UPSKY Double Cat Bowl 2
blue cat bowl
UPSKY Double Cat Bowl 2
blue cat bowl

UPSKY Double Cat Bowl

One concern of cat owners is the incorrect position of their cats while eating. If the food bowl is very low, it can strain their necks. This also increases the risk of regurgitation, since the mouth will be lower than the cat’s stomach. One way to address this is by elevating the food bowl. UPSKY has one such solution.

The UPSKY Double Cat Bowls aim to correct the eating position of cats. It raises a pair of food bowls by about 0.8 inches from the surface of the floor. This should be enough to reduce the strain on the neck of cats as they eat their meal. This will also help prevent regurgitation, allowing the cat to digest its food and absorb its nutrients.

The pair of bowls comes with stainless-steel construction. They are spacious enough to accommodate up to 11 ounces of either water or cat food. The steel construction of the bowls makes these pet products a lot easier to wash. However, one has to dry them very well, so as to prevent rust from forming.

The two bowls comes with a plastic base. The platform features a W shape, retaining pet food and water on along the edges of the platform. This helps prevent food or water from spilling onto the floor. It keeps the feeding and drinking area mess-free.

Underneath the plastic base are four small, rubberized feet. These secure the UPSKY on the floor. However, because of its lightweight design, some pets can easily tip it over once there is no more food or water in the bowls.

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Key Features:
  • Dual 11-ounce capacity stainless steel bowls
  • Durable resin base
  • W-shaped anti-spill design
  • 4 non-skid rubber feet
  • Base measures 15 inches long and 9.6 inches wide

How Does This Product Work?

The UPSKY Double Cat Bowls work like any other food and water bowl for pets. The only difference is that the pair of bowls is set on a triangular platform. This elevates the bowls by about an inch from the floor. The raised food bowl should be enough to help prevent neck strain on cats. It should also be helpful in maintaining the better alignment of the cat’s mouth and its digestive tract.

The UPSKY’s base also helps stabilize the pet food and water containers so that they will not be going anywhere. While the bowls are ideal for a water-and-food combination, the UPSKY Double Cat Bowls can also work as a feeding station for two small pets. This will make mealtimes more pleasant as the pets get to bond with each other.

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