Seven years and counting – rescue dog Mica still searching for his forever home

Seven Years and Counting – Rescue Dog Mica Still Searching for his Forever Home

Few stories pull at the heartstrings as much as those about rescue dogs searching for their forever homes. A recent report by the abc6 online news team will have dog lovers all over the country in pieces.

The story reveals that a League for Animal Welfare shelter in Batavia, Ohio has been searching for a permanent home for Mica, a 10 year old crossbreed, for the last seven years. He has been a resident of the home since 2014 and has watched many of his kennel buddies walk away with loving families whilst he is always left behind. It truly is a heart-breaking tale.

Mica is a mixed breed with pointer, German shorthaired/retriever and Labrador heritage. He did not have a great start in life and is now wary of people that he has not met before. His instincts are now telling him that it is best to avoid humans altogether and that is very sad.

He is a handsome dog with a short dark coat and a speckled white chest. The shelter is appealing for a home for him on their social media pages. They explain that he will need what they refer to as a ‘unicorn adopter’ which basically means a family that are more interested in what they can do to help him than what they will get out of the deal! He would not be suitable for families that have children.

This poor pooch has been living at the shelter since November 30, 2014, and has become very attached to the volunteers who care for him and take him on trips to the park. They also make him special Easter baskets and hold birthday parties for him. However, a shelter is not the best environment for him and he desperately needs a special family of his own. He is the longest standing resident at the shelter by far – he’s been there for 2316 days in all.

The Facebook post describes how he needs “person who can give him time and patience so he can learn to trust you. He needs a person who has the patience to learn to listen to Mica – to pay attention to his cues, when he’s telling you that he’s not comfortable with something (he’s a good communicator, if you pay attention!). He needs someone to understand that he has good days and bad – and sometimes, on those bad days, even when he does love you and trust you he just needs time alone.”

The shelter wants you to get in touch if you can help by emailing them at [email protected] or calling at 513-735-2299. They would also love you to share Mica’s story using the hashtags #adoptMica #longeststaydog #twothousandthreehundredsixteendaystoolong

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