5 reasons why your dog is hiding

5 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Hiding?

Why is my dog hiding? You may be asking. You are probably reading this article because you have noticed your dog has been hiding a lot. First of all, there is no need to panic – not yet. A dog hiding is not uncommon, depending on what the reason is. Sometimes, our canine buddies just happen to find a comfortable and cozy place to snuggle and enjoy some alone time. After all, dogs cannot afford to book flights out of town for a weekend getaway. However, when a dog keeps hiding and makes a habit out of it, it is time for the alarm bells to go off. In this article, we will consider five reasons why your dog is hiding.

small puppy pug hiding in the box

1. Fear

Sometimes, a dog hiding under a bed can be pretty common. But one reason for this is fear. There are several things that can frighten your dog and send it dashing for cover under the bed – thunderstorms, strange people visiting, or even another animal that your dog is scared of. When a dog is scared, it looks for a spot in the house that it considers to be the safest. Why do dogs hide under the bed when they are scared? Because as long as your dog cannot see the source of its fear, it feels a little safe. Under the bed, the dog feels hidden and, therefore, safe. If this is becoming a habit, there are few things you can try. If it’s a thunderstorm, you can try turning on some music while treating your dog. You can also keep those scary strangers away from your dog or vice versa. You can also get your dog to see the strangers as friends by allowing them to give treats to your dog.

2. Sickness

Believe it or not, a dog hiding when sick is not an uncommon thing. Just like humans, dogs feel awful when they are sick. Humans tend to stay indoors and not want to see anyone. Dogs tend to hide (preferably under the bed) and not want to see anyone. Thus, one thing you should do to be sure that your dog is unwell is to look out for symptoms of ill health. These could range from lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting, even. If you are certain that your dog lacks in health, the first thing to do is to take it to the vet and get it examined immediately and treated. As soon as your dog begins to feel better, it will stop hiding.

3. Stress And Anxiety

Dogs can get emotionally worked up for several reasons. But, no matter what the reason is, the most common thing they do is hide. Unlike humans (well, most humans), dogs do not know how to deal with stress and anxiety. And, there are very few options that their mind can come up with except hiding. Things that can make a dog have anxiety or stress-related issues include abuse, pain, fear, and believe it or not, poor diet. Other factors include a change in environment it is comfortable with, a recent traumatic experience, the loss of another pet or a human it is very fond of, or a bully animal in the neighborhood. If the reasons have to do with the loss of someone or another pet or a traumatic experience, try and give it enough time to get over the experience. Constant reassurance and treats will also help a lot. If it has to do with pain or abuse, you have to make sure that it stops immediately.

4. Comfy

Remember the point about getting away for a while? Well, sometimes, a dog may find that one particular spot in the house where it feels comfortable. There is nothing wrong with that, and there is no reason to beat yourself up about it. You’re not a bad owner. Sometimes, your dog may just want to have some time by itself to…well, sleep without being woken up several times. This is especially true in a very busy house with so much noise and movement. Every dog is supposed to get several hours of uninterrupted sleep in a day. At certain hours, a dog’s body naturally signals for some rest. However, when the environment is very busy or noisy, uninterrupted sleep or rest can become a problem. And this will affect your dog’s health. Thus, when you realize that your dog always hides to get some sleep, it is important to ensure that you eliminate the factors that will interrupt its sleep. However, it is also important to rule out any symptoms of ill health first.

5. Treasure Hiding

Everyone knows (or should know) by now that dogs love to hide stuff they consider very important. It could be that piece of bone that they want to get back to later on. Usually, a dog hides stuff like a piece of bone in a shallow hole it digs at the backyard. However, sometimes, a dog may hide treasure inside the house at places it considers safe. A dog’s treasure can range from a piece of bone to its favorite toy. A dog can also hide that pair of socks or one slipper that it loves. The hiding places could be under the bed, the carpet or rug, or even behind the curtains. Thus, when you start noticing that your dog is often disappearing to a favorite location, be sure that some of your stuff is not disappearing with it. Again, there is nothing to be worried about in this case as it is a very common habit of dogs.

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Jack Russell Dog hiding in her bed

To Summarize

In a nutshell, there are a number of reasons why your dog is hiding. Some of the reasons are not serious, and you have nothing to worry about. Some other reasons should sound the alarm. But, in order to be sure that your dog is safe, always rule out ill health, pain, or stress and anxiety first. If you notice any symptoms of illness, do not hesitate to visit the vet for proper medical examination.

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    I lost my dog 2 days ago would it be possible that my dog might be hiding somewhere and eventually will come back

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