is ice bad for dos - everything you need to know

Is Ice Bad for Dogs? Everything You Need To Know

Like the way you love crunching on an ice cube between your teeth, your canine may also be eager to do the same. You might be tempted to give them an ice cube or two, but the question is, can you really give an ice cube to your furry friend?

Don’t worry if you have already given it to them because a cube or two won’t cause much harm, but don’t make it a habit! According to experts, although ice cubes might be safe for your furry friend, it might also potentially cause harm to them in the long run. These are some of the risks and precautions to ponder on before you give ice cubes to your canine.

Will Ice Damage My Dog’s Teeth?

Generally, ice cubes are the reason why your dog might have a tooth breakage. That may sound scary but surprisingly, it is one of the leading causes. You canine do have a tendency to get caught up with dental issues. No matter how much your furry friend loves chewing on that cool cube, the large and hard cube is the cause of their tooth breakage. Plus, anything hard that they love chewing on will cause their tooth enamel to wear off! However, if you’re so keen on giving them ice cubes since your furry friend wants it so much, you can give them smaller cubes or ice shavings that can still avoid these issues to some extent.

Help! My Dog Is Choking on Ice!

If you’ve never seen your puppy choking on anything before, then prepare for a frightening sight. It is very much possible that a large piece of ice cube could get stuck in your dog’s airway before it could melt sufficiently, causing them to choke. But smaller cubes or ice shavings will not cause this to happen.

If your canine has already lost his/her teeth or has severe ongoing dental issues, do not give them ice cubes at all and risk chances of choking. Also, if you notice them having trouble when swallowing, giving them ice cubes are a big no-no. Any neurologic disease or serious airway diseases might get worse if they swallow or chew on ice since this may increase inflammation. It is best if you consult your vet immediately should your beloved pet start reacting to ice cubes.

Does Ice Cubes Cause Dog to Bloat?

Ice cubes do not directly cause bloating but drinking too much water may contribute to the factor and it might be life-threatening as well. Normally, bloating occurs from the indigestion of large amounts of food or water and air. So, check if giving ice cubes or ice shavings contributes to excessive drinking water for your dog, which might lead to indigestion and thus develop bloating. But if your hyperactive canine appears to be extra thirsty, avoid giving them ice cubes as it might not be an ideal choice for quenching their thirst. Just offer them small and frequent sips of water and prevent them from gulping and your canine is good to go!

Will Using Ice to Treat Heat Stroke in Dogs Work?

In case if you’re worried whether your furry friend is overheated, ice cubes are NOT the solution to this problem. It is better to use cool water instead of ice cubes. You may start by watering your dog down with room temperature water, concentrating the underside and backside of your dog. Do not put water on their head and once they cool down a bit, straight away take them to the vet. This is the best course of action in case of a heat stroke.

My Dog Is Sick, Can I Still Feed Him Ice?

Whenever your dog is sick, the most ideal thing to do is consulting your vet before going for DIY remedies for them. Most dogs get dehydrated when they are sick. Specifically, if they are suffering from gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea or vomiting, they can become very thirsty. Your furry friend is not able to express their feelings, so, you really have to understand what they are going through. In such cases, it is best to avoid ice cubes or ice shavings from giving to your canine. Although there are exceptions when ice chips might be OK to offer your dog during their illness, but sometimes it may worsen their condition. Henceforth, we repeat, consult your vet!

Do Large-sized Dogs Enjoy More Ice than Small to Medium Sized Dogs?

Almost all sized dogs love those small cubes of ice bursts that enlighten them so much. Larger breeds are known to be avid chewers overall. But hit an ice cube on the floor and any sized dog would jump onto getting the ice cube. Your dog’s preference is variable to the type of stuff that they have exposed to from an early age rather than a specific breed. If you have given ice to your furry friend from an early age, they are likely to be craving for it even when they grow up! It all depends on their habits and how they have been raised.

pooch licking ice

Other Ways to Cool Your Dog

  • Making an ice lick is a really cool recipe! But do keep an eye on how quick your dog licks the icy-cool treat and possibly slow him down. Plus take it away when you feel they have had enough of it.
  • Buy them a dog cooling vest. This will help to keep your dog cool and calm while you guys are outside.
  • Wet towel works wonderfully. Soak a towel in cold water and wrap it around your furry friend’s body that will help to keep them cool.
  • Observe your dog’s body temperature. Don’t get too worried and cool them down too much. Note that the ideal body temperature for your dog is 103 degrees.

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It’s a hot summer time and no doubt that you want to keep your furry friend cool and calm in all given situations. Swimming, relaxing under the shade or having something cool to eat or drink are absolute great ways of enjoying summer at its most. Make sure to keep your dog hydrated at all times, giving them enough water. You may throw in some ice cubes sometimes too, just don’t overdo it and you and your furry friend are good to go!


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