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Does My Dog Love Me? Learn to Spot the Signs

We all assume that our pets love us, why wouldn’t we, but how do we really know? By understanding the different behaviours our pets show, we can get a much better idea of how they are feeling, how they react with us when they’re feeling happy and secure. By understanding how our pets react in normal circumstances we are better able to understand when something is wrong and take the appropriate action to get our beloved pets back on top form. Here are some signs to look out for to reassure you that your beloved pooch loves you as much as you love him.

Making Eye Contact

If your dog makes eye contact with another dog this can be viewed as rude or aggressive, but if your dog is making eye contact with you this shows that he is comfortable with you and feels safe, you may even see your dog…


Some researchers believe that dogs have learned how to smile by watching humans and understanding that this gets a positive response. Know your dog and reassure other people at whom he smiles as seeing a dog with bared teeth could worry some people!

man and dog eye contact

He’s Calm When You Leave The House

This isn’t a bad sign; it shows great trust in you because your dog is saying that he knows that even though you’re leaving him alone, he knows you’re going to come back to him as soon as you can.

He Gets Excited When You Come Back

He hears the car pull up, or the sound of your voice and he barks and jumps around, you’re back and his trust in you was deserved and that you have done what you promised and come back to him!

excited dog to see its owner

Reacts Positively To The Sound Of Your Voice

If your dog comes when you call, he’s recognizing and reacting positively to the sound of your voice, it’s an obvious way to show affection as it shows you that you’re the most important thing to him at that moment. Make sure you give him a fuss and maybe a dog treat when he gets to you to show that his trust in you is well placed.

Wagging His Tail

Not all tail wagging is good, but if you see a whole body wag, with the tail at mid height (so pretty much in line with the spine), and – some experts argue – if the wag is particularly right-sided, this shows that your dog is pleased to see you. This might also be coupled with his ears being low and slightly back (another good sign).

dog wagging his tail

Checking In With You

When your dog loves you he ‘checks in’ with you on a regular basis. This could mean coming back to you when he’s off the lead and you are out, or looking for you in the house for a quick cuddle. This again shows you’re his best buddy and he’s making sure you’re still around and that you know he cares about you as much as you care about him.

excited dog to see his owner

He Likes The Way You Smell

Do you find your dog snuggling into a jumper or coat that you’ve taken off and not hung up or carrying one of your shoes or slippers about? This shows that he likes the way you smell. MRI scans of dog’s brains show their caudate nucleus lighting up when they smell the scent of those they love when compared to the scents of unfamiliar humans. This is the same reaction scientists see in MRI scans of human brains when people are shown photographs of their nearest and dearest. The fact that you can make your dog’s emotion centers lights up is a sure sign that he loves you.

dog smelling a man

Leaning Up Against You

To show he’s by your side and there for you, your dog will lean up against your leg to show you support. He’ll always be there for you, just like you’re there for him.

He Likes To Snuggle Up With You

Once again, just like your human nearest and dearest, when your dog likes you he enjoys snuggling up on the sofa with you for a cuddle. Encourage your dog to spend some quiet, social time with you building and consolidating that loving bond you have with each other.

snuggling with dogs

He Yawns When You Do

A dog that truly loves you will yawn when you do because, just like your human friends, it’s infectious.

yawning dog

He Wants To Sleep On Your Bed

Another product of liking your smell, he’ll love to snuggle up on your bed, possible even snuggle up to you when you’re asleep.

dog in human's bed

Bringing You His Favorite Toy

Because it’s nice to share your precious things with your closest friends, and your dog wants to know that you’re his best buddy.

dog getting his toy to human

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