When your dog suffers an injury or has to undergo surgery, it is a stressful time. Unfortunately, dogs can worsen things and delay healing by excessively licking at the wound. You could use an Elizabethan collar (cone) to prevent this, but some dogs (and owners) found them distressing. A great alternative is an all-in-one suit, and we have been reviewing the best surgical suits for dogs to help you choose the best one.

A recovery suit fits over your dog's body and protects wounds on the trunk. They are also useful for skin conditions and hot spots and could even help with anxiety. Here are our top choices.

A Quick Overview of 10 Best Surgical Suits for Dogs

Bottom Line
Suitical Recovery Suit For Dogs
A tight-fitting surgical vest that protects wounds on the trunk that is easy to get on and simple to open for toilet breaks
Arm and leg wounds and hot spots would not be protected and it can be hard to interpret what size you should order
A well-designed and robust recovery suit that fits snugly and is made from breathable and machine washable fabric
IDOMIK Recovery Suit For Dogs
A comfortable and well-padded suit that allows easy access for toilet breaks and looks snug when worn
Not all dogs are happy about it being pulled over their head and some have been able to undo the straps at the back
This snug and comfortable recovery suit effectively protects wounds on the torso whilst allowing easy access for bathroom breaks.
Kuoser Recovery Suit
Plenty of choice of design to suit your dog's character and the fabric is warm and washable in a machine
The suit may be a bit too thick to be worn in hot climates and very careful measuring is needed to get the right size
A comfortable and snugly fitting recovery suit that protects the torso, is easy to open and has plenty of choice of colors and patterns
Dotoner Dog Surgical Suit
A soft cotton and spandex suit that fits snugly and has a top fastening design that is easy to get on
A permanent hole needs to be cut for a male dog to pee which may mean that they can access their wound after neuter surgery
This top fastening body suit is most suitable for female dogs and comes in sizes small enough to suit other animals such as rabbits.
After Surgery Wear E-Collar Alternative
Great for female dogs with abdominal wounds who have sensitive skin and the fit of the recovery suit can be adjusted with the laces
It has to be removed completely for boy dogs to pee which could be a nuisance and is not suitable for back or limb wounds
A very useful recovery suit for female dogs with abdominal wounds or for boy dogs if you don't mind having to take it off when they need a pee
Suitical Recovery Suit For Dogs - Pink Camouflage
The stretchy fabric of the recovery suit provides comfort and allows for movement and it can be 'snapped' out of the way for potty breaks
The fabric may not stand up to aggressive chewers as it is fairly thin and you have to reach under your dog to undo it when they need a pee
A comfortable recovery suit made from breathable fabric that effectively protects torso wounds and is available in many sizes
Surgi~Snuggly Dog Surgery Recovery Shirt
Made from breathable, comfortable material with flat seams and gently compresses your dog to help with anxiety
Not all dogs like the process of fitting it on them and some clever dogs can manage to get around it and get at the wound - getting the correct size is crucial
A good alternative to an E collar that soothes anxiety and protects wounds after neutering or spaying made from stretchy and breathable fabric
BellyGuard Dog Recovery Onesie
Snugly fitting and comfortable with convenient snaps that secure it in place but can be undone quickly for potty breaks
The dog's suit can come apart after a lot of vigorous washing and some long-nosed dogs have been able to get around it to reach abdominal wounds
A reasonably priced recovery suit for dogs that is easy to get on and can be adjusted to fit whilst making it simple for your dog to go potty
SAWMONG Recovery Suit
Dogs don't mind this being put on them, it is comfortable and does up at the back so the snaps are easy to access
For male dogs, you have to cut a hole in the suit so that they can pee and some owners may find you have to press quite hard on the snaps to close them
A fashionable and comfortable suit that looks great and is easy to get on your dog
HEYWEAN Dog Surgical Recovery Suit
A complete body suit that covers all the body and is comfortable and cool for dogs to wear all the time
May take longer to get this suit on your dog because all four limbs need to get in and it can roll down over the paws
The best option if you need to cover most of your dog's body and don't want to have to take it off for toilet breaks

1 Suitical Recovery Suit for Dogs

Suitical Recovery Suit for Dogs
Key features:
  • Fits over the entire dog’s torso
  • Suitable for surgery or wound treatment
  • Inner panel holds dog diapers for heat cycle or incontinence
  • Easy hold up system for potty breaks

Suitical have worked with vets to ensure that the design of their Recovery Suit is compatible with the anatomy and body shape of dogs. This means that your dog will be comfortable whilst the healing process takes place. The Suitical Recovery Suit is like a dog surgical vest that covers the trunk of the body but the limbs are free.

