Sojos Dog Food Review

Last Updated October 26, 2020

Although your dog is an omnivore, he still needs high quality protein as a key ingredient in his diet. Animal based protein provides him with all the amino acids he needs for building healthy muscles and tissues, as well as supporting his energy levels and immune system. And for many pet parents, the idea of a raw meat diet for their pet is an appealing one, as it provides all that essential protein in its natural and most nutritious state.

But a raw food diet can be time-consuming and messy to feed your dog, which is where the Sojos Complete range comes in. Sojos have developed a way to freeze dry their raw meat dog food, providing a highly nutritious meal for your pet, that’s quick and easy to serve. With a limited recipe of premium whole meat, fruits and vegetables, the range is also grain free, and provides a flavorsome bowl of food for your hungry pet.

Sojos Complete certainly has a loyal following, with pet owners discovering the benefits of feeding their dog a raw diet. But the raw way of feeding is not for every dog so, to help you decide, we take a look at this innovative dog food in our Sojos dog food review.

Sojos Dog Food Review


With selenium-rich whole turkey as the number one ingredient, this tasty raw foods recipe is one of the Sojos Complete range’s top sellers. Formulated for adult dogs, the turkey protein is deliciously freeze-dried to give your pooch a nutrient-rich meal he will wolf up. But it is not all about the turkey as there’s a targeted selection of health-boosting ingredients to keep your pet mealtime satisfied. There’s whole eggs and flaxseed for omega 3 fatty acids plus sweet potatoes, air-dried broccoli, cranberries, celery and kelp, all designed to support their energy, immune system, heart, digestive and skin health. And, at around 340 calories per serving can also help to keep your pet at their optimum weight. As with all of the Sojos Complete range, this turkey meal is grain free, with no GMO ingredients or soy, fillers or artificial additives. Which makes this turkey raw food meal the ideal everyday pet food for active as well as more senior dogs, so scoops our Sojos Complete dog food review’s top pick. 

Kilocalories: 342 kcal/cup

Minimum protein: 28%         

Minimum fat: 12%

Maximum fiber: 4%

Maximum moisture: 10%

No grains, GMO ingredients, fillers or soy

Omega 3, selenium plus balanced vitamins and minerals

First five ingredients: turkey, sweet potatoes, whole egg, broccoli, apples

  • Brand: Sojos
  • Model: 139201
  • Weight: 7 pounds


With its delicious meaty taste, this freeze dried adult dog raw food from Sojos uses premium quality beef as its number one ingredient. And the result is a superior chunky raw food meal that has an incredible taste when rehydrated.  100% grain and gluten free, this is also an excellent dog food for your sensitive pet, as it is kind on their digestion without compromising on nutrition or that all-important taste. While keeping to Sojos’ limited ingredient philosophy, the added ingredients are also mouth-watering, from papaya and cranberries to potassium-rich pumpkin and kelp, which is an excellent source of iron, calcium and B vitamins. And it includes the nutritious beef liver for that extra healthy, meaty taste. This Sojos raw dog food recipes is best for average active dogs to those more active as it contains an appropriate level of calories to sustain their energy levels too.  

Kilocalories: 362 kcal/cup

Minimum protein: 25%         

Minimum fat: 14%

Maximum fiber: 5.5%

Maximum moisture: 10%

Beef and beef liver as the highly nutritious main protein source

100% grain and gluten free, with no GMO ingredients

First five ingredients:  beef, sweet potatoes, carrots, whole egg, cabbage

  • Brand: Sojos
  • Model: 139203
  • Weight: 7 pounds


Your dog will love the chunky pieces of nutritious meat in this lamb recipe from the freeze dried Sojos Complete raw food range, which we think will tempt even the pickiest eater. It is a rich formula though, so you will need to slowly introduce it to your dog, if it is their first time with raw food. But it is worth the effort as this ingredient-limited recipe is packed full of nutrition and flavor. There are actually a few ingredient ‘curve balls’ in this recipe, such as peppermint, dandelion and banana but when you read the nutritional content, it certainly hits the mark. Plus, this lamb recipe also has at least 14% of quality fats, to nourish their coat and skin as well as support their all-round health. And the good news is that it has mid-level calories when compared to other products in this review so is an excellent value choice for adult dogs as part of a balanced and portion-controlled diet. 

