Why Do Dogs Sigh

Why Do Dogs Sigh

Humans sigh about 12 times per day. In humans, sighs sometimes indicate that the person is tired, angry, or frustrated. Dogs sigh, too, and when they do is a beautiful sight to behold for any dog owner. However, most dog owners are not aware of the reasons for their dog’s auditory utterances. So have you ever asked yourself ‘Why do dogs sigh?’ Understanding your buddy’s body posture and language is vital to every pet owner. When your pooch lays beside you while you watch the football match, releases a big sigh, and immediately closes his eyes. Is your dog’s sigh an indication of contentment, sadness, or is your dog just being a diva?  In this article, we will provide you with reasons why your amigo sighs and give you a bonus of why your dog moans and groans as well. Let’s go!

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Why Do Dogs Sigh?

Experts believe we don’t have one specific answer as to why dogs sigh. However, most scholars are of the view that your dog sighing may be an indication of varied reasons. Read on to learn more.

  • To Communicate Emotions

A dog sighing can be a clue of emotional expression to a dog owner’s action. If the pet owner’s action was rewarding, it indicates contentment. However, if the action was unrewarding, then it is a hint of displeasure. As such, if your dog releases a huge sigh with his eyes closed at the end of a great walk, then the sigh signals that ‘’ I am fulfilled, and I’m going to lay down for a few minutes.’’ However, if your dog sighs after several failed attempts to get you to feed him with the delicious meat on your dinner table, the sigh means ‘’ I concede defeat, and I am disappointed.’’ The body expression or language that follows your dog’s sigh is vital. Your dog’s body posture is very important in accessing what exactly your pooch is demanding from you.

  • A Sign Of Relaxation

Dog sighing also signals that your dog is content, still, and very calm. When your dog sighs with half of his eyes closed, then it is an indication that they are unwinding or in a relaxed state. In the same way, as humans would release a deep breath, particularly when we are de-stressing after a hard day’s work, dogs also tend to chill out after long hours of playing around or staying on their feet guarding your home. Dogs often let out a huge sigh, especially when they are napping, and sighing indicates an emotional change over into a much more intense form of tranquility.

  • Indication Of A Health Problem

Sadly, long sighing might be an indication of a health defect in your dog. Constant sighing occurring with groaning might signal that your pooch is suffering or in some discomfort. Additionally, long and persistent sighing could mean your dog is suffering from wheezing. Inflammation and blocking of your dog’s airway from your dog’s throat right into the dog’s lungs can cause wheezing.

  • Indication That Your Dog is Inactive

A long and persistent sighing signals that your dog is sluggish and slow. If your dog’s sighing coincides with abnormal behavior like not interested in playing any longer and turning down food, then it is an indication of a serious health issue. Therefore, we recommend you consult your veterinarian right away.

Why Do Dogs Groan?

Now that we know why dogs sigh, let’s take a look at other auditory utterances or expressions of dogs that is also very key in understanding what your dog is trying to communicate with you. Depending on the type of breed, some dogs tend to be more vocal in comparison to other dogs. Some dogs groan persistently and regularly because of varied reasons. Take a read to find out more.

  • To Demand for Attention

We all have tricks we play on people to get their attention well dogs also do the same with owners. Dogs groan to cry out for attention from the dog owner.

  • An Indication of Tiredness

It is common with aging dogs. Dogs who are a bit older may groan when they are tired after a long period of playing around or running up and down the compound of your house.

  • A Sign Of Illness

Frequent groaning in your dog may be an indication of these types of illnesses: Osteoarthritis, Ascites, and Panosteitis.

  • Osteoarthritis: Osteoarthritis happens when your dog’s cartilage is cut between his joints. If not treated in time, it may result in stiffness and cause some discomfort in your dog’s joints. Osteoarthritis usually takes place in older dogs.
  • Ascites: Ascites occurs as soon as fluids spread within your dog’s abdomen and can cause the abdomen of your dog to become bloated. Once it is swollen, your dog finds it very hard to sleep.
  • Panosteitis: Panosteitis, on the other hand, is a state of the quick growth of the bones. When your dog has bones that rapidly grow than your dog’s body can cope with, then your dog feels pain.

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Why Do Dogs Moan?

You might be wondering whether dogs have something to whine about when everything they need has been provided for them. They get the 24 hours attention, the best-cooked meals, and the best of affection from every family member in the home, so why should they moan about anything at all. Astonishingly, dogs also moan, and this is also one of the auditory utterances of dogs that every pet owner needs to understand. Dogs do moan for varied reasons. Let’s find out together.

  • Your Dog Requires Attention.

When your dog begins to lament, it may be because he is looking for your attention. It could indicate that your dog wants you to take him for a long walk, or your dog wants to be treated with a tasty dog treat.

  • A Signal that Your Dog is Afraid of Something.

Dogs do have varied sounds they do for various circumstances. A long moany sound can be an indication your pooch is afraid of something contingent on the level of your dog’s pitch. Therefore, you must carefully pay attention to what your dog is whining about to understand what he is communicating.

Why Does My Dog Grumble?

So, you may be wondering if your dog grumbles too, especially now that you know dogs sigh, moan and groan. Yes, dogs do grumble just like humans, but do they indicate the same feeling? Let’s find out.

Dog grumbling depends primarily on the type of dog and the environment, as well. Some dogs grumble to indicate that they are comfortable while aging dogs grumble to signal that they’re in discomfort. Again, some dogs, such as huskies and shepherds, are vocal or loud than other types of dogs. You should consult a Vet if it becomes persistent.

To Summarize

In summary, just like humans, dogs sigh for many reasons. Your dog’s sighing can sometimes be a signal of a health issue, but the primary reason behind your dog sighing is to prompt us that they are unwinding, and hence, they should not be disturbed.

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