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The Farmer’s Dog Farm-to-Bowl Fresh Dog Food

When looking for fresh, high-quality food for your dog, The Farmer’s Dog is popular with pet owners. Featured in Vogue, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company and even appearing on CBS News, The Farmer’s Dog knows how to keep their customers happy.

We’ve had a thorough look through every aspect of The Farmer’s Dog, to put together an in-depth and conclusive breakdown that can help you to decide whether or not The Farmer’s Dog is the right fresh food delivery company for you and your pup.

About The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog, based in New York, all started with a lovable little puppy named Jada. Jada was a beautiful puppy with a bit of a problem: she suffered from severe digestive problems during the first two years of her life. Even after trying every dog food brand he could think of, Brett Podolsky (the co-founder of The Farmer’s Dog) had no luck, and so her health problems continued.

Brett’s vet recommended home-cooked meals for Jada, so that Brett could control what was in her food. Not knowing where to start, Brett simply cooked the ingredients that were photographed on the bag of some traditional dog food, and Jada’s digestive distress ceased almost immediately.

It was with Jada’s miraculous response to simple home-cooked food that Brett realized there was a glaring gap in the dog food market, with seemingly no dog food companies offering a fresh alternative meal plan. And so, along with his friend Jonathan Regev (and his pooch, Buddy), they went ahead and built The Farmers Dog, hoping to provide dog food options for pet parents everywhere.

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What’s So Special About The Farmer’s Dog Food

“Using decades of pet nutrition research (and a little common sense), our founders worked with top vet nutritionists to create a fresh, convenient pet-food service.” – The Farmer’s Dog.

The Farmer’s Dog has worked hard over the years to perfect the ideal meals for dogs by working with board-certified veterinary nutritionists, to develop fresh dog food recipes, without any unnecessary chemicals or preservatives that could trigger a reaction.

Their subscription-based dog food delivery service carefully calculates the appropriate diet for your dog based on the information you have provided. And with a subscription service available, you can be sure not to miss a meal.

The key factor in making The Farmer’s Dog stand out in the dog food market is the dog food recipe they have produced, which uses all fresh, human-grade ingredients that are both balanced and healthy for your dog.

The Farmer’s Dog Meal Plans – What are They and How to Choose?

The meal plans of The Farmer’s Dog are a combination of four recipes centered around different protein options: beef, pork, chicken, and turkey. When you are selecting your preferred meal plan, you can have a mix of the proteins offered to you (depending on the results of the introductory questionnaire), or you can simply select your dog’s favorite meat from the list.

Each ingredient in their meals is carefully sourced and selected to provide the perfect experience for your dog. Additionally, every meal plan will also come with a recommended portion size for your dog to eat, so as not to waste food or overfeed your pooch.

Here is a full list of each of their recipes so that you can see for yourself the type of quality you can expect from The Farmer’s Dog:


Ingredients: USDA Turkey, Chickpeas, Carrot, Broccoli, Parsnip, Spinach, Fish Oil, TFD Nutrient Blend [tricalcium phosphate, sea salt, vitamin B12 supplement, choline bitartrate, taurine, zinc amino acid chelate, iron amino acid chelate, vitamin E supplement, copper amino acid chelate, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, potassium iodide, pyridoxine hydrochloride, vitamin D3 supplement, folic acid]

Calorie Content: 1170 kcal per kg / 530 kcal per lb (calculated)


Ingredients: USDA Beef, Sweet Potato, Lentils, Carrot, USDA Beef Liver, Kale, Sunflower Seeds, Fish Oil, TFD Nutrient Blend [tricalcium phosphate, sea salt, vitamin B12 supplement, taurine, zinc amino acid chelate, iron amino acid chelate, vitamin E supplement, copper amino acid chelate, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, potassium iodide, pyridoxine hydrochloride (B6), vitamin D3 supplement, folic acid]

Calorie Content: 1530 kcal per kg / 694 kcal per lb (calculated)


Ingredients: USDA Chicken, Brussels Sprout, USDA Chicken Liver, Bok Choy, Broccoli, Fish Oil, TFD Nutrient Pack [tricalcium phosphate, sea salt, vitamin B12 supplement, taurine, zinc amino acid chelate, iron amino acid chelate, vitamin E supplement, copper amino acid chelate, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, potassium iodide, pyridoxine hydrochloride, vitamin D3 supplement, folic acid]

