The Best Dog Knee Braces (Review) in 2021

Last Updated July 2, 2021

Just like us, dogs can suffer from a range of knee problems – from simple sprains, to torn ligaments, to arthritis. No one wants to see their pooch suffer, and it’s easy to feel helpless when they’re hit by this kind of injury. Luckily, the canine knee brace is here to help.

These non-rigid braces are designed to support the knee, improving mobility, and helping injuries to heal. With cases of ligament damage, some veterinary professionals may even suggest a brace as an alternative to conventional surgery. If you think your pooch could benefit from a knee brace, read on, as we run through the top 10 options on the market right now, and answer some common questions about these useful medical devices.

The Best Dog Knee Braces


labra dog knee braces
Labra Dog Knee Braces

The first doggie leg brace to make our list is this effective yet affordable option by Labra. Although it isn’t a dog knee brace specifically, the comfortable wrap works to support the leg as a whole, which does help to take pressure off the knee – as well as the ankle.

The dog leg brace is ideal for four-legged friends who suffer from arthritis, and minor leg injuries. It’s made from sturdy yet flexible neoprene, which stabilized the rear leg without compromising on flexibility. It’s easy to use, and comfortable to wear, improving your pet’s mobility in the face of joint issues. Owners found that this veterinarian-approved brace made a real difference, significantly improving their dogs’ mobility. Labra products can be found in veterinary offices throughout the US. The brace is available in four different sizes, so there’s something to fit pooches of all statues.

Canine leg brace provides support for dogs with joint issues

Neoprene wrap design is comfortable to wear

Supports the rear leg without compromising on flexibility

Easy to use

Veterinarian approved

Ideal for supporting dogs with arthritis and leg injuries

  • Brand: Labra
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces


agon dog knee braces
Agon Dog Knee Brace

The next dog knee support option on our list is this comfortable knee brace by Agon. Made from flexible neoprene, the brace supports your pooch’s knees without restricting their movement. It’s ideal for providing support and stabilization, as well as protecting the joint from sustaining further injury.

Thanks to its smooth, mesh fabric, the brace is easy to wear, and won’t chafe your dog’s skin. With its simple velcro fastening, it’s to adjust the brace so that it fits snugly onto any pooch’s leg. Agon’s brace has been clinically proven to reduce pain and chronic inflammation, helping to keep your dog comfortable, improve their mobility, and assist the healing process. The brace is perfect for larger breeds, such as labradors, Alsatians, and German shepherds. It’s available in two different sizes.  Owners say that it fits snugly, and significantly improves stability.

Wrap-around knee-brace for dogs

Made from durable but flexible neoprene

Supports the knee without restricting natural movement

Smooth mesh fabric is comfortable against dogs’ skin

Velcro fastening allows it to fit snugly on any canine leg

Clinically proven to reduce pain and inflammation

Ideal for larger breeds: available in Large and Extra-large sizes

  • Brand: Agon
  • Model: gon
  • Weight: 1.12 ounces


NeoAlly have also earned a spot on our list, with their set of joint sleeves. The sleeves can be used as arthritis support, ACL braces, or to aid in sprain recovery. The angled design has been cleverly crafted to match your dog’s natural geometry, so they’re guaranteed to fit your pooch comfortably, and remain in place.

 Each sleeve is made from premium quality neoprene, which provides stabilizing support, without restricting movement or pinching the skin. Velcro straps make each brace easy to fit snugly, while a series of reflective stripes ensure your canine companion is seen at night. This veterinarian-approved product includes a 30 day money back guarantee, and owners say it provides injured and arthritic pets with real, lasting relief. With five sizes to choose from, you’re sure to find something that fits your dog.

Made of premium quality nylon and neoprene; strong and soft

Four reflective velcro straps for secure and easy wear

Lightweight, flexible and breathable and provides optimal compression to dog rear leg and hock joints

  • Brand: NeoAlly
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces


This dog ACL brace by Kruuse is the next option to make our list. It’s designed specifically for canine knees, providing the support and stabilization your dog needs when recovering from a leg injury or living with arthritis. The brace comes in two different configurations – right and  left – as well as eight different sizes. No matter the size of your dog, or which of their rear legs is affected, Kruuse have you covered. Velcro fastenings allow you to adjust the fit so that your dog is snugly covered, too.

The brace sits a lot higher on the leg than many other options on the market, allowing it to relieve pain in the knee specifically. Despite its stabilizing properties, the brace is suitably elastic, making for comfortable wear and unimpeded movement. Owners say that the brace can make a huge difference to dogs who have sustained ACL injuries, strains, or arthritis.

Dog knee brace available for right or left leg, and in 8 different sizes

Relieves pain and inflammation in the knee

Provides support to the leg joints

Made from a sturdy yet flexible fabric

Ideal for supporting dogs with ACL injuries, strains, arthritis, and other leg issues

  • Brand: Kruuse
  • Model: KR279858
  • Weight: 2.4 ounces


All the braces on our list so far have been tailored to your dog’s rear legs – so what about the front? GNIKS have stepped in to redress the balance, with their wrap-around leg braces, designed specifically to support your pet’s front legs.