Kilocalories: 364 kcal/cup

Minimum protein: 24%         

Minimum fat: 14%

Maximum fiber: 5%

Maximum moisture: 10%

Whole egg and flaxseed for omegas, plus premium fruit and vegetables

Balanced, grain-free nutrition for energy, immune system and all-round health

First five ingredients:  lamb, sweet potatoes, whole egg, broccoli, yellow split peas

  • Brand: Sojos
  • Model: 139205
  • Weight: 7 pounds


When it comes to your dog, chicken is always a reliable go, to as it is an excellent source of lean and nutritious protein. Which is why Sojos Complete Chicken Recipe raw dog food could well become the go-to for your hungry dog. Using only farm-sourced chicken, boosted by whole egg and flaxseed, this freeze dried raw dog food is a delicious alternative to kibble-style dry foods. The taste is also meaty and flavorsome, thanks to the quality of the protein and the added natural ingredients, including ginger and kale. The result is a gourmet-style raw dog food that is both highly nutritious and easy to rehydrate and serve. With no grains, GMO ingredients, artificial additives, soy or fillers, this straightforward, well-made dog food could take your dog’s mealtimes to new raw food heights.

Kilocalories: 373 kcal/cup

Minimum protein: 28%         

Minimum fat: 14%

Maximum fiber: 5%

Maximum moisture: 10%

Farm-sourced whole chicken as number one ingredient

Split peas, flaxseed, egg plus fruit and vegetables for balanced nutrition

First five ingredients:  chicken, yellow split peas, whole egg, parsnips, cranberries

  • Brand: Sojos
  • Model: 149629
  • Weight: 7 pounds


Shake up your pet’s dinner time with our review’s premium pick, Sojos Complete with pork. Easy to digest and packed with both taste and nutrients, this recipe has the highest calories in our review, but is still below 380 k/cal per serving. And for your dog, there’s a tasty pork recipe that is both decadently meaty yet still light to eat. The flavor is further enhanced by the carefully selected ingredients, including split peas, cranberries and coconut. And when you look at the nutritional information, you can be sure this delicious meal is also doing your precious dog a whole heap of good. All the essential vitamins and minerals are there, plus healthy fiber and good levels of essential fats. And while this Sojos pork recipe may be our premium pick, it is also excellent value for money due to the rehydration volume of five times per pound of dehydrated, plus a stable shelf life of around four weeks. 

Kilocalories: 378 kcal/cup

Minimum protein: 27%         

Minimum fat: 15%

Maximum fiber: 5%

Maximum moisture: 10%

No grains, gluten, soy or fillers

Premium ingredients for essential vitamins and minerals

First five ingredients: pork, yellow split peas, whole egg, parsnips, cranberries

  • Brand: Sojos
  • Model: 149632
  • Weight: 7 pounds

Sojos Dog Food Buying Guide

Company Information

The raw food concept is growing in popularity amongst pet owners, as dog parents look to provide their pooches with a nutrient dense diet that’s as natural as it can be. However, incorporating raw food into your pet’s mealtime can be a messy business, which is where Sojos comes into its own. This family run business has pioneered the concept of raw dog food that packs a natural, nutritious punch but is as easy to use and store as more conventional kibble.

Also known as Sojourner Farms, Sojos started developing their innovative raw food concept back in 1985, becoming one of the very first pet food companies to start producing raw dog food for home use. The first product range was Sojos Original, a pre-mix food developed in the family kitchen. The company now operates under WellPet and has its own production facilities in Minnesota, sourcing around 80% of their ingredients locally.

The secret to the Sojos success is their product line, which provides high quality raw food that has been dehydrated, to make it longer lasting and easy to use, without losing any of its nutritional goodness. Adding water before serving creates a high protein raw food meal that’s packed with natural nutrients and taste. The company’s tag line for their range says it all: ‘the convenience of kibble; the nutrition of raw.’

Sojos uses its own freeze-drying process, developed to be gentle and ensuring the dog food retains as many of its nutrients as possible. The heat and chemical-free freeze-dried process also makes the raw meat safe for storage. The company now has four product lines – Sojos Complete, Mix-a-Meal, Sojos Wild and Toppers. They also produce Sojos Dog Treats. Its most successful range, Sojos Complete, hit the market in 2009, offering pet owners the chance to feed their dog grain-free raw meat-based dog food that’s also free of fillers and artificial ingredients.

