Can Dogs Eat Jackfruit? And Should You Really Share?

Can Dogs Eat Jackfruit? And Should You Really Share?

In this article, we will look at jackfruit and assess whether or not it is safe for dogs to eat this particular tropical fruit. We will look at the different parts of the fruit and see how this can affect your dog’s health. Whether your four-legged friends have never touched this Asian delicacy or your dogs eat jackfruit already, we are confident you will find the information written in this article helpful!

Read on to discover more about dogs and jackfruit…

Introducing Jackfruit – What Exactly is This Exotic Fruit?

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Widely used in Southeast Asia and Central and Eastern Africa, the jackfruit has become a recent popular import to countries worldwide and has become a favorite among health-conscious individuals. It’s also super popular with vegans as it can add a plant-based meaty texture to dishes, and it makes a great meat substitute – it’s even used as a pulled pork alternative! Jackfruit pulp adds a different dimension to cakes and savory meals, and jackfruit chips – similar to banana chips and apple chips in texture – are a healthy snack packed with vitamin c and a far healthier alternative to potato chips! This fruit is healthy for humans but can dogs eat jackfruit? What happens when dogs eat jackfruit seeds and rind?

Let’s explore this further below…

Is Jackfruit Toxic for Dogs?

As a dog owner, it’s easy to see why our superfoods can be healthy to share with our four-legged friends, and a little dried jackfruit seems harmless, right? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as dogs have different digestive systems and genetic make-up, which means some food that has health benefits for us can be toxic and even fatal for dogs. So, what does the research say – should you feed your pup cooked or dried jackfruit, or should it be avoided at all costs?

Can Dogs Eat Jackfruit? 

Because this meat substitute is relatively new to the US and Europe, not many studies have taken place regarding whether or not dogs can eat jackfruit. Some foods are well known to be toxic for certain animals – for example, every dog owner knows that chocolate (even in small amounts) is highly toxic to dogs and can be fatal. Unfortunately, there have been few recorded incidents of jackfruit poisoning in dogs, so the jury is still out whether you can safely feed your pup jackfruit.

Speak to a Veterinarian…

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We always suggest speaking to a professional veterinarian if you are unsure whether or not something is safe for your pet. Please note, however, that if you ask the question – can dogs eat jackfruit? There may be different answers from different professionals! It isn’t widely known whether jackfruit is safe. Whether it’s unripe jackfruit, jackfruit chips, ripe jackfruit, cooked jackfruit, jackfruit rind, or jackfruit pulp, this new food could cause serious issues for your pup.

Feeding jackfruit to your dog…

There are several issues with jackfruit that are important to note. Firstly, jackfruit rind is hard and spiky. Is jackfruit safe for dogs when it has such a hard texture – in short, the answer is…probably not! Eating jackfruit could cause a choking hazard and an intestinal blockage. Many dogs eat everything! So your dog may treat the jackfruit as a chew toy, and although the jackfruit rind and flesh are packed with essential nutrients, the hardness of the rind is likely to be unhealthy for your dog’s teeth and gut. Digesting food correctly is important for a healthy dog, and the rind is almost impossible to digest. In short, don’t let your dog eat the rind!

Jackfruit allergic reactions…

The second thing to note is that even half a cup of jackfruit can cause allergic reactions in humans; therefore, it isn’t far reach to assume that this could have a similar effect on your four-legged friend. Humans that are allergic to Birch Pollen can also not tolerate jackfruit. Jackfruit flesh can also affect glucose levels in humans with diabetes, which can have similar effects on your pup.

Are Jackfruit Seeds Poisonous?

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As is often the case with closely related fruits and more common fruits, raw jackfruit seeds, and cooked jackfruit seeds are the most toxic part of the food. If you consider that an average-sized jackfruit can contain between 100-500 seeds, then it’s easy to see why raw jackfruit seeds are best avoided by dog owners. Can dogs eat jackfruit with the seeds removed?

Let’s look at the fruit in detail…

Is it Safe for Your Dog to Eat Jackfruit Meat?

If the raw jackfruit seeds have been removed, then is jackfruit safe for dogs? This is a common question for dog owners who want to know whether the jackfruit’s flesh is a safer option. Unfortunately, jackfruit meat can also cause issues for your dog.

