The Best Toys for Chinchillas (Review) in 2021

Last Updated March 16, 2020

Chinchillas are curious animals who like to be engaged. These animals look like squirrels and can be domesticated but also require a lot of exercise. Because they have continuously growing teeth, they also need extensive dental care. In terms of exercise, it might become necessary to get them some toys that will help to keep them moving. In taking care of their teeth also, chew toys can come in handy to control the growth and trim their teeth. In this list, you will find a vast variety of these fun chinchilla toys for their entertainment and we will decide which ones we feel are the best toys for chinchillas.

The Best Chinchilla Toys


The first on this list of chinchilla accessories and toys is the Kaytee Chinchilla Chiller Granite Stone. It is a relaxation toy, which makes the chinchilla cage twice as comfortable as before. Chinchillas cannot sweat, and so their environment should be at a specific temperature to prevent them from feeling uneasy. This toy is useful because of the thick coat of chinchillas, which require that they are kept in a temperature-controlled environment. This stone ensures that the temperature is optimum for their healthy growth. The Chin-Chiller stone has a flat surface and a rectangular shape to fit in the chinchillas cage. It is made of granite, which is a safe material for the pet. It measures six inches long and 10 inches wide. It maintains the surface temperature of the enclosure and makes the perfect relaxation spots for the animal. These chinchilla cage toys are some of the most popular toys for chinchillas because it caters to their survival need. It is completely washable so that your pet does not contract any diseases from using it.

Made with granite

Six inches long and 10 inches wide


Temperature control action

  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Model: 100079176
  • Weight: 3.4 pounds


Another one of the chinchilla toys you can try is the WINOMO Pet Hammock. This belongs to the list of best chinchilla toys because it looks stylish, it’s safe, and offers the animal a lot of fun. Comfort is a luxury that every pet deserves, and as a parent, you won’t be doing too much by getting them the best. It is the perfect accessory for small animals, and the design ensures that chinchillas gets the most out of it. It consists mainly of a pouch with metal chains to hang it with. The chains are rust-resistant, and there are four of them to provide maximum security. They also make it convenient to handle and easy to move around. It serves as a hammock or swing for the animal and makes their lives much more fun. The pouch features a soft texture due to the supple material used in its construction. The animal will have a cozy time inside it, without any irritation to their skin. It is made if high quality, with its firm structure and refine stitching to keep it for as long as possible. The chinchilla can also use this as a bed in addition to a swinging toy. Overall, your chinchilla will experience the relaxation that will enhance their quality of life.

Refine stitching 

Four rust-resistant clip chains

Soft material

Firm structure

  • Brand: WINOMO
  • Model: aa–70
  • Weight: 2.1 ounces


Toys for chinchillas do not have to be complicated, and the Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy is not. Being in a cage restricts how much exercise an animal can get, and so as a parent, you should try to incorporate toys for that purpose. This is one of the toys for chinchilla that provides mental stimulation while having fun. It consists of four balls of different textures that are safe for chinchillas and are easy to use. The balls are made of 100% natural materials with no metal, glue, or plastic. This means that no matter how much time chinchillas spends playing with the toys, they are not going to experience any adverse reactions. Your pet can also nibble on it, and so it serves as one of the fantastic chew toys for chinchillas. It provides a deep base filled with litter for the animal to burrow into. Each ball measures 2.6 inches in diameter, with some of the materials used being cornhusk, seagrass, rattan, and water hyacinth. The variety will allow your pet to choose what they like the most rather than playing with whatever they are given. Each of them also has the benefits it offers the animal, and they are all usually positive. You will notice a pleasant improvement in how your pet behaves, and you two will enjoy bonding time more.

Natural materials

2.6 inches in diameter

Four round balls

Deep base filled with litter

  • Brand: Niteangel
  • Weight: 3.7 ounces


One of the peculiar chinchilla chew toys you can find is the Kaytee Chinchilla Hut Hideout. This Chinchilla toy is shaped like a house and encourages the animal to chew and nest. Nesting allows chinchillas to get some rest after some time of exercise. It is built with natural pine wood, which is safe for chinchilla’s dental health. It is also the perfect toy for small animals which bring some fun into their lives. It is one of the recommended chinchilla cage accessories because it provides a place for them to hideout and rest as well. The universal design allows it to fit conveniently into any space without looking too odd. Chinchillas, even though they will benefit from a lot of exercises, will sometimes want to retreat and have a good rest. While taking some time off, they can gnaw on something to make their teeth healthier. This chew toy presents the opportunity to do both at a time, and this makes it one of the most thoughtful things you can do for your pet.