To-date Sojos has had no product recalls, which is an impressive endorsement of its raw food range as well as the company’s commitment to quality control to provide dog owners with reliable nutrition for their pet.

Why Choose This Brand?

While it may not be the cheapest dog food line available, Sojos does represent quality and value, as the food is condensed and so expands when hydrated. According to the company’s website, a typical 8-pound bag of Sojos will rehydrate to become 40 pounds of raw food. Sojos has also earned a reputation for producing high quality, reliable dog food that is complete and balanced. Another plus for the Sojos brand is their quality control, as they take great care to monitor all their ingredients to ensure they are free from antibiotics, pesticides and any other potentially harmful additives.

With its limited ingredient list, Sojos Complete has been designed to mimic the diet of canines in the wild, with all its meat sources easily identifiable and traceable, so they can provide a high-quality source of whole meat protein. Grain-free, Sojos and its freeze-dried raw food range is also a good choice for dogs with allergies or sensitivities as there are no fillers.

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The products are easy to use, thanks to the freeze-dried format and are a convenient way to feed your dog a raw food diet, so popular with busy pet-parents who don’t have the time to prep their own, homemade raw dog food.

You also get a good selection of tasty protein (chicken, turkey, pork, lamb and beef) so you can be sure of a flavor to entice your pooch to his food bowl. And although fundamentally raw food, the Sojos range has a good shelf life, with a bag of Sojos Complete lasting between 4-6 weeks.

Ingredient Analysis

Sojos bases its Complete range of raw dog food on high quality limited ingredients, with no grains, artificial additives or preservatives. And the slow freeze-drying process means the core ingredient – raw meat – retains as many of its original nutrients as possible.

We break down the key ingredients to give you the inside knowledge of what you are feeding your pet:

Quality protein: Sojos Complete dog food only uses named sources of whole meat as the number one ingredient, so that’s turkey, lamb, salmon, beef, chicken and pork with no meat by-products or meal. To create a raw meat dog food that is fresh and nutritious, Sojos use a slow dry-freezing process that requires no chemicals or heat, so that all the essential nutrients are retained. Dehydrated, adding water when ready to serve Sojos Complete brings the meaty texture back to life, providing your dog with real meat that’s tender and flavorsome. Sojos also source around 80% of their meat from the US.

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Grain free: With the limited ingredient list for Sojos Complete, there are no grains, corn or soy which means it is an excellent range for dogs with allergies or digestive issues, as well as providing simple, high quality nutrition.

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Fats: With the freeze dry process, the meat in Sojos Complete dog food, is highly nutritious, with each variety in the range providing between 12% and 15% crude fat. The essential fatty acid quota in the recipes are boosted further, with added ingredients such as flaxseed and omega-rich salmon.

Carbohydrates: As well as quality protein, Sojos also carefully select added fruits and vegetable for antioxidants and extra nutrients your dog needs for their immune system and all-round health. The freeze-dried process also locks in all the goodness of quality carbs, fruit and veg such as sweet potatoes, apples, split peas pumpkin, cranberries, cabbage and parsley.

Vitamins and minerals: With optimum nutrition at the heart of Sojos pet food, you also get a host of essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D, B-complex, calcium, iron and taurine.

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Drinking beagle puppy

Pros & Cons

  • Makes feeding a raw food diet to your dog a breeze – simply add water for a tasty raw-based meal
  • All natural, whole sourced ingredients, with the protein source easily traceable
  • The innovative freeze-dry process retains the flavor and nutritional goodness of the raw meat
  • A little goes a long way – the bag may seem a little small (and pricey) but each pound of dehydrated Sojos Complete makes five pounds of hydrated dog food
  • Grain and artificial additive-free formula makes Sojos freeze dried dog food good for dogs with sensitivities or allergies
  • It’s versatile – you can feed on its own, mixed with dry kibble or with wet food
  • It is expensive and the price may put some pet owners off, even if it does hydrate to a much greater volume, so you get value in the end product
  • The raw diet doesn’t suit every dog and you may need to introduce Sojos Complete dog food slowly if you are moving your pet to raw food for the first time
  • There can be initial ‘side effects’ to the raw food approach, including loose stools and excess gas
  • Some of the recipes contain peas, which can be problematic for dogs with enlarged heart disease. If in any doubt, consult your veterinarian
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