Because it comes in 10 different sizes, you can select the ideal one for your dog using the useful sizing chart. Dogs love the four way stretch fabric and the snug fit and the plain black color does not show up the dirt. Pet owners love the rear fastening design which makes it much easier to get on and off the dog. For potty breaks, there are snaps at the back that open up as part of the easy hold up system.

What others say about it:

This recovery suit is perfect. I have a six month old Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles/Poodle) who weighs a little over ten pounds. The X-small fits her like a glove. I got it for her to wear instead of an Elizabethan collar after she was spayed, and I am extremely happy with the purchase. The suit gives her full range of motion and completely protects her incision. She hasn’t tried to scratch or bite at herself at all since the surgery, and I actually think she feels safer and more secure while she is wearing it. I have been using this suit overnight since it’s a little troublesome having to unsnap it for her to relieve herself, but in spite of that, if I could only get one item for post-surgical protection for my dog, this would be it. Definitely get one if you’re considering it.

Read more buyer reviews at Amazon.com

  • Breathable fabric to keep pets comfortable
  • Machine washable and dries quickly
  • Soft bands around limbs and neck to stop access
  • Does up at the back
  • Does not cover limbs so not suitable for arm and leg wounds
  • Getting the right size can be tricky
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2 IDOMIK Recovery Suit for Dogs

IDOMIK Recovery Suit for Dogs
Key features:
  • Soft and durable fabric
  • Additional cotton padding on the belly
  • Fixes neatly out of the way for toilet breaks
  • Elasticated neck and sleeves

The cotton and polyester combination of the Idomik Recovery suits makes sure that your dog will be comfortable and safe during their recovery period. It’s strong enough to resist most biting and has elasticated bands around the neck and limbs to prevent access. It needs to be pulled over your dog’s head to get them into it.

Bathroom breaks are easy for both you and your dog because there is a rear section that unattaches and rolls up. It attaches via a ‘magic strap’ to the rest of the suit which holds it away from the pee. This prevents it from getting contaminated with urine which can be an issue for some dog recovery suits. It comes in an attractive blue and red design and is available in six sixes.

What others say about it:

Bought the L for 1 year old golden retriever for surgery and he wasn’t able to get to the stitches and the wound healed perfectly. Well made, and a trick we figured out to let him go outside we pulled the back flaps through his front legs and used Velcro to secure around his neck which kept it out of the way while he did his business.

Read more buyer reviews at Amazon.com

  • Soft thick fabric with additional belly protection
  • Elasticated bands at neck and limbs
  • Can be fixed out of the way for toilet breaks
  • Allows dogs to move around
  • You need to pull it over your dog’s head to get it on
  • Some dogs can undo the velcro straps
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3 Kuoser Recovery Suit

Kuoser Recovery Suit
Key features:
  • Protects wounds on the trunk
  • Can be used for females in heat cycles
  • Fastens at the back with velcro
  • Elasticated neck and sleeves

Kuoser have taken the basic design of a surgical suit and have added some additional features for their dog recovery suit. They offer one of the largest ranges of patterns and colors as well as six sizes. They adopt the velcro fastening that you see in many other recovery suits and have elasticated neck and front limb openings.

The fabric is 95% cotton which delivers breathability and comfort and the 5% spandex ensures a snug fit. An added bonus is that the suit is machine washable and is quite thick so it keeps your dog warm whilst they are recovering.

What others say about it:

This suit was perfect for my 4.5lb chihuahua in heat. She can move freely in it, and it covered what needed to be covered. Easy to remove and put on. Had tried regular doggie diapers and she didn’t want to even walk in them, and she kept somehow getting them off. This was the perfect solution to our needs! Would recommend!

