how to stop your puppy from jumping up

How to Stop Your Puppy from Jumping Up

The foremost reason as to why people like having a dog as a pet is to enjoy the unconditional love and loyalty that your canine develops towards you and your family. After a long stressful day, returning home to your pup is a joy that only a dog owner can comprehend. The feeling of being wanted actually acts as an energy booster when your dog jumps on you to show how overjoyed it is to have you back at home.

However, this feeling of warmth could easily transform into that of dread when it becomes uncontrollable.

dog jumping up

Why Does A Dog Jump?

Being social animals, dogs usually sniff each other’s faces as a way of expressing love and affection. Therefore, it is quite obvious that with human beings also, they try to reach up by jumping up in order to give a face-lick and seek attention. It is a very common behaviour that canines adapt to greet their far taller bipedal family and friends. In fact, puppies are more zealous about jumping on people in an attempt to cover the height difference.

Is It A Matter Of Concern?

Well, an honest answer would be, yes at times. A puppy jumping up is an adorable gesture that everyone can take delight in. When it comes to a full grown dog, say about a dog that weighs 60 pounds or more, it may not be as desirable. Especially for children and elderly people, a big dog jumping around could be a little scary or disconcerting. Your dog is dear to you, but it might not be to the person he is jumping on. Not everyone is comfortable with a dog, especially if it is one of the bigger breeds. So, considering how your visitors feel, you need to stop your dog from jumping up.

There is usually no underlying or physiological reason behind dogs jumping up. The only possibility, apart from saying hello, could be that your dog is not getting enough exercise and it has some extra steam that it needs to let off. It is your canine’s way of seeking attention, and once it succeeds, this behaviour becomes a routine for your pup.

How to Deter Your Dog from Jumping Up

In order to prevent your dog from jumping, the attention that it is rewarded with should be taken away. Do not ignore the behaviour but at the same time do not allow your dog to seek attention by jumping up. Dogs tend to seek approval from their masters, for almost everything and if you do not approve, it will soon learn to stop.

Avoid eye contact with your dog when it is jumping up. The best way to ignore is to turn away from your pet. Dogs are intelligent enough to sense your dislike and having got no response, your dog will understand that jumping up is not appreciated. Once your pet is on all fours, give it a calm friendly pat and a few words of praise and affection will calm the otherwise excited canine. Refrain from expressing your excitement as it will get your pet worked up all over again.

Training Your Dog Not To Jump Up

Dogs that are familiar with “sit” command are easy to handle while training. To incorporate this command while training your dog, step back and use your hand to order your canine to sit and refrain from jumping up. To please you, your furry friend is sure to follow orders.

If your pet is too excited to follow your command, an alternate way to divert it from jumping up is to ask it to fetch it toys. Reward your pet once the job is done.

You can always use your door as a shield. When your dog jumps up at you, you can step back outside the door and wait for your canine to calm down. You might not be successful the first time but after doing the same once or twice, your pet will eventually get the message. When you find that your pet has quietened down, enter, and appreciate its good behaviour.

Strangers or visitors are greeted with the same gusto if they show slightest admiration towards your dog. Do not raise your voice if you want your dog to refrain from jumping up. There will be progress and regression in the training process and it will not be easy to reach your goal. Do not lose your temper in dealing with your four-legged best friend. Make your canine realize that the best way to greet is not by jumping up but by greeting the person from a sitting position.

Final Words  

A calm, polite well-mannered dog is always appreciated. Slow and steady is the way to go and you have to be patient with your pet during training. The outcome may take long but it is definitely not impossible.


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