The Best Automatic Fish Feeders (Review) in 2021

Published June 9, 2020

While cats and dogs remain to be the most popular companions for people around the world, it might not be possible for everyone to own one practically. There comes the third most popular pet after cats and dogs; fish. Your busy schedule may not allow you to own a fish either due to the fact that you won’t be able to feed your fish on time or if you leave food, they might overeat.

Feeding your fish becomes even more challenging when you have a job that needs you to go out of town every other week and you have no one to depend on who would take care of your fish. Although your trauma of coming home and finding your beloved goldfish belly up in his bowl is not what you would look forward to, that’s where you want to start. You may go ahead with that office trip or vacay and let us bring to you the best automatic fish feeders as listed below!

The Best Automatic Fish Feeder


Manufacturing aquariums and aquarist equipment for more than 55 years, Eheim is a leading brand. Introducing so many useful accessories for your fish, the Eheim automatic fish feeder provides utmost convenience for the pet owners as well as the fish. This uniquely designed device is determined to make your life as a pet owner easier and happier.

The device is designed for ever day use, ideal for both freshwater and marine fish. Use this device to feed your fish, turtle, frogs, and newts. The integrated fan helps you to keep the fish food dry, while the adjustable slider helps you to choose the portion of food. If you want to feed your fish besides the schedule, all you have to do is simply press the release button and it turns once giving the necessary amount of food that your fish needs. When it comes to holding food, it can accommodate 6 weeks of food, which comes in very handy and never having to worry about who’s feeding your fish when you’re away.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your aquarium is, Eheim fits into any fish tanks and is relatively easy to set-up and use. All these qualities make this device an essential to your aquarium, paving its way to becoming the best automatic fish feeders. With its use, you are now free to go on vacays, not having to worry about your pet fish. In short, this device is reliable, simple and effective, working great for your home.

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Colour combination of black and grey colour

Dispenses up to 8 feedings a day

Runs on two AA batteries

Water-proof buttons with an LCD screen

Ventilation system to keep the food dry

Slider to adjust the food portion

  • Brand: Eheim
  • Model: 3581090
  • Weight: 9.4 ounces


With the use of this device, be sure that your fish will continually grow in your absence. Holding up to 14 different types of meals, the device can be programmed to feed your fish 4 times a day, whilst maintaining the portions that your fish won’t be overfed. And guess what? The device does all of that automatically, once you program it to work it that way.

Fish Mate F14 takes care of your business fine and dandy, with its extremely simple automatic fish feeding technology. The easy-to-set quartz clock is reliable and very accurate that wouldn’t give out at any point. As the pet owner, you just need to make sure of the feeding hours and the times you would want to feed your fish. Generally, if you use flake types of food for your fish, substitute it with granular or pelleted food in humid conditions.

When using Fish Mate F14, ensure that the fish food is kept dry due to the machine’s moisture deterrence technology being absent. You can do this by having a separate air pump, which blows dry air across the fish feed, eliminating moisture. Depending on the size of your aquarium, mount it on top of it or on the glass edge with the brackets provided, but be sure Fish Mate F14 is not suitable for outdoor ponds.

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Black colour


14 individual meals in your absence

No danger of overfeeding

Timer technology can feed up to 4 meals a day

Runs on 1 AA battery for over 1 year’s continuous use

  • Brand: Fish Mate
  • Model: 207
  • Weight: 6.6 ounces


Serving since 2015, NICREW comparatively is one of the best in pet supplies. Effortlessly, the NICREW Moisture-proof Automatic Fish Feeder can feed your fish up to 5 times a day, right on the timetable that you would set. It is totally adjustable to the portion of food to be dispensed. You can choose between single, double or triple feeding each time. In short, it’s the most ideal fish food dispenser!

The moisture-resistant technology with an integrated fan and ventilation keeps the food dry and fresh, accommodating flakes, pellets, and crumbles or any other type of food you prefer for your fish. For your convenience, press the “M” button to manually activate the rotation of the container and once you’re done configuring automatic mode, you can still feed them manually whenever you want, by again pressing the “M” button.

You can always install it using the bracket fits provided in the kit to mount it on top of your aquarium.

