Yes, cats can eat eggs, as long as they are not raw and are reasonably portioned.

Cats are obligate carnivores that thrive on high-protein meat-based diet. Eggs carry a high percentage of protein. Therefore, if your cat is not allergic to eggs, you can include it in its daily diet. Since egg allergy is not common among cats, it could prove to be a good source that you could use to fulfil the daily protein requirement of your feline friend.

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Feeding Your Cat Eggs

Eggs form an essential part of human diet. But when it comes to pets, most owners wonder if it will prove to be as good a supplement for your feline friend. If cats do eat eggs, is it good for them?

As far as the eggs’ nutrition value is concerned, its benefits have been under the scanner time and again. The misconception regarding egg is that its high cholesterol is not good for the heart. However, studies have proved that heart attacks in humans occur not due to dietary cholesterol, but by the level of “bad” cholesterol that increases with overeating and insufficient exercise. Therefore, the thought regarding eggs causing heart attacks is nothing more than a myth and this food group is safe for human consumption.

Like human beings, dietary cholesterol causes no harm to your cat – it is as safe for felines as it is for humans. Therefore, cats can eat eggs and benefit from them too.

Why Cooked Eggs?

Do not serve raw eggs to your kitty. Felines are used to eating raw meat but raw eggs are not recommended because they might contain Salmonella bacteria. Its presence might cause your kitty to develop an aversion towards eggs and might also lead to health problems.

Egg white/albumin contains avidin, which is believed to bind biotin, or vitamin B7. Overconsumption of avidin might lead to biotin deficiency. But cooking breaks down avidin and this renders cooked eggs ideal for your kitty.

Likewise, an egg yolk contains all vital nutrients required for growth, due to which it is also referred to as the vessel of life. Just remember to cook it well before serving it to your kitty to avoid any health risks. Raw eggs may contain bacteria, such as Salmonella, E. coli and Campylobacter, all of which can infect cats. In sharp contrast, cooked eggs are a good treat for your cat.

Are Eggs Good for Your Cat?

Cats too suffer from heart diseases, and these could take the form of cardiomyopathy – either hypertrophic or dilated. The hypertrophic version is hereditary whereas the dilated form is due to insufficient taurine in the diet.

Though taurine supplementation in cat foods has minimized the risk of dilated cardiomyopathy, eggs are also a good source of this element. Taurine is an essential nutrient that ensures the well being of your cat. Besides enabling proper functioning of heart and eyes, taurine boosts the immune system of your kitty. So, do not hesitate, go ahead and feed your cat eggs because they are both nutritious and delicious.

Nutritionists consider the whole egg to be a good source of protein for animals. However, most cat owners feed only egg white to their pet, owing to this portion being an excellent source of easily digestible proteins and amino acids. Albumin is also low-fat and low in phosphorus and cholesterol.

Exercise Moderation

Safe that the egg is for your kitty, it is imperative that you do not give it in excess. Limit the serving to 1-2 eggs a day while ensuring that your kitty should not eat one complete egg in a single serving. Also, do not feed them eggs on a regular basis – once or twice a week, half an egg cut into bite-sized pieces would be fine for your kitty.

Usually cats require proper portioning, given its tendency to continue eating as long as its taste buds are not satiated. Often cats tend to overeat, and as a result suffer from discomfort and sickness. Therefore, be careful with portions when you serve egg to your kitty.

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Final Word

A pet owner must always take utmost care of his pet, particularly in terms of diet and health. Irrespective of whether you have a feline or a canine, ensuring a wholesome diet replete with the essential nutrients is one of the surest ways for your pet to enjoy good health.

To this effect, include eggs in your kitty’s diet but in moderate quantity. Eggs are an excellent source of protein, amino acids and all the other nutrients required for overall growth. They also serve as a superior source of taurine, a vital nutrient essential for the well being of your cat.

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