sleeping in a glass terrarium

Our Top Pick

The Living World Deluxe Habitat is selected as the best hedgehog cage because of its features and the comfort it brings its occupants. It is the right size to keep a hedgehog active with a combined construction for optimum safety. The wire features the right amount of spacing, while the plastic bottom keeps your hedgehog and all its dirt in a confined space. The fence allows for proper ventilation of the cage while the plastic makes cleaning easy. Your pet can get its food easily because of the bowl attached to the in-built balcony. Your hedgehog will have a first-class experience in this cage, and you will be able to keep an eye on them as well.


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