Read more buyer reviews at Amazon.com

  • Thicker fabric to keep your dog warm
  • Spandex allows for plenty of movement
  • Machine washable
  • Wide range of colors and designs
  • May be too warm for hot climates
  • Need to be very careful with measurements to get correct size
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4 Dotoner Dog Surgical Suit

Dotoner Dog Surgical Suit
Key features:
  • Made from stretchy and light fabric
  • Does up along the back with snap buttons
  • Plenty of access for female dogs to poop and pee
  • Designated area to cut open for male dogs to pee

The Dotomer recovery suit has a lot going for it in terms of comfort. The combination of cotton and spandex gives comfort and four-way stretch so your dog can move around. Some owners may find it easier to put on because it does up at the back with snap buttons.

A female dog will be able to take a pee without any problem. However, for male dogs you have to cut a hole in the bottom of the suit. It’s available in four sizes (including a very small size suitable for rabbits) and several designs but has to be hand washed.

What others say about it:

Hi everyone! This was perfect for my mini Goldendoodle after being spayed. She wore this the whole time for recovery. I would 100% recommend this item to everyone! It is super soft and breathable. Not once was my pup uncomfortable.

Read more buyer reviews at Amazon.com

  • Snug fit with a four way stretch
  • Elasticated around the dog’s neck
  • Protects dog’s wounds on the torso
  • Top fastening design with snap buttons
  • Dog owner has to cut a hole for male dogs to pee
  • Hand wash only
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5 After Surgery Wear E-Collar Alternative

After Surgery Wear E-Collar Alternative
Key features:
  • Made from stretchy and light fabric
  • Does up along the back with snap buttons
  • Plenty of access for female dogs to poop and pee
  • Designated area to cut open for boy dogs to pee

Vetmedwear have designed a simple dog recovery suit but it has limited suitability. These recovery suits are ideal for female dogs that have had abdominal surgery. The open back of the suit will allow most female dogs to poop and pee with the suit on. However, for male dogs, you will have to take the suit off for them to have a potty break. Also, only abdominal wounds are protected because the dog will be able to access other parts of their body.

The recovery suit is very easy to get on but is attached with laces that need to be tied. An advantage of this is that you can adjust the fit yourself. The fabric is 100% pure cotton making it great for dogs who have sensitive skin. Also, the more open design prevents over-heating.

What others say about it:

This solution was a great alternative to an e-collar. It worked wonderfully for my Corgi after her spay. Her incision healed perfectly. I was glad I measured her and bought the recommended size (Large) – the fit was just right. Because she doesn’t have a tail, I found I needed to loop the last set of ties through the 2nd to last so that it kept enough tension on the back legs. She did somehow manage to wiggle a hind foot out once during the night so be sure to monitor your dog (always a good idea anyway.) This would probably not keep an extremely determined chewer at bay.

Read more buyer reviews at Amazon.com

  • 100% cotton and hypoallergenic
  • Fit can be adjusted using laces
  • Specially woven fabric to deter licking and biting
  • Nine sizes to choose from
  • Has to be taken off for a male dog to pee
  • Only protects abdominal areas
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6 Suitical Recovery Suit for Dogs – Pink Camouflage

Suitical Recovery Suit for Dogs - Pink Camouflage
Key features:
  • Hold up system for potty breaks
  • Ideal for post-neutering recovery
  • Comfortable and stretchy
  • Machine washable

If you are looking for a professional alternative to an e collar that is both comfortable and practical, these surgical recovery suits from Suitical will tick all the boxes. As you would expect they feature the cleverly designed hold up system so the suit does not get covered in pee or poo.

It is perfect for surgery recovery and useful for a dog recovering after spaying or neutering. All of your dog’s body is protected but the limbs are free. Thanks to the snug elasticated sections the suit fits well around the neck and legs. The cotton-lycra fabric is breathable, comfortable and machine washable.

