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Reiki for Cats: Everything You Need to Know

Energy is all around us and in everything; both inanimate and animate. Science flashbacks and chemistry teaches about electrons, neutrons, and protons. It’s impossible to see these aspects of energy, but they can be felt. Have you ever been around a person or pet that exudes excitement or charisma? What about someone who sends negative energy all around them? Based on how you feel, you will decide to either attract or repel the power. This is the basis of Reiki.

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What is Reiki?

The practice is of Japanese origin, having been discovered in the early 20th century by Dr. Mikao Usui. It is a comprehensive therapy that works on the body-mind-spirit-heart connection and the desire to bring these elements into perfect balance. Considering that it is a form of complimentary balance, it can be combined with other medicinal aspects like chemotherapy, surgery, psychotherapy, and acupuncture.

Reiki emanates from a Japanese word, where “Rei” means spirit while “ki” means energy. So the word can be translated to mean spiritual energy. Reiki is also a spiritual practice that works on opening to the flow of energy and meditation. It is compatible with most religious philosophies and has various benefits, both to humans and animals. Since the flow of Reiki is aimed at achieving a perfect energetic balance, it finds the roots of the problem and brings healing through dynamic harmony. Its harmonic nature is what makes the technique safe and ideal for use alongside other modalities, both holistic and conventional.

Why Should You Consider Reiki?

If you would like to have a gentle and non-invasive technique to support feline wellness, Reiki might be what you need. The practice can create peace and wellness even in the most stressed-out cases. Therefore, it is appropriate for cats that are living both in loving homes and shelters. Reiki also helps in speeding up healing after illness or surgery, relieving pain, healing anxiety-related issues, reducing the side effects of medicine, and improving behavioral challenges. Where cure is not possible, Reiki helps to ease pain and enhance the quality of life until one passes on.

The Five Reiki Precepts

For today:

  • Do not worry
  • Do not anger
  • Practice honesty in your work
  • Be humble
  • Exercise compassion to yourself and others

The founder of Reiki, Dr. Mikao, believed that the precepts are essential guidelines for healing and spiritual development. Finding ways of connecting to them in daily life is an ideal way of supporting a balanced life. The precepts depict true healing as the way one walks through the challenging moments in life. The practice can help animals and humans find harmony and peace in every moment that life offers.

How Reiki for Cats Works

Have you ever noticed that cats seem to know cat people and those who aren’t? It is right to say that they are excellent at reading people’s energy. Considering that cars are such intuitive little souls, it’s not surprising why Reiki works perfectly for them.

To understand how Reiki works for cats, you first need to realize that chakras (meaning wheel of light), exist throughout the body. They are also known as the major energy centers. Humans have seven major energy centers while cats have these and an extra one. The additional chakra is the starting point for clearing chakras in cats.

When you practice Reiki on your cat, it will create a positive energy flow and get rid of any energy blockages that may exist. When one has an issue in the body, the chakras become blocked, and energy does not flow within them properly. The chakras that are obstructed depending on the affected body part. Unless the chakra is cleared of its blockage, the problem is likely to persist.

What to Expect During a Cat Reiki Healing Session

Usually, the sessions run from anywhere between five minutes and an hour. During this time, the cat will become relaxed and might even fall into deep sleep. Other times the cat might become energized and extroverted once the session ends. Your feline friend will walk away once they absorb all the energy they require, and this marks the end of a Reiki session. Sometimes the pet may give a sign of affection as a way of thanking the therapist, such as a lick or nuzzle. Considering that the technique is non-invasive, it can be performed as often as you like. It is also used safely on all cats, irrespective of their breed, size or age.

Ways Reiki is Beneficial to Cats

  • It is a complementary therapy for cats that dislike going to the vet as it eases the increased stress levels that the animal may experience
  • Reiki helps with separation anxiety, such as when you are going for a vacation, and your cat will be left at home
  • Reiki allows animals through transitions
  • The technique is beneficial for cats in shelters as it helps them get adopted and re-build trust with humans

Does Reiki for Cats Have Side Effects?

No. Reiki is never harmful or painful. Most cats sleep during the healing sessions, implying that they are relaxed. The energy shift created by animal Reiki may at first startle some cars, mainly if they have been through trauma in the past or if they are skittish. Such pets might prefer energy from a distance especially during the initial sessions.

Can I Do Reiki on My Cat?

Yes, anybody can learn animal Reiki. You will understand the technique by receiving instructions and attunement from a Reiki master. The attunement is an energy transfer that is made to open energy pathways in the body. Once you are trained, you are equipped to perform the technique on your cat.

Reiki is a safe, gentle and non-invasive technique that can help your cat in many ways. Your feline friends are more aware of the subtle energy communication more than you are. You can learn a few tricks from them. If your pet doesn’t like vet visits, is under medication or just had surgery, practicing Reiki on them is an excellent way of easing the symptoms and pain. Also, you can train to be a Reiki practitioner, which is cool, right?

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