Best Cat Grooming Gloves (Review & Buying Guide) in 2019

Grooming your cat is a necessary task that can improve the bond that you have with your pet, while also helping to maintain the health of their coat, reducing shedding and minimizing furballs. However, too often it becomes a battle of wills to keep them still and to groom them without either of your becoming stressed. One answer to this predicament is to invest in a cat grooming glove.

These are designed to make grooming easier and to make it into an activity that both you and your furry feline can enjoy. However, with so many different types of grooming gloves on the market, how do you know which is the best for your cat? Our panel of pet experts and cat lovers have put together a list of the best cat grooming gloves to help you make the right decision.

Doopa Pet Grooming Glove

Doopa Pet Grooming Glove

HandsOn Bathing Grooming Shedding Gloves

HandsOn Bathing Grooming Shedding Gloves

Thanger Pet Grooming Gloves

Thanger Pet Grooming Gloves

Best Cat Grooming Glove Guide & FAQ

Knowing which is the best cat grooming glove is only part of the answer. It is also important to know why a glove is the better option, what the benefits of using a glove are, and what to look for when buying cat grooming tools. In this part of the buying guide we look to answer these and other frequently asked questions about cat grooming gloves.

Things to Consider When Buying

Buying the right grooming glove for you and your feline friend is as much about knowing your pet as it is choosing the best quality glove. However, there are some considerations that need to be taken into account regardless of whether your cat loves to be groomed or needs to be coaxed out of their hiding place with endless treats. These include:

  • Glove or Mitten

There are two main styles of grooming glove – the five-finger glove and the mitten. As the names suggest the form has five individual fingers, as you would find on a glove. The latter has one section for your entire hand, like a child’s mitten.

cat grooming glove

Some mittens do have a separate thumb section which can make keeping the mitten in place easier and give you a better grip on your pet. Generally, the five-finger design makes it easier to reach the more difficult areas of your cat that need to be groomed. It also gives a more personal feel, allowing you to get down to the roots of their hair and massage the skin.

  • One or a pair

When looking for a grooming glove for your pet it is important to know exactly what you are getting. Some manufacturers offer one hand while others sell gloves as a pair. This is important, especially if you are left handed as most single gloves tend to come with the right hand as standard. If you are left handed, also ensure that the left-hand glove is designed with your movements in mind.

  • Hair length

Most cat grooming gloves are designed for all hair lengths, but it is important to check, especially if you have a long-haired cat or one with an exceptionally dense coat. If you don’t check this, then the glove could become stuck in the hair or simply be ineffective.

  • Fit

If the glove is too big for your hand, then it will be difficult to control and could add to your pet’s stress and grooming anxiety. Many grooming gloves are one size but have an adjustable strap at the wrist to help you fit it securely. If you are considering a one-size-fits-all, then check the minimum and maximum size recommendations as well as the amount of adjustment you have at the wrist.

  • Wet or dry

All the grooming gloves on our list are designed to be used to dry brush your cat and remove loose hair, many of them can also be used wet, making them a great addition to bath time. Having a glove that can be used wet means that not only can you get your cat shampoo deeper into your cat’s coat, but your hands are protected from dirt, debris, and unhappy cats during bath time. Always check whether the glove can be used wet before using it in the bath.

  • Hair disposal

While you are grooming you can find that you, the area you are in, and even the entire house is covered in hair. This just adds to the stress of grooming your cat. However, if you choose a glove that is designed in a way that the hair sticks to it, you can reduce the amount of hair you need to clean up at the end of the grooming session. The hair should simply peel off the glove when you are finished and is then easily disposed of in the garbage.

Benefits of Using Cat Grooming Glove

Using a grooming glove allows you to have an improved boding experience with your cat. This builds your relationship rather than creating a stressful situation that can damage your special relationship with your furry friend. The main reason that grooming gloves achieve this is because the action of using a grooming glove is similar to that used when petting your cat. The motion itself is calming and the flexible rubber nodules on the glove capture loose hairs and detangle clumps without pulling at the hair and causing discomfort. The flexibility afforded by the gloves also mean that you can get deeper into the hair to remove dead skin and massage your cat. This improves the overall health of their skin and coat. One other benefit of this approach is that you can reduce shedding and therefore reduce the number of hairball your cat has, along with the associated difficulties that hairballs can cause.

Cat Grooming Glove vs Cat Grooming Brush

When deciding between a grooming glove and a cat  the first and main consideration needs to be your pet’s preference. If your cat likes their brush, then you may find this works perfectly well. However, if they run and hide at the first sign of the brush coming out, then a glove might be less frightening for them.

Your second consideration is which you find easiest to handle. If you find holding a brush awkward or difficult to control, then this will make your cat more nervous. In this case a glove is most definitely an advantage as you already know how to pet your cat and what pressure to use without making them uncomfortable.

A glove also gives you more control around their delicate areas, such as their ears and stomach. You will also be able to feel when you reach a tangle, rather than not being aware of it until it snags on the brush.

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Q:  How to groom a cat using a glove?

A:  Firstly, decide whether you are going to use one or both gloves. Place the gloves on your hands and secure in place using the adjustable wrist straps. While you do not want them to be too tight, you do want them to be secure and unlikely to fall off during your grooming session.

Next ensure that your cat is comfortable and relaxed. Let them smell the gloves and get used to them before you start grooming. Once you are both sat comfortably begin petting your cat with the gloves on. Use slow gentle strokes that move in the same direction as their hair growth. Leave delicate under belly and tail areas until last and avoid brushing too close to facial features.

If you are looking to use the glove while bathing your cat, again ensure your cat is as calm as possible before you get started and that the glove is securely fitted. Rinse your cat in warm water, wet the glove and squeeze a small amount of your regular cat shampoo onto the palm / finger areas of the glove. Use slow gentle circular motions, avoiding sensitive areas, and work the shampoo into your cat’s coat, massaging their skin as you go. When finished rinse with warm water, again avoiding sensitive areas such as their eyes.

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Q:  At what age should I start groom my cat?

A:  Grooming should become a part of your kitten’s normal routine as early as possible. This reduces the stress they undergo when it is time to be groomed. The same is true of bathing and washing.

Q:  Can I use a human hairbrush on my cat?

A:  Using a human hair brush is unlikely to hurt your cat. However, it may not do much to solve any anxiety they may have over being groomed and it is unlikely to be very effective at dealing with loose cat hair and tangles. This is because your hairbrush is unlikely to be able to penetrate the hair that is closest to your cat’s skin. It is important that the brush you use can do this as it helps remove dead skin cells and helps to prevent matting.

Another reason not to use your hairbrush on your cat is that doing so puts you at risk of catching any skin conditions that your cat might be carrying. This includes fungal infections such as ring worm.

grooming glove for cats

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Our Top Pick

To get the very best results for your cat we recommend the Pet Grooming Glove by Doopa. The gloves come as a pair and are made from two-layer breathable 3D mesh. They include environmentally friendly silicone tips on the palms and fingers. While the gloves allow you to gently but effectively remove loose hair, the tips allow you to provide a soft skin massage for your pet. The dual approach promotes blood circulation, thoroughly cleans your cat’s skin, moisturizes every hair, and promotes healthy metabolism. The gloves can be used wet or dry, so are a perfect addition to bath time. Once you have finished grooming the hair peels away from the gloves easily to be disposed of; any remaining hair can be removed by rinsing the gloves under running water.

By choosing one of the great grooming gloves from our list and following the tips in our buying guide, you can reduce the stress of grooming and instead enjoy an effective bonding time together, while improving the health of your cat’s hair and coat.

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