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Black colour

Moist-proof system

Regulating food dispenser

Easy to read LCD display

Manual & automatic feeding

2 AA batteries powered

Feed as many types of food

Simple to install

  • Brand: NICREW
  • Model: AF-013
  • Weight: 9.6 ounces


Bring comfort and cleanliness for the next 14 days for your fishes with this API 14-Day Pyramid Fish Feeders. Over 50 years of expertise in helping fish owners achieve higher water quality and keeping fishes in good physical shape, API makes aquarium maintenance easier. This 14-day Pyramid Fish Feeder is able to feed 5 – 10 average sized fishes in an aquarium containing 37 litres of water for 14 days. It comprises of nutritional food pellets, which release slowly with time as the pyramid dissolves in water. Made with superior quality nutritional elements, it is safe to feed all tropical, cold water and marine fish when you’re away for fourteen days. The natural ingredients meet the nutritional requirements of all aquarium fishes.

Your fishes are going to be happy and colourful, while you’re away from home, with the proper nutrient levels included in the pyramid. It would also produce less waste and reduce stress and toxins for your fish. Requiring no installations and simple to use, API is definitely a great substitute for your fish’s food while you’re away.

White colour pyramid shaped

Long Lasting

Keeps the water fresh

Nutritional and healthy feed for fishes

Dissolves over time

Works wonder in filtered and aerated aquariums

  • Brand: API
  • Model: api
  • Weight: 4 ounces


Enhance your automatic feeding experience with ADA that is made of 100% high-quality materials. The good part is, you can use it for other pets too. Those pets that are fed with dried bait or granular baits. So, by investing in this automatic aquarium feeder, you would actually be investing in a multiple pet food accessory. Although, pellets and large blocked-shaped baits may sometimes be a reason for clogging.

This device can be adjusted to the capacity of feeding in 8 grades by placing the switch on the food container. Your pets will surely be fed on time every day without any doubt. The device comes in two colours like black and yellow. The device has both auto and manual options, whereby, if you press the “manual” button, you have to feed your fishes manually. Whilst if you press the “auto” button once, the light named 24hr will be on. In that case, the feeding starts immediately and restarts after 24 hours. If you press it one more time, the light named 12hr would be on, meaning that the feeding starts immediately and restarts after 12 hours.

The auto feeding option stops if you press the “auto” button again when both lights will also be off. Screw and fix the automatic fish feeder on the edge of your aquarium with the use of plastic screws or you may also stick the feeder on a suitable position by sticking two velcros on the bottom of the feeder and it will work wonders!

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2 colours; black and yellow

Made of plastic

Auto and manual mode

2 AAA batteries

  • Brand: ADA
  • Weight: 8.8 ounce


Looking for a pond fish feeder? Fish Mate P21 is your solution to happy holidays while your fishes are also happy and content in their pond being fed on time with the perfect quantity. What makes it so much efficient is that it is fully waterproof so you may mount it on a pole by the edge of the water or even suspend it over water. However, it is important to note that it is not to be immersed in water, which may invalidate guarantee of the product. Adjust the feeding quantity and timing for all types of pond foods.

This pond fish feeder will gradually dispense 1 portion of food each day over a time span of several hours, for up to 21 days, keeping your fishes active and risk-free of overfeeding. For larger ponds, Fish Mate P21 is a great choice, providing 3 years manufacturers guarantee for the device.

Combination of black and grey color


Runs on 1 AA battery for continuous 1 year

Perfect for large aquariums and small ponds

Feeds up to 21 days in your absence

  • Brand: Fish Mate
  • Model: P21 AN00211
  • Weight: 1.3 pounds


PROCHE Digital Automatic Fish Feeder brings you the best as it is effective and simple as they come. This automatic fish feeder’s function is admirable. You can precisely choose the amount of meal to be discharged, which adds a great deal of flexibility to the way your fishes are fed.

Depending on how you want to feed your fishes, you can customize it accordingly. But keep it in mind that the least possible setting for the automatic fish feeder is once a day. Many fish feeders facilitate the number of times you want to feed your fish a day, while PROCHE has the advantage of controlling the quantity of food to be discharged in a day!

The device is truly a great stuff, especially if you have small cichlids that need to be constantly fed to grow up quickly. It comes with 2 AAA batteries that can last up to 6 – 12 months easily.

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Available only in black colour

Easy Control

LCD screen makes installation easier

4 feeding times each day with 1 – 2 rotations per time

2 AAA batteries

More flexible options

  • Brand: PROCHE
  • Model: PRO-E
  • Weight: 8 ounces


Compactly designed with high rigidity plastic, AQQEF Automatic Fish Feeder allows some space in the fish tank. Requiring minimal installations, you just need to adjust it using the screws. The container of up to 150ml ensures that there is more than enough meal for your fish in this automatic fish feeder.