Calorie Content: 1300 kcal per kg / 590 kcal per lb (calculated)


Ingredients: USDA Pork, Sweet Potato, Potato, Green Beans, Cauliflower, USDA Pork Liver, Fish Oil, TFD Nutrient Blend [tricalcium phosphate, sea salt, vitamin B12 supplement, taurine, zinc amino acid chelate, iron amino acid chelate, vitamin E supplement, copper amino acid chelate, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, potassium iodide, pyridoxine hydrochloride, vitamin D3 supplement, folic acid]

Calorie Content: 1390 kcal per kg / 630 kcal per lb (calculated)

The Farmer’s Dog reviews their recipes regularly to ensure they are doing the best they can for every dog that will be sampling and hopefully loving their food. The Farmer’s Dog also offers reimbursements for those who didn’t have any luck with their food, so long as the food is donated to a shelter (as returning it would be pointless and wasteful). If you’re still unsure of whether this company sounds right for you, you can find further information on a range of topics in their FAQs.

The Farmer’s Dog Recalls History

Having checked with the FDA, DogFoodAdvisor, and AVMA it does not appear that The Farmer’s Dog Company has ever had to recall any of their products, which makes them a “recall-free” brand.

Being a recall-free brand gives them many advantages in the market, as it demonstrates that The Farmer’s Dog has taken enough care and attention with their work to keep on top of dog food safety standards and their dog food quality. This means that, to date, there has been no need for a recall.

In the seven years since Farmer’s Dog was founded a total of 127 dog food development companies have had to recall various batches of their produce. In an industry that is riddled with recalls, The Farmer’s Dog has a big advantage in being able to proudly state that they have never had the need to recall a single product.

Why Choose The Farmer’s Dog?

The Farmer’s Dog was founded on the mission that dogs should be able to experience healthy, balanced, fresh food just the same as humans, instead of “burnt brown balls” marketed as being “healthy” and “natural.”

The founders of The Farmer’s Dog, Brett Podolsky, and Jonathan Regev, are dog owners themselves and so are also experienced customers when it comes to purchasing dog kibble and trying to find food with the right balance of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and animal protein. With dogs of their own, The Farmer’s Dog are able to empathize with their customers and ensure that the food they produce is of top quality and worthy of their prices.

Made with Food Allergies in Mind

Brett’s dog Jada suffered for two years with food intolerances that couldn’t be explained, which was the entire reason behind the creation of this food. Their simple and honest recipes contain fresh, high-quality ingredients, omitting many potential intolerances or allergy triggers.

It is also often a suitable alternative for dogs that struggle with their immune system, as The Farmer’s Dog’s use of vitamins, minerals, vegetables, and protein can help to boost your dog’s immune system, better than the standard kibble dog foods.


The Farmer’s Dog introductory questionnaire requires all prospective customers to answer a series of specific questions that will help them to select the correct diet choice for their pup. These questions include their weight, build, age, breed, temperament, health problems, snacking habits, previous diet, and whether or not your dog requires prescription food. Using the information you provide, The Farmer’s Dog will create a personalized meal plan specific to your dog to ensure they’re getting all the right nutrients

High-Quality, Trustworthy Produce

You can be absolutely assured that with The Farmer’s Dog, you will be getting high-quality, human-grade ingredients sourced in the United States. They also proudly state that they do not process their ingredients in order to prolong their shelf life, a choice we are sure that the vast majority of their customers will appreciate.


There is pretty much nothing you can’t find when it comes to how The Farmer’s Dog produces their food. If you are wanting to know more about a recipe, simply click on it to get a full breakdown of everything, they even list the specialists involved in the development of their food.

Improving Your Dog’s Lifespan

The life span of a dog can be greatly improved with the proper care, and that is not only in reference to health and fitness, but in their dietary needs. Just like humans, dogs can struggle with weight gain, weight loss, heart problems, joint problems, fitness problems, and many of these things can be helped with a balanced diet. The Farmer’s Dog provides everything a dog will need to keep a steady, healthy diet and look after their bodies.

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What is the Price of The Farmer’s Dog Food?

