Sometimes, you may feel like your cat’s diet is a little boring and you want to take the opportunity to spice things up a little bit. There is no doubt that strawberries are a delicious and nutritious treat for us humans but can the same be said for cats. Well, that is exactly the question that we are going to look to answer in this blog post.

The short answer is yes, you can feed strawberries to cats as they are not toxic to them. However, you should only offer them in moderation. Fruit doesn’t need to make up a big part of your cat’s diet, so they don’t need to eat so many strawberries. But for an occasional snack, they are certainly a possibility to add to your list. Let’s get into more detail about this topic right here and now.

Cat sniffing the strawberry

Cats and Strawberries

For most people, they would not automatically think that strawberries are a good food for their kitty. But they are listed as non-toxic for both cats and dogs. An allergic reaction is possible, just as it is in humans, but it is usually mild. However, you should still watch them closely to ensure that there are no problems when you start introducing this fruit into their diet. Give a bit at a time and concentrate on whether any indicators of stomach upset are present.

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Bear in mind that many cats are fussy eaters, so your feline friend may not be instantly drawn towards eating what seems like quite a strange substance! Allow your cat to give them strawberry a sniff first. If they instantly recoil or try to run away, it is unlikely that you are going to be able to get them to enjoy it.

Health Concerns of Strawberries for Cats

Before you feed your cat anything, it is worth having a fuller picture of whether or not there are any health concerns to worry about. All fruit contains sugar, and too much of this is not safe for cats. A few of the issues that can arise include diabetes, tooth decay, and obesity. So, this means that you should only offer your kitty a limited amount of strawberries. Rather than a whole piece of fruit, a tiny slice is likely to be more than enough for them. Watch your cat to make sure that they don’t suffer from any allergic reactions or stomach upset. There is no point persisting if it causes them some trouble as they don’t require strawberries in their diet, so you don’t want to force the issue.

Cat and waffles with strawberries

Health Benefits of Strawberries for Cats

Strawberries are full of healthy substances including potassium, vitamin C, and folate. Cats produce the Vitamin C that they need in their own liver, but potassium can be beneficial in supporting the healthy growth of your cat and ensuring that all their muscles are functioning properly. As for the folate or folic acid, this helps in building new cells and metabolizing proteins, but they only require a tiny among. So, cats don’t need these nutrients directly from strawberries. But if they enjoy the taste, they provide something a little different to the usual cat treats.

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Fruit is packed with fiber, so there is some belief that it will help to treat or cure constipation in their animal. But there hasn’t been a huge amount of research in the area, so we can’t say conclusively one way or the other whether this is the case. If constipation is a problem for your cats, you shouldn’t necessarily turn to fruit as a solution. Instead, you should consult your vet to see if there is a better treatment plan that they can offer up.

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How to Serve Strawberries to Your Cat

Now, you need to know a little more about exactly how you can serve strawberries to your cat. As we talked about earlier, you shouldn’t give your cat too much as this will not be good for them. As a rule of thumb, you should feed your cat no more than half a strawberry once a day. Any more than this is likely to cause stomach upset due to the high sugar content. When sugar is not digested, it can cause lead to constipation in cats.

When you are feeding your cat strawberries, you should make sure that you prepare them properly. First, get rid of any stems and leaves from the berry as these could present choking risks. Just as when you eat the berries yourself, you should wash them to get rid of any dirt or pesticides that have been left behind. You shouldn’t feed your cat a whole piece of fruit – even if it seems quite small. Instead, it is better if you cut it up into smaller pieces.

Can I Feed My Cat Other Strawberry Products?

You should avoid giving your cat anything that contains strawberry flavoring such as jam or syrup as these are laden with even more sugar than the pieces of fruit themselves. If your cat accidentally eats any of these substances, it is likely that there will be some vomiting or diarrhea that comes afterward. It is also worth bearing in mind that cats don’t enjoy sugary food in the same way that we do, so your furry friend is unlikely to keep going back to sample these substances.

Cat sniffing a plate of strawberries

Final Thoughts

To sum up, cats can eat strawberries in small quantities, but you shouldn’t overdo it. Fruit doesn’t form a natural part of your kitty’s diet, so there is no need for them to eat too many sweet treats. However, the occasional piece of strawberry is fine from time to time, but you should watch your cat to ensure that they don’t experience any adverse reactions. If they do, you should discontinue feeding your cat any strawberries. Consult with your vet or a cat nutritionist if you would like some more information on the subject.

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