Fit a wide variety of food to meet your fish’s nutrient needs with the customizable food outlet. The dust-proof configuration helps keep the fish food dry and clean. The AQQEF Automatic Fish Feeder is a genuinely well packed and easy to program device. All you have to do is, set the present time up to five other feeding time and quantity that the device should discharge. Be worry-free that the food will effortlessly mount to the side of your aquarium providing your fish with the necessity.

This device is certainly a worthy investment. It enables you to set a time for your fish to be fed every day without having you to be at home, making you feel good as a fish owner. Definitely a value for your money!

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Full black colour

2 AA battery powered

Adjustable food outlet (0.7 – 0.55 inches)

Compact design

Easy installation

5 feedings a day up to 3 cycles for different feed quantity

Both manual and auto mode available

Warranty within 24 months

  • Brand: AQQEF
  • Weight: 10.4 ounces


If you have an extremely busy life, COODIA Auto Fish Feeder is designed just for you. The reason why we would recommend this to a person with a busy lifestyle is that this highly versatile device can dispense 1 – 4 meals a day without you having to worry about feeding your fish. This device is extremely reliable in maintaining the freshness and preventing the fish food from rotting with its moisture-resistant technology. Holding up to 175ml of food in the container, the adjustable slider makes it much easier to control the amount of food to be dispensed each time.

Be worry-free for the next 6 – 8 weeks as your fish is going to be fine and healthy with the food being dispensed from this device. The appealing LCD display aids in programming the number of times you would want to feed your fishes. Powered by 2 AA batteries, this fish feeder is merely the best, providing convenient service for up to 12 months.

1 colour; blue

Adjustable slider food outlet

Easy to operate

Powered by 2 AA batteries lasting up to 1 year

Permits feeding during non-scheduled times

Moisture-resistant technology to keep food dry

Appealing LCD display makes it user-friendly

  • Brand: COODIA
  • Weight: 9.4 ounces


Is your house by a lake or pond where you have some fishes of your own? Moultrie 30-Gallon Feed caster is all you need. Its durable plastic hopper can hold up to 100 pounds of feed that will shoot food directly into the water and the built-in funnel completely empties the hopper leaving no waste or old feed. The powder coated 20-gauge electrified metal hopper

The Moultrie also possesses a digital fish feeder timer which can be programmed to feed 6 times a day only between 1 – 20 seconds each time. Additional to that, there is a directional shroud which can cast food in a straight-out path of 25 feet long. Requiring 1 6-volt 12-amp battery and a charger, it is absolutely durable. The Moultrie feed caster has a grade A, rust and UV resistant hopper with a pointed design which stops feed from accumulating on the bottom and sides.

Even though the solar power port is not included with the pack, Moultrie still allows quick solar power port attachment in addition. This is exactly what you need for a better fish management in your pond or lake, as it ensures accurate feeding with almost no wastage. Certainly, worth an investment!

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Dark brown colour

Digital Timer

Easy to control

1 6-volt battery required

Solar power port available

No wastage of fish food

  • Brand: Moultrie
  • Model: MFF-12655
  • Weight: 26.1 pounds

Best Automatic Fish Feeder Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Consider When Buying an Automatic Fish Feeder for Your Aquarium

  • Quantity and Time Controller

Fishes cannot just digest food for which it is recommended to feed your fish many times a day rather than at one go. It is important to buy an automatic fish feeder of which the timer is reliable and is super easy to set the quantity to be given to your fish. Select a feeder that dispenses consistent portions of feeds and in a timely manner.

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  • Size

When it comes to the size, make sure you select the correct feeder size for your aquarium. If you have a small home aquarium, it is advisable to buy a small and handy feeder with a moderate container.

  • Ventilation system

Since you’re busy most of the time, find the auto feeder with the best possible fan and a ventilation system to ensure that your fishes are fed fresh and safe.

The air flow of the compartment manages the dampness of the food and is a remarkable feature of the automatic fish feeders. The ventilation system also ensures that your fish gets fresh quality nutritional food that will avoid your fish to fall ill.

  • User-friendly

If you’re new to using an automatic fish feeder, it is important that you choose the one that is easy and simple to use. We would recommend you the one that consists of an LCD screen that makes it easier for you to make adjustments. However, if you’re already used to with these automatic fish feeders, go ahead with the one that has wider features and better options.

  • Battery

Your automatic fish feeder is your substitute. You wouldn’t be amused if you come home from a holiday and see your fish suffering. To avoid such dreadful incidences, buy an auto feeder with a sustainable battery life. Moreover, many automatic feeders come with an LCD or LED display, which is easier to read the battery life. Some also come with an integrated clock or alarm bell that indicate the battery. These features are very helpful in handling your life as a fish owner.