The cost of The Farmer’s Dog food can vary between $2-$12 per day, depending on the profile of the dog you are buying for, and your own personal preferences. It is a subscription-based service with free shipping. The price of The Farmer’s Dog food is between $4-$5 per day for dogs around 25-pounds in weight, and $8-$9 for dogs around 55-pounds, the bigger the dog, the more expensive the subscription.

In order to get an accurate price on this food, you should go to their website and fill out their dietary questionnaire. You are not obligated to complete your purchase once you have filled out the questionnaire, but The Farmer’s Dog will provide you with a daily cost and a look at the recipes they offer to fit your dog’s needs.

The Trial

The Farmer’s Dog company also offers an automatically applied 50% off promo code on your first two weeks as a trial period. The perfect amount of time for your pooch to taste and adapt to their new diet. Dogs should never have their food switched over completely in a single meal, as this can upset their digestion.

New food should be introduced bit by bit over the course of a week. Fortunately, The Farmer’s Dog provides a step-by-step transition guide with the trial box to advise you on the best way to manage a smooth switch from kibble to fresh food.

An Example of Cost

We followed the questionnaire process for a 60lb Labrador Retriever, to give you an idea of exactly how much you should expect to pay. This example is for an active (long daily walks), stubborn, semi-picky, average weighted, Labrador Retriever that does not have any health problems, nor a need for prescription food.

With the 50% trial discount, it comes to $4.25 per day totaling $29.97 per week.

After the trial, the price will double to $8.50 per day totaling $59.60 per week or $238.40 per month.

Free Added Extras

The food you order will have a personalized bag with your pooch’s name on it and will come with a free bio-degradable resealable container so that you can store the food safely between meals, as the bag itself is not resealable. This is a small detail that many previous customers seemed to have very much enjoyed.

Payment After the Trial

If you find your dog is loving their new diet and choose to stick with The Farmer’s Dog’s full-priced subscription service, your order will be billed and sent out to you every few weeks.

Where Can I Buy The Farmer’s Dog Food?

There’s only one place to buy this fresh dog food from and it’s direct from Farmer’s Dog themselves. Because their meals are personalized based on your dog’s age, weight, and breed, you’ll need to fill out a questionnaire so they can create meals specific to your dog’s needs and help ensure you’re feeding the right amount of food each day. Plus, it’s delivered right to your door!

How Does it Work?

Fortunately, the process of ordering from The Farmer’s Dog is simple:

  1. Go to their website – Fresh Human-Grade Dog Food Delivery | The Farmer’s Dog
  2. Click the orange “Start Today” button in the center of the screen.
  3. Fill in your dog’s details, you will need to know their name, age, whether or not they are spayed/neutered, their weight (on average), temperament, breed(s), body type, activity level, eating habits, snacking habits, health problems, and whether or not they require a prescription diet.
  4. Submit the questionnaire to view your recommended plan for your first two weeks along with an average price per day.
  5. By continuing through to the checkout, you can also see a breakdown of how much the full two weeks will cost you immediately, and then the price you should expect after your trial ends.

If you find that your dog really doesn’t seem to like the food, or is not interested after a week and wishes to return the remaining food, you would need to contact customer care. You will be advised to donate the food to your local dog shelter before receiving your reimbursement.


When there are so many diets to choose from for our dogs, pet parents can have a hard time finding products filled with the right nutrients, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, and minerals that will keep a pup going strong through all life stages, without the unnecessary chemicals, bi-products, and potential allergens.

We can certainly see that The Farmer’s Dog provides everything a growing dog needs and then some, without any of the worries of what might upset your dog’s stomach. At the very least, if your dog does react to something in this food, it would be FAR easier to figure it out with such a simple recipe.

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Q: Where is The Farmer’s Dog based?

A: The head office from which the brand operates is located in New York, US.

Q: How much does The Farmer’s Dog Cost?

A: They provide an average price range of between $2-$12 per day, depending on the breed and size of your dog, as well as the results of their introductory questionnaire.

Q: Can I order The Farmer’s Dog Food to my Home?

A: Absolutely, The Farmer’s Dog does a rolling subscription in which they will bill you and send your order right to your door, so make sure there’s plenty of space in your freezer. If you would prefer, the delivery driver is happy to leave the package on your doorstep if you are home to receive it.

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