The jackfruit has a substance surrounding the flesh called latex, and jackfruit latex can have the same effect on humans and dogs with a generic latex allergy. Allergic reactions to latex are often extremely serious. But as humans and dogs are different, it begs the question – can dogs eat cooked jackfruit? Unfortunately, dogs can have the same allergic reaction.

So, let’s look at the facts…

Is Jackfruit Safe for Dogs?

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In summary, these are the parts of the jackfruit that can cause issues…

  • Can dogs eat jackfruit rind? Jackfruit rind can be an issue for your dog as it is hard and spiky. This can cause an intestinal blockage if ingested and be unsafe for a dog’s stomach. Letting your dog eat the rind is not advised.
  • Can dogs eat jackfruit pulp and flesh? Even when the seeds have been removed, jackfruit meat and even cooked jackfruit can cause issues as it contains a substance called latex which can create the same allergic reaction as a latex allergy – which can be fatal in some cases. Dogs eating jackfruit pulp have been known to have issues, so it’s best avoided.
  • Can dogs eat jackfruit seeds? Even one small jackfruit seed is highly toxic, and a jackfruit contains hundreds and hundreds of seeds. They can grow very large and get lodged in your dog’s throat.

What to Do if Your Dog Eats Jackfruit 

If your dog ate a piece of fallen jackfruit or snuck some from your plate, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will have an allergic reaction, so the first and most important thing is not to panic! There’s evidence to suggest that dogs eating jackfruit is harmless, but as a dog owner, there is still a risk – even if they eat cooked jackfruit with the seeds removed.

If they have ingested jackfruit, then the most important thing to do is to call your local veterinarian, who will be able to advise accordingly. Despite the health benefits of jackfruit, we can’t say for sure that jackfruit is safe, and your pup may need to be taken to the clinic for observation.

Does your dog have jackfruit poisoning?

If you are unsure whether or not your dog has jackfruit poisoning, then look for the obvious signs of an allergic reaction. If your dog is vomiting or has diarrhea, this is a clear sign that the fruit had caused a negative reaction, and they should be taken to see a veterinarian immediately. On the flip side, little or no stools and lethargy can be obvious signs of poisoning, too – the key is to look for changes in behavior.

Healthy Alternatives to Jackfruit 

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You should only ever feed the dog food that you know is safe for their consumption – jackfruit chips from the local health store may seem like a harmless option, but it’s worth noting that not all mammals eat jackfruit – and this is because their stomachs don’t always react kindly to this fruit.

There are many foods and other fruits that we believe should be safe to share with our pets but are toxic and, in some cases, deadly. Garlic and lemon are toxic for dogs but super healthy for humans, but we have different digestive systems and break food down in completely different ways, so it’s never good to share our food unless we are 100% certain that the food is safe. Stick to healthy treats specially designed for dogs, and they can safely eat, and then you can be certain that you are giving them the very best for their health.


Is jackfruit safe for dogs, even if eaten cooked? The jury is still out, and even cooking jackfruit can cause a risk to your pup! There has been anecdotal evidence that jackfruit irritates dogs’ stomachs and can even cause poisoning, but there isn’t enough research to suggest that this is 100% the case with all dogs. The food science is still uncertain whether or not jackfruit is safe for your dog, but if your dog ate jackfruit, there shouldn’t be a reason to panic.

As a dog owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your dog eats a healthy diet, and although this superfood is safe for human consumption, the risk may be too high for you to give your dog jackfruit.

Things your dog shouldn’t eat…

  • Jackfruit rind
  • Jackfruit seeds
  • Jackfruit flesh

Not only are jackfruit seeds toxic, but the flesh and rind of this exotic fruit can cause reactions, too, so it’s a safer option not to feed jackfruit to your dog. There are plenty of other healthy and natural foods your dog can eat safely, which should not cause an allergic reaction. Speak to your local veterinarian for advice, and if in doubt, don’t feed your dog jackfruit. A dog’s stomach can be super sensitive, so it’s best to get to know your dog and see what type of food is perfect for the breed, as all dogs are different when it comes to food.

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