  • Frequency of feeding

If you want your fish to grow big and healthy, you’ll need to consider their frequency of feeding. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the more you feed, the better your fish will grow up to be. It is highly recommended that feed your fish 4 times a day in small portions. Therefore, choose the one that has the option to feed that many times a day.

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fish eating

Benefits of Using Automatic Fish Feeders

You love your fish as much as you love going on vacations, never mind. Automatic Fish Feeders are the solution to your dilemma. You do not have to rely on your friend or neighbour to look after your fish, rather rely on the internet and go look for the best automatic fish feeder. You can rest assured that your fishes are going to be happy and safe while you’re happy and content at your vacation. Plus, you could be having a long tiring day, the automatic fish feeder will make your life hassle-free by feeding your pet fish.  Needless to say, automatic fish feeder provides your fish with the appropriate amount of food needed for your fish, which might be a little distorted if you manually feed them. One day they might get a bit too much of food, while the other day they might get less. You see, automatic fish feeder eliminates such errors.

Automatic Fish Feeders Maintenance

The best part about an automatic fish feeder is that it requires very less maintenance. It might be tough for you to believe, but most of these products have a warranty of 1 – 3 years and all you need to do is make sure that the battery of the device is working fine and that change it if it’s necessary. In addition to that, some of the devices are prone to clogging the food outlet, which also you need to make sure that it’s not clogged and your fishes are receiving food properly. One more thing that you need to check is that the electronic part of the device is not getting wet, which may later cause improper functioning. Other than that, it is very simple to maintain an automatic fish feeder.

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Best Automatic Fish Feeder FAQ:

Q:  What is an automatic fish feeder?

A:  An automatic fish feeder is an electronic device designed to feed your fish from time to time. They are mostly used when the aquarist is away for vacation or busy to maintain a regular feeding schedule.

Q:  Are automatic fish feeders bad for fish?

A:  Automatic fish feeders have the reputation of being the last option while you’re away from home for quite a few days. While this might be the case, automatic fish feeders are more than that. These devices ensure that your fish is being fed properly and on time and that they are not overfed or underfed. Whereas, you, on the other hand, might overfeed or underfeed your fish, or might not even feed at all. Hence, these devices are surely not at all bad for your fish.

Q:  Will tablets harm the water?

A:  Fish foods basically consist of proteins, minerals, vitamins, fibre and fats needed for your fish to stay healthy. Among the automatic fish feeders, the tablet ones are meant to be dipped in water that dissolves over time providing necessary nutrients for your fish. The tablets are not that bad, in fact, it helps the aquarium water to keep clean and reduce toxins.

Q:  What tank types accept automatic feeders?

A:  Most tank feeders are compatible with small aquariums while, some of them are suitable for ponds and large aquariums, making them “universal fitting tanks”

Q:  How long can they work on their own?

A:  The automatic fish feeders are powered by batteries. Majority of these requires 2 AAA or single AA batteries to operate by their own. Depending on how long the batteries last (most of the time 6 – 12 months), they work on their own.

Q:  Is there a limit to the amount of fish it feeds?

A:  A typical automatic fish feeder could feed about 5 – 10 fishes, depending on how much you want to feed them. The bigger the container of the fish feeder is, the more food you can accommodate in it. However, you can program the number of times you would like to feed them in a day, there is no limit to that. Also, there is no limit to the amount of fish it feeds.

Q:  Can I set feeding intervals?

A:  Of course, you can! After all, that’s what automatic fish feeders are for! In fact, you could choose from a 12-hour interval or 24-hour interval, depending on how frequently you want to feed your fish.

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Q:  How hard are they to set up?

A:  To your surprise, automatic fish feeders are very easy and simple to set up and use. All you have to do is, buy them and clamp it with the bracket fits provided on the edge of the glass tank or mount it on top of your aquarium.

Q:  Will any fish food work with an automatic fish feeder?

A:  Varying the different types of fish food, Automatic fish feeders works best when it is filled with dry foods such as flake foods, pellets, and spirulina.

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fish food

Our Top Pick

Eheim Battery Operated Auto Fish Feeder is supposedly the best automatic fish feeder according to use since it offers a wide variety of functions at an affordable price. Since fish feeders have to be in contact with water, you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged, since it is completely waterproof. A warning level promptly shows up when the battery life is low. It is extremely user-friendly, and with the use of only 2 AA batteries, it can feed your fish up to 6 weeks in your absence. Ideal for all types of food, but with the touch of a button, snacks for your fishes are possible at any time of the day. It’s not just a fish feeder, but an additional luxury to your lifestyle!

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