The lightweight design of the brace makes it easy and comfortable for dogs to wear – even for longer periods of time. The smooth nylon material is robust enough to provide adequate support, but flexible enough to avoid impeding movement. These great value front leg braces are perfect for dogs struggling with arthritis or leg injuries.

Pair of front leg brace for dogs

Easy to use wrap-around design

Provides support and stability to the front legs without impeding movement

Soft fabric is comfortable for dogs to wear

Excellent value for money

Available in small and large sizes

  • Brand: GNIKS
  • Weight: 1.44 ounces


agon knee braces for dogs
Agon Dog Rear Leg Joint Wrap

Making their third and final entry on our list is Agon, with this sturdy wrap-around leg brace. The therapeutic brace helps dogs to recover from surgery or injury, by supporting the joints in their rear leg. It’s also great for arthritic dogs, offering the stability they need to walk more comfortably.

Made from neoprene sponge and rubber fabric, the brace is soft and comfortable to wear, without compromising on the support it offers. The clever design has been clinically proven to reduce both pain and inflammation, helping your pooch on the road to recovery. The versatile brace is perfect for covering cuts and wounds, too. Simply wrap the affected area in a bandage before applying the brace, to protect it from licking and biting. Agon’s canine leg brace is available in three different sizes, each of which features four adjustable velcro straps, making it easy to achieve the perfect fit.

Rear leg brace for dogs, available in 3 different sizes

Supports your dog as they recover from leg injuries

Provides better stability and comfort to dogs suffering from arthritis

Can also be used to protect wounds on a dog’s leg

Made from soft but supportive neoprene

Comfortable for dogs to wear

4 velcro straps help you to achieve the perfect fit

  • Brand: Agon
  • Weight: 2.4 ounces


If your dog needs even more support, you could consider WalkAbout’s canine knee brace. The brace consists of a supportive sleeve, which can be attached to a chest halter for additional stability. The sleeve itself consists of neoprene, which supports and stabilizes your dog’s leg. It’s ideal for supporting dogs who have suffered knee and joint injuries, as well as older pets who have developed arthritis.

Although a chest halter is not included with this brace, it does come with a suspender which sits across the dog’s hips, helping to keep the sleeve firmly in place for as long as it’s required. Because the brace is available in a huge array of sizes, and held in place with adjustable straps, you’re sure to find an option that fits your pooch perfectly.

Rear knee brace and suspender for dogs

Ideal for supporting dogs suffering from arthritis or joint injuries

Constructed from sturdy but flexible neoprene

Brace can be easily attached to a chest halter for additional support (sold separately)

Available in a large variety of sizes to suit any dog

Adjustable straps hold the brace firmly in flace

  • Brand: WalkAbout
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces


AGON Dog Canine Front Leg Brace

AGON Dog’s leg brace is a versatile piece of dog first aid kit as it not only acts as a support but can also help to protect any wounds. Made from neoprene and nylon, this leg brace is sized to support the knee and is ideal not only for injuries but also as a support back up for long-term conditions such as arthritis. It wraps smoothly around the leg and is secured with three adjustable straps to keep it stable and comfortably in place. A mesh inner panel then enables your dog’s skin to breathe, making this brace a good choice for regular use, if your dog must rest or needs time to heal. Designed for helping with arthritis and other degenerative conditions, the AGON Dog leg brace can also be used to support ligament and knee injuries as well as during post-operation recouperation.

Protective brace for canine front legs

Made from 70% neoprene/30% nylon

Three adjustable straps for comfort

For injury rehabilitation or leg support

Ideal for supporting dogs with arthritis

Available in three sizes

  • Brand: AGON Dog
  • Model: agondoglxl
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces


IN HAND Dog Leg Brace

Designed for the front legs, this two-pack neoprene leg brace from In Hand is good value for money and are sized to fit most dogs. Flexible and soft, the brace also acts as a compression brace to support healing by increasing blood flow to the injury site. Easy to fit, thanks to the adjustable Velcro straps, these leg braces are also sturdy enough to provide limb support for senior dogs who suffer from arthritis or are prone to injury. The straps are reflective too, for visibility and when removed the whole brace is easy to wash. Kind and soft on the skin, your dog should not be irritated by the In Hand leg brace, giving him a better chance to find his feet back to health.

Good value two-pack therapeutic braces

Designed for use on front legs

Compression action to help healing

Three adjustable straps for stability

Supports conditions such as arthritis

Easy to fit and wash

  • Brand: In Hand
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces


Designed to comfortably wrap around your dog’s front leg, this knee brace helps to prevent any future injuries occurring. Two metal spring strips provide plenty of strong support to help your dog in their regular movement. Balance and stability are two of the other qualities which this brace promises to improve.

