Nutro Cat Food Review

Last Updated May 20, 2021

The Nutro brand is resilient towards achieving one goal – to provide the healthiest pet foods in the market. In order to properly execute this, Nutro pays close attention to recipe construction, meal preparation, and packaging details. Every action taken displays outright excellence, and pushes the need for Nutro cat food reviews to point pet owners in the right direction. If you’re worried about your feline’s health and are looking for a way to boost its metabolism, immune system, and overall health, this review containing five of the best cat foods from Nutro will undoubtedly provide a suitable option for implementation.

Nutro Cat Food Review


Nutro Wholesome Essentials Indoor and Sensitive Digestion Cat Food

Designed for cat with sensitivities and/or allergies, this dry cat food from Nutro offers palatability and easier digestion. A high level of protein makes it the ideal choice for outdoor cats and cats with an active lifestyle. At the same time, additional vitamins and minerals help to maintain a healthy coat, eyes and brain function.

As well as this, a high moisture content, combined with a good level of crude fat percentages, ensure your cat maintains optimal digestion. Meanwhile, there’s plenty of energy to burn, while your cat remains hydrated. Overall, this option is ideal for keeping your cat healthy and happy, inside and out.

Crude protein    33.0% min

Crude fat            14.0% min

Crude fiber        7.0% max

Moisture            10.0% max

Calcium                0.90% min

Vitamin e            250 iu/kg min

Taurine               0.18% min

Omega-6 fatty acids       3.0% min

  • Brand: Nutro
  • Model: 10164256
  • Weight: 14 Pounds


The Nutro Wholesome Essentials cat food is one outstanding selection that was crafted solely for the benefit of senior cats. Being nutrition filled, this dry cat food was made for a healthy system and for a sound lifestyle. Most especially for the cats with sensitive digestive systems, munching on this delicacy is accompanied with only positive results. Serving as a best value option, this recipe was created with a blend of wholesome ingredients, and their enriching nutrients are undeniable. They make up the difference in the natural nutrition of this product from all others as they were specially selected to provide a healthy gut for your cat.

What’s more, the major source of real protein in this food is chicken, also providing a delectable flavor and taste for all cats to enjoy. Excluding artificial colors and sweeteners, Nutro intentionally made this food in a manner that ensures your cat is in safe hands.

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Another cautionary action taken was to exclude highly indigestible foods such as whole grain corn, ensuring your cat is getting only the best. With the omega-6 fatty acids in the Nutro Wholesome Essentials cat food, you will notice the difference in healthiness as your cat’s skin and coat will luster. 

No doubt, heart functions are also quite important for a senior cat, and with the help of this Nutro senior cat food, many essential nutrients such as Taurine will ensure everything is healthy and functioning right. Raising the bar of expectations, this cat food still measures up with its extraordinary antioxidant components, ensuring that not only great health is achieved, but a fully functional immune system is obtained in the long run.

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36% min crude protein

17% min crude fat

6% max crude fiber

3.2% min Omega-6 fatty acids

  • Brand: Nutro
  • Model: 10164294
  • Weight: 14 pounds


Nutro Wholesome Essentials Adult Dry Cat Food

Packed with added features, this dry cat food is sure to be a hit with adult cats. Again, with a decent level of protein, this option is great for outdoor and active cats, while the healthy percentage of fat gives your cat plenty of energy to burn through.

Each bite is filled with nutritional content, while avoiding any unnecessary fillers, such as soy and wheat. Thus, this is a great choice for cats with sensitivities, or those who are allergic to the usual fillers. With lots of added vitamins and minerals, your cats digestive functions will improve. At the same time, lots of omega fatty acids will provide optimal brain health, too.

Crude protein    33.0% min

Crude fat            16.0% min

Crude fiber        4.0% max

Moisture            10.0% max

Calcium 0.90% min

Selenium            0.35 mg/kg min

Vitamin e            250 iu/kg min

Taurine 0.18% min

Omega-6 fatty acids       3.50% min

  • Brand: Nutro
  • Model: 10164251
  • Weight: 14 Pounds


If your cat is a selective eater or tends to leave a messy leftover, then the Nutro Perfect Portions Grain Free Natural wet cat food is the perfect solution. Nutro intentionally crafted out this recipe and placed it in the most suitable package to ensure your feline gets all savory goodness down into its tummy. Coming as a pair of two perfectly sized portions, there’s less mess, no leftovers, and a surety of having more meals every time.