What others say about it:

I’m so glad we purchased Suitical Recovery Suits for our Golden Retriever’s post-surgery care. The suit is pretty easy to get on her and she actually really likes it as it seems to make her feel secure. We didn’t want our baby to have the added discomfort of that awful plastic cone. She weighs about 67 pounds and the large fits just right. We purchased two so we could wash one and have one on her. The instructions say not to put it in the dryer but I did try the dryer on one of the suits using the extra low setting and it came out just fine. The suit has kept her incision clean and prevents her from licking the area…

Read more buyer reviews at Amazon.com

  • Fits snugly around a dog’s chest
  • Ideal for neuter surgery
  • Machine washable
  • Fabric is breathable and stretches
  • Some owners find the hold up system a bid fiddly
  • Fabric is quite thin
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7 Surgi~Snuggly Dog Surgery Recovery Shirt

Surgi~Snuggly Dog Surgery Recovery Shirt
Key features:
  • Designed by vets for neutering and spaying surgery
  • Helps to reduce anxiety
  • Opens up for toilet breaks
  • No buttons or zippers

Designed by vets, the Surgi-snuggly recovery suit is specifically for protecting wounds after spaying and neutering as an alternative to the elastic neck protective collar. Your dog’s wound will be effectively covered by the recovery suit so that it can heal.

The four-way stretch fabric gently squeezes on your dog’s body which reduces anxiety – this is very beneficial after surgery when dogs can feel anxious. The fabric is also breathable and helps to control odors. You can easily open up part of the suit for toilet breaks and to inspect wounds without having to take the whole thing off. Another advantage is that there are no fiddly buttons, zippers or snap buttons to worry about. It’s available in 14 different sizes and detailed measuring instructions are provided.

What others say about it:

This suit has been perfect for my dog’s recovery from spay surgery. It’s very comfortable for her and fits snugly so she can’t get to the stitches. Super easy to undo and roll up from the back for potty breaks too. So glad to have discovered this and no longer have to use the awful cones. Do get the size that fits snuggly. I bought 2 sizes and first used the larger one on her. She managed to squirm out of it during the night by pulling her back legs up into it and them pulling down. No problems once I put the size that is closer to the body on her. She really seems to like it!

Read more buyer reviews at Amazon.com

  • Gently compresses to help with anxiety
  • Easy to fold up for wound inspection
  • Available in many sizes
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Can be a struggle to get in on
  • Some dogs may be able to get around it and lick wound
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8 BellyGuard Dog Recovery Onesie

BellyGuard Dog Recovery Onesie
Key features:
  • Covers the whole torso
  • Comfortable and stretchy fabric
  • Folds out of the way for potty breaks
  • Integral pouch for pads

The fabric in the Bellyguard dog recovery suit onsie has all the properties needed to keep your dog comfortable and their wound safe. It’s stretchy, soft and strong and covers your dog’s entire torso.

Most dogs are perfectly happy for you to slide it over their head and then the surgical suit is fixed on at the rear. The surgical suit comes in seven sizes and has a built-in pouch to hold gauze pads. When your dog needs a potty break, the suit unclips and folds underneath them.

What others say about it:

I bought this for my chihuahua after her spaying. She seemed much more comfortable with this on than the post op shield/collar. I recommend buying more than one just in case it gets soiled. Also, make sure you fasten the snaps to the set that leaves the onesie the snuggest with comfort. When I left the snaps on the looser setting she was able to Houdini out of it.

Read more buyer reviews at Amazon.com

  • Snug fit which helps with anxiety
  • Five snaps hold it securely in place
  • Fit can be adjusted by using different snaps
  • Convenient for dogs to poop and pee
  • Do not stand up to a lot of washing
  • Can be loose if fastened with the outer snaps
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9 SAWMONG Recovery Suit

SAWMONG Recovery Suit
Key features:
  • Lots of lovely designs to choose from
  • Comfortable fabric that dries quickly
  • Snaps secure it along the back
  • Available in lots of sizes

Dog owners who are also fans of fashion will love the Sawmong recovery suit because it is available in so many lovely designs and colors. It’s also one of the easiest to put on – your dog simply steps into it and it does up along their back.

It is available in seven sizes and is made from polyester which is very stretchy. It’s also easy to wash and dries very quickly. For male dogs, you will need to cut a hole in the underneath so that they can pee.

What others say about it:

it’s comfortable, easy to put on and really cute. I got this a week or so before my dogs fixed to get him used to it and make sure it fits. Well I’m sure looking at my picture you can see what’s wrong. The bits he’s getting chopped are very easy for him to get to no covering at all. This is a med and he’s 12 scrawny pounds. I’ll try small and will update if it’s better. But good quality for your girls!