Each and every one of these braces comes with three reflective Velcro strips. It is important that there are this many as they help to stop the brace from sliding down or moving around and not offering the same level of support. The material used is high-quality neoprene, which has the positive qualities of being flexible, soft, and shockproof. You can choose between a couple of different size to suit your four-legged friend. Obviously, getting this right is highly important is ensuring that your pooch experiences the maximum benefits from it.

Designed to fit comfortably around your dog’s leg

Metal spring strips offer ample support

Three reflective Velcro strips keep it in place

High-quality neoprene material used

  • Brand: IN HAND
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces

Best Dog Knee Braces Buying Guide

These 10 braces represent the best on the market right now, and we’re confident that there’s something on our list to meet every pooch’s need. To help you decide, and get the most out of your new brace, we’ve put together this handy buying guide.

Below we discuss what to look out for when buying a knee brace for your dog, and how these handy devices could benefit your pooch.

dog hurt knee

What to Look for in a Dog Knee Brace

When it’s time to select a knee or leg brace for your dog, look out for the following features:

  • A Snug Fit

With the best will in the world, a canine knee brace simply won’t fit if it’s the wrong size. For this reason, it’s important to measure your dog before you invest in one. Most manufacturers make braces in a variety of sizes, so you’re sure to find one that works for your pet. It’s also a good idea to choose a brace specifically designed for whichever leg is affected – rear leg braces offer a slightly different fit than their front leg counterparts.

  • Support

Providing support to tender joints is the main function of any canine leg brace, so it’s important to select one that’s up to the task. Look out for multiple straps, as this ensures the fit is snug enough to provide the stability required. It’s also a good idea to choose a brace which has been veterinarian approved.

  • Comfort Features

Your dog’s comfort is important, and the design of a leg brace can hugely influence it. Look out for a brace with a soft coating, that won’t pinch or chafe against your pet’s skin, and remember to remove the brace for a while every few hours so your dog’s leg can breathe.

  • Neoprene

One of the best materials for a canine leg brace is neoprene. Best known as the fabric that wetsuits are made from, neoprene is tough enough to stabilize your dog’s leg but soft enough to keep them comfortable.

Benefits of Using a Dog ACL Brace

One of the most common injuries sustained by dogs is damage to their cranial cruciate ligament (CCL). This ligament is analogous to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) found in humans, so these injuries are often described as ‘ACL’ conditions, even though this is technically inaccurate.

The CCL ligament connects the back of your dog’s femur (the bone above their knee) to the front of the tibia (the bone below the knee). The CCL keeps the tibia in place, and stabilizes the knee joint. When a dog’s CCL is damaged, they may limp, and the area may become swollen. Some dog breeds are more prone to CCL injuries: Labradors, NewfoundlandsGerman shepherdsrottweilers, and golden retrievers are all more likely to sustain these injuries than smaller breeds. Obese dogs are also at risk because of the increased strain their surplus weight puts on the ligament.

These injuries can vary in severity – many will heal on their own given time, and others will require surgery or other treatment. One relatively new form of treatment is the CCL leg brace (often referred to as a canine ACL brace).

Treating a torn CCL with these braces has a number of benefits:

  • They promote accelerated healing of minor CCL injuries
  • They help dogs to keep the weight off their injury, preventing exacerbation
  • They improve dogs’ mobility while they heal
  • They provide a non-invasive alternative to surgery where this isn’t an option
  • They are a cost effective way to improve your dog’s overall quality of life
  • They help injured dogs to exercise again, keeping weight gain at bay
  • They’re versatile enough to double up for other applications, such as wound protection

Can a Dog’s ACL Heal Without Surgery?

Whether or not a CCL injury can repair itself without surgery depends very much on the severity of the damage. In general, smaller dogs, weighing under 30 pounds, are much more likely to make a full recovery without surgical intervention.

If the CCL has only been partly torn, it’s likely to improve, or completely heal, on its own. However, the damage still has the potential to lead to spurs, arthritis, decreased range of motion, and pain. Using a knee brace will help to relieve pressure from the ligament, reducing the risk of these conditions as it heals.

With more severe CCL damage, your veterinarian might recommend surgery. In this instance, a brace could still assist with the post-op recovery process, by easing pressure on the affected area.

dog in knee brace

Our Top Pick

For us, Labra’s comfortable and versatile leg brace is the best option if your dog’s rear leg could use some stability. Its extra supportive design cradles the leg, providing relief from arthritis and a range of joint injuries, improving your dog’s quality of life and mobility.

The wrap-around brace is available in four different sizes, allowing it to fit practically any dog. It also features four adjustable straps, making it simple to achieve a snug fit. Because the brace is made largely from neoprene, it’s supportive without being abrasive, and dogs will find it comfortable to wear, even for long stretches of time. Overall, this vet approved brace is a great way to help your dog get up and about, no matter what.

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