More essentially, there’s a second to none convenience in serving these portions – by simply snapping the package into two, peeling off the top and serving in a food bowl, you’re ready to go. This Nutro wet cat food consists of a chicken and liver composition which provides all the substantial protein for healthy living. This is also combined with multiple other nutrients and minerals to keep your cat sound and well. Components like fish oil was included to give your cat’s skin and coat a natural glowing luster.

Furthermore, coming as a grain free meal, you’re also assured of proper digestion and bowel movement. It’s the perfect combination towards obtaining a healthy weight and is crucial for intake for all overweight cats. Your cat’s safety is a topmost priority to the Nutro brand, which is why this meal contains non-GMO ingredients. And as a bonus benefit, the taste and flavor delivered with this recipe was strategically implemented to ascertain one common goal, which is to have no leftovers. Hence the savory goodness of this meal will keep your cat hooked until there’s absolutely nothing left.

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1135 kcal/kg

11.5% minimum crude protein

6% minimum crude fat

1% maximum crude fiber

  • Brand: Nutro
  • Model: 10163758
  • Weight: 3.96 pounds


NUTRO Perfect Portions Grain Free Natural Wet Cat Food

For those who prefer to offer wet cat food to their pets, this paté is a great choice. Each pack comes with two, pre-measured meals, so you can be sure that your cat receives the right amount of food. And, within that, the right amount of nutrition for every mealtime.

Lower in protein, this is ideal for indoor cats and older cats who aren’t as active anymore. Added to this is the high level of moisture present due to its nature, which can help ease digestion. There are no unnecessary fillers in this option, so those with sensitive stomachs are sure to love this food.

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Crude protein    12.0% min

Crude fat            5.0% min

Crude fiber        1.0% max

Moisture            78.0% max

Ash        3.5% max

Taurine 0.06% max

  • Brand: Nutro
  • Model: 10157763
  • Weight: 1.98 Pounds

Nutro Cat Food Buying Guide

Company Information

Nutro Pet Food Company was originally founded in 1926, and after a chain of purchases, Mars Inc. bought the company in 2007 and moved its headquarters to Tennessee. The Nutro Company now focuses solely on producing and manufacturing natural pet food products. These products are aimed at providing utmost nutrition, improving the shine of pets’ skin and coat, as well as aiding in all digestive processes.

Why Choose this Brand?

  • Safety

Nutro cares about the safety of your cats and to properly care for them, they take extreme measures in their pet food production on the subject of safety. So when pet owners ask, “Is Nutro a good cat food?” it’s imperative to know that Nutro foods contain non-GMO ingredients to ensure healthy ingestion. More so, this natural cat food has no corn, wheat, or soy protein that are tedious to digest. Specially created to suit the sensitive nature of a cat’s tummy, all foods from Nutro are safe for use.

  • Taste

An irrefutable reason why you should choose this brand is its incredible taste. Since Nutro knows that most cats are picky eaters, they deliberately created their recipe to suit what all cats would enjoy. This is one major reason why it’s easy to switch from other brands to Nutro.

  • Nutrition

Nutro cat foods have an impeccable array of ingredients that are packed with nutrients. These ingredients were carefully selected to ensure that your cat’s health remains a top priority.

  • Digestibility

One major feature about Nutro cat food is an easy digestible composition. With a food so good for your cat’s gut, your cat’s health is bound to improve.

Cat eating dry food

Ingredient Analysis

  • Fish Oil

Fish oil is one of Nutro’s secret ingredients to ensure your cat maintains a healthy glow. Comprising of two major Omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil is great at reducing inflammatory conditions both internally and externally. It also provides the essential nutrients to improve the eyes as well as the brain.

  • White Fish

White fish is an incredibly rich source of protein and has all the properties to prove it. Being low in calories, it’s the best choice for all overweight cats. It also helps in maintaining healthy weights for all cats in general. It’s easily digestible nature ensures an effortless absorption of its highly nutritional components.

  • Taurine

Taurine is a component found in animal-based proteins and is an essential amino acid needed in the body of cats. It helps with vision, boosts the immune system, and basically helps with digestion. This essential component can also be found in multiple Nutro cat food, serving as a major health supplement.

  • Chicken Fat

Chicken fat contains a high amount of Vitamin E as well as Omega-6 fatty acids. Interestingly, it doesn’t contain any protein content, which means it’s quite unlikely to upset your cat’s tummy. Embedded with rich sources of fat, it provides luster for the skin and coat, gives energy, and ensures your cat’s system is functioning properly.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to switch from other brands
  • Cats love the taste
  • Natural cat food
  • Highly nutritious
  • May cause stomach upset for some cats
  • May cause constipation for some cats
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