Save on Instinct Raw Dog Food at PetSmart

Save on Instinct Raw Dog Food at PetSmart

Instinct® has been making pet food for more than two decades. Since the beginning, it has crafted raw recipes with the goal of bringing less processed foods into more pet bowls.

Each Instinct formula emphasizes protein and minimizes the amount of processing, which includes never cooking them. The brand’s philosophy is to create nutrient-dense food without additives that add bulk at the expense of your pet’s digestion.

Instinct comes in several varieties, with the Raw Frozen recipes containing the highest percentage of raw ingredients to Raw Coated Kibble, the least.

We even found a few deals at to save on the brand’s Raw Boost Mixers Dog Food Topper and Grain-Free Formula Canned Food.

Small breed dog awaits his portion of Instinct Frozen Raw Dog Food in the kitchen.

Instinct Dog Topper

Instinct® Raw Boost Mixers Dog Food Topper is a way to compliment your dog’s diet with raw foods. As the name suggests, Topper is meant to top off your dog’s existing food.

Topper recipes are formulated without grain, corn, wheat, soy, potato, carrageenan, or artificial colors or preservatives. Instinct points to studies that show adding as little as 20% raw food to your dog’s diet can reduce the risk of skin allergies.

Like its Freeze-Dried Raw Meals, Instinct’s freeze-dried Dog Toppers are shelf-stable because the moisture is removed.


Grain-Free Formula Canned Dog Food

Made to meet the caloric needs of small dog breeds in all life stages, Instinct® Grain-Free Formula Canned Food is a protein-rich formula with no grain or gluten inside to accommodate dogs with digestion issues. The canned recipes also include omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to support healthy skin and a glossy coat.

The first five ingredients in the Grain-Free Chicken Formula are: Chicken, turkey, chicken broth, chicken liver and ground flaxseed.

Again, the Instinct recipes contain no grain, potato, corn, wheat, soy, by-product meal, artificial colors or preservatives.

Instinct Original Small Breed Grain-Free Real Beef Recipe Wet Canned Dog Food

PetSmart Promos

PetSmart has a special offer for all Instinct® Raw Boost Mixers Dog Food Topper through May 1: Buy two, get one 50% off.

PetSmart also has a discount on Instinct® Grain-Free Formula Canned Food for small breeds. Now through May 1, you can get six 5.5oz cans of Instinct dog food for $16.

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