Read more buyer reviews at Amazon.com

  • Easy to put on your dog
  • Washes well and dries quickly
  • Comfortable and secure
  • Allows dogs plenty of movement
  • You have to cut a hole in it for male dogs
  • Snaps are quite hard to close
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10 HEYWEAN Dog Surgical Recovery Suit

HEYWEAN Dog Surgical Recovery Suit
Key features:
  • Covers the entire body
  • Useful for wounds near or on the limbs
  • Fabric stretches and is comfortable
  • Drawstrings to adjust the fit

This is the best dog recovery suit for you if your dog has a wound near or on their limbs. It covers the front and hind legs as well as the torso. The Heywean surgical suit is a full body suit which makes it slightly trickier to get on but it gives much better protection.

The fabric (95% cotton and 5% spandex) is both lightweight and comfortable. The butt area is open so that females can take a pee and there is an indicated area for you to cut a hole for male dogs. There are two drawstring adjustments so that you can get a snug fit. It’s available in eight sizes.

What others say about it:

Moved to a new house and my cat has been stress over grooming. He is a large breed, Maine Coon, and none of the “cat suits” are large enough to move comfortably. Thankfully found this brand and the XS fits perfectly! Very soft and flexible material, good quality stitching. Will be using this for the time being until he settles in more. Bonus: A thunderstorm rolled through and instead of hiding under a bed he didn’t even get up from the couch, was totally unbothered.

Read more buyer reviews at Amazon.com

  • Covers most of the body
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Comfortable and allows movement
  • Dog does not need to take it off to pee or poop
  • Harder to get on and ‘sleeves’ can cover the paws
  • Not robust enough for outdoor use
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Best Dog Surgical Suit: Buying Guide & FAQs

What is a Surgical Suit For Dogs?

A surgical recovery suit is an all-in-one outfit that acts like a full-body bandage worn by dogs for surgery recovery. It fits the entire torso, and some dog recovery suits also cover the limbs. The idea is that the would site is completely protected from excessive licking, which will slow down healing and introduce infection.

Many dog owners also use a body recovery suit to protect a hot spot (areas of localized inflammation), injury wounds, ointments applied to the skin that must not be licked off, and skin conditions.

Some can also be used with pads for female dogs during heat cycles or for older or ill dogs that are incontinent.

Benefits of Using a Dog Surgery Suit

A recovery suit works as a full-body bandage; here are the main benefits that they offer:

  • Protection. Wounds are completely protected from licking. Some suits even have a double layer of fabric on the abdomen where most surgery takes place
  • Comfort. A bodysuit will also keep a dog warm and comfortable. They have flat seams and are made from soft fabric.
  • Ease anxiety. Because most are made from cotton fabric and elastic material such as spandex, they gently hug your dog’s body which helps with anxiety.
  • Movement. One of the main issues with the cone of shame is that a dog cannot move around. It can even be hard for them to reach their food and drink bowls. A recovery suit gives them much more freedom.

Dog Recovery Shirt

What to Consider When Buying Dog Recovery Suits

Before you go ahead and order a recovery suit for your dog, check out our list of the things that you should consider.

Parts of the Body it Covers

A surgical suit can be a full-body suit or a recovery suit covering the torso. If your dog has a wound on their limbs, you must get a full body suit. If your dog has a wound on their torso, you could use either. However, bear in mind that some very determined long-nosed dogs can get around the torso suits to reach abdominal wounds. Therefore, the fit needs to be perfect to stop this from happening. On the other hand, a torso recovery suit is easier to get on, makes potty breaks less stressful, and allows complete freedom of movement.


You will need to take careful measurements and choose the most suitable size for your dog. The more sizes available, the better.

It will help you get a great fit. If the size you want is not available, don’t buy it! Suits that are too tight will restrict blood flow and be very uncomfortable. Suits that are too loose will not work, and your dog will be able to get at their wound.


Look for fabric that has a good combination of softness, breathability, and stretch. If it hugs your dog’s body quite firmly, it can also help with post-surgery anxiety. Flat seams are great, there should be no sharp fasteners, and they should allow plenty of movement.


Will your dog wear out the recovery suit? This should not happen. They should be able to stand up to a certain amount of licking and biting. Some have a double layer on the abdomen to give added protection to abdominal wounds.

The suit should also withstand a lot of washing as it can get quite messy.