Natural pine wood

Shaped like a house

Allows chinchillas to hideout

Encourages safe chewing

  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Model: 100079175
  • Weight: 1.3 pounds


Another one of the best chinchilla toys that bring maximum fun is the Niteangel Fun Tunnel. One of the fantastic features is that it is colorful and so it effortlessly attracts the animal. It is a crinkle funnel that offers mental stimulation to your pet while keeping them safe. It measures 5.9 inches in diameter and can stretch up to 31.5 inches in length. You get three balls that serve as safe chew toys for chinchillas and gives them more activity while running through the tunnel. The combination of these parts gives it a multi-function, allowing your chinchilla to get the exercise they need while exploring. The materials used for both the tunnel and balls are stain-resistant and durable, and so will last long in your possession. It is also lightweight and simple to clean, to create a hygienic environment for your chinchilla. With this cage accessory, your chinchilla’s cage will no longer be boring, and your chinchilla will have a happier life.

The tunnel is 5.9 inches in diameter

The tunnel stretches and contracts

Stain-resistant material

One tunnel and three balls

  • Brand: Niteangel
  • Weight: 9.6 ounces


Of all the chinchilla chew toys available, the FLOURITHING Molar Sticks Toys is one of the chinchilla-friendly ones. This is because they encourage healthy chewing, which also improves their dental health. These chinchilla toys offer the right opportunity for the animal to grind their teeth to control their growth. They are made from natural materials that go through careful processes before being packaged. The operations include screening, trimming, washing, drying, and sorting them. No pesticides or preservatives are added in the processing, and the sticks are packaged in airtight zip-lock bags to preserve them for longer. To prevent chinchillas from getting bored with these toys, they come in multiple flavors that they love. The purpose of these chew toys is to keep the chinchilla’s teeth growing in the right way to prevent them from wearing out their jaws.

Multiple flavors

Natural materials

Airtight zip-lock packaging

No pesticides or preservatives

  • Weight: 4 ounces


The MYIDEA Warm Cushion Big Mat is on this list of best chinchilla toys because of the comfort it offers the animal. It is a cute, soft mat that can be used as a nesting space for the animal. Once in a while, your chinchilla could do with a luxury experience, and this cage accessory will do just that for it. It consists of a plush cushion pad, covered with a removable cover with a zipper so that it is easy to clean. It is of high-quality, with PP cotton, which is responsible for softness and plushness. The materials are environmentally-friendly and fit for other small animals. The bed is equipped with a non-slip bottom to keep it in place, no matter how much the chinchilla moves around. The large size can accommodate an animal weighing 1 to 1.8 pounds, and they will appreciate the warmth and comfort. It makes an excellent accessory for your chinchilla’s cage and will add a touch of fun to it. It also comes in a number of different styles for different seasons, and there will be nothing like a boring cage.

Large size

PP cotton


Removable cover with a zipper

  • Brand: MYIDEA
  • Model: MD0300040L
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces


Another one of the best chinchilla toys is the Wobe Pack of 8 Play Toy, which offers chinchillas a variety of fun items to chew on. This set of fun, practical toys eliminates the chances of your chinchilla getting bored by providing as many activities as possible. This pack of toys contains eight pieces, each for both mental stimulation and dental health. The design of the parts is tailored to accommodate chinchillas behavior like chewing and gnawing. Their teeth, therefore, get the grinding they need to grow and form correctly. The items include a small bell roller, watermelon balls, a ball roller, Squared molar block with rope, a unicycle, a Willow Branch Ball, and a dumbbell. The toys are made with natural materials that are safe for chinchillas with no chemical additions. This ensures that the animal does not experience any adverse reactions after playing with them. They are also delicate and are made to give small pets healthier and happier lives. They make the perfect entertainment pieces, and your chinchilla will love you for them.

Eight pieces

Natural materials

Make great chew toys for chinchillas


  • Brand: Wobe
  • Weight: 9.1 ounces


The Natural Apple Sticks Small Animals Molar Wood Treats Toys make one of the best toys for chinchilla because they are suitable for their health as well. It consists of 100% natural apple branches, which are delicious and irresistible. They are sourced from organically grown plants with no pesticides included, making them safe for animals. There are 50 to 70 pieces in a pack, each measuring five inches long and the package weighing 8.8 ounces. Some of the characteristics are that they are reusable, durable, elastic, and practical. They are resistant to mildew growth and so do not pose any danger to chinchillas. You can, therefore, store it over a long period without worrying about it getting spoiled. If you love your chinchilla and want to spend quality time with them, then you will want to get the best of the best. These chew toys are up there with toys that improve the chinchillas health.  Choosing the right one for your chinchilla will involve finding out what they like and choosing only safe toys.

50 – 70 pieces

Five inches long


Natural apple branches

  • Brand: Bojafa
  • Model: PetToys-1
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces

Our Top Pick

The top choice for this list is the Kaytee Chinchilla Chiller Granite Stone, which has the right features to make any chinchilla feel good. It is a rectangular stone measuring six inches long and ten inches wide, and it will fit into any cage. It is a form of temperature regulation for the chinchilla and makes their living space more customized to their needs and hence more comfortable. This granite stone is safe for chinchillas and is also easy to clean so that your pet does not contact any illness. The material is safe and encourages the chinchilla to exercise the jaws and trim their teeth. The anti-stain action also contributes to making it as hygienic as possible for the benefit of your pet. It is the best choice because of these features and also because you will notice your chinchilla become more relaxed than usual.


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