Recovery suits can fasten using laces, snaps, velcro, or zippers. This is a matter of personal preference. Zippers are generally very secure but can work their way loose and can be quite fiddly to do up until you get used to them. Laces take quite a long time to do up and are quite fiddly. Snaps are quick and easy, and so is velcro, but some owners have concerns about how secure velcro fastenings are.


You can expect any suit for dogs to get quite dirty. Therefore, the suit needs to be washable. A top tip is to buy two suits to be in the wash while the other one is being worn. We didn’t do this and had to put our dog back in a cone while we washed and dried his suit in a big rush!

Suits that can be machine washed are more convenient than those that have to be hand-washed.

Access for Toilet Breaks

This is often overlooked when dog owners buy surgical recovery suits for dogs, but it is one of the most crucial features. Suits that have to be taken off for toilet breaks are problematic because as soon as the suit is off, most dogs will immediately try to lick their wound and forget that they need a pee or a poop.

Flaps that open up on the underside are a better idea. We had one with a zipper which we were worried about initially because we were concerned that we might get our dog’s skin stuck in it. After a day or so, we were more comfortable using it. Snaps and velcro are popular. A brilliant design feature is to tuck the flap away from the body, which ensures that your dog does not get poop or pee on it.

Is a Surgical Suit Better Than a Cone?

For some dogs and some injuries, yes, they are. We found that our dogs much preferred them because it gave them complete freedom to run around without bumping into things. However, some other reviewers have found that the suit stretched, and their dog could get at a wound. This is why correct sizing is so important.

Even the best dog recovery suit cannot protect a would on the lower limbs or paws, but some cones can. Also, some dog owners find it a bit fiddly to have to undo flaps when their dog needs bathroom breaks. We got the hang of it quite quickly, but our dog did get pee on his suit quite often, which meant it needed to be washed daily. This would not be an issue with a cone!


  1. Patty Khuly, DVM, My top 10 solutions for post-surgical complications in pets – Pet MD


Yes, recovery suits are approved by vets for use after neuter surgery and for healing wounds on a dog’s trunk. Provided they are of a good quality and fit correctly, a full body suit will effectively protect wounds and hot spots. They are less effective than an e collar at protecting wounds on the limbs. This is because the cone covers a pet’s entire head and makes it very hard for them to lick anything!

The only problem is that they give your furry friend complete freedom to run around. Sometimes, your vet needs your dog to stay still for a few days after surgery to give the healing process a chance to work. If they run around too much too soon after surgery, a dog’s wound may even open up. Also, some very aggressive chewers who are very determined could chew through the fabric in time. We have not heard of this happening but it could be done in theory.

After neutering surgery, we opted to use an Elizabethan collar for the first few days after surgery and then transferred to a dog surgical suit.

This has been tried by many owners with varying degrees of success. It is likely that you will need to make some alterations to the shirt to get rid of excess fabric so that you achieve a snug fit.

It must fit securely around a dog’s neck and around the limbs. If not, it will not work properly. Also, the material will not be as stretchy or as durable. Our recommendation is to purchase a specially designed surgical suit for dogs.

It depends on the design of the recovery suit. Some have a flap that can be opened up for both male and female dogs to pee. The flap may be secured with velcro or it may be a zipper. Zippers make you feel more confident that they are secure but they can be fiddly. In testing, we found that we got used to the zipper in a couple of days.

You may also have a recovery suit that has to be taken off when your dog wants a pee. This can make looking after them more stressful for owners. If you are not sure if your dog needs to pee or not you may end up taking the surgical suit on and off many times a day.

It is very important that the surgical suit fits your dog properly if it is going to be a professional alternative to the traditional E collar that vets usually provide. The recovery suit should be provided with a size chart so that you can match your dog’s dimensions with the correct size. There are usually at least four sizes to choose from and some suits have up to nine.

You will need a measuring tape to measure to record your dog’s length (from the base of the neck to the base of the tail), chest (around the body just behind the front leg), and your dog’s weight. Some manufacturers provide useful diagrams to explain exactly where the measurements should be made.

You would expect a recovery suit for dogs to get a bit messy! We found that our dog managed to get pee on his even though we tried to tuck the opening out of the way. Buying two suits is a good idea so one can be worn whilst the other is in the wash.

Most can be machine washed and because they are made of light fabric, they dry quickly. However, some can only be hand washed.

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