Necoichi Raised Cat Food Bowl
Necoichi Raised Cat Food Bowl
Necoichi Raised Cat Food Bowl
Necoichi Raised Cat Food Bowl
Necoichi Raised Cat Food Bowl
Necoichi Raised Cat Food Bowl
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Necoichi Raised Cat Food Bowl

Product Overview

Ensuring the optimum nutrition of cats is crucial to their health. While choosing the right cat food is important, it is also crucial to use the right food bowl. The problem with conventional cat food bowls is that they put the food a lot closer to the floor. This puts the cat’s stomach higher than its mouth. This can lead to the regurgitation or the backflow of stomach contents. A good solution will be to use Necoichi’s Raised Cat Food Bowl.

The Necoichi Raised Cat Food Bowl looks like an ordinary food bowl. The only difference is that it has a wide base that raises the food bowl a few inches from the floor. The design prevents the cat from having to hunch lower than necessary. This puts its mouth in level with its stomach.

This cat food bowl comes with a few innovations other than its raised design. First, the center of the bowl comes in a concave shape. Cat food will slide towards the center of the bowl. Conventional cat food bowls have a flat bottom. This makes their food go towards the edges of the bowl. The cat will have to move around its bowl to finish its meal. Necoichi addresses this issue by lowering the center of the bowl. Everything slides towards the center. However, wet cat food can still stick to the sides of the bowl.

The other innovation is a subtle inner lip that surrounds the upper rim of the Necoichi. This design element keeps food and water in the bowl. Unfortunately, there are pet parents who say that the design does not work. There are, however, more pet owners who think of the design as ingenious.

The Necoichi Raised Cat Food Bowl is made of durable porcelain. It is safe to put in either a dishwasher or microwave. The manufacturing process does not make use of cadmium and lead. They also meet the strict standards of both the FDA and European regulatory organizations. It also has a simple design that should complement your home.

Key Features:

  • Made of non-absorbent, durable porcelain
  • Microwave- and dishwasher-safe
  • Concave feeding bowl bottom
  • Subtle inner lip design
  • Keeps cat food centered in the bowl
  • Prevents backflow of gastric contents
  • Design minimizes food and water spills
  • Very easy to clean
  • Meets FDA, ECC, and EC standards
  • Some cats may react with porcelain
  • Quite expensive for a cat food bowl

How Does This Product Work?

The elevated design of the Necoichi Cat Food Bowl relieves the stress from the cat’s cervical spine as it eats its food. This puts its mouth almost at the same level as its stomach. Such an alignment can help prevent the backflow of stomach contents. The bowl also comes with a concave bottom, instead of the traditional flat bottom design of pet food bowls. This puts the cat food well into the center of the bowl and not on the edges. There is a subtle lip surrounding the rim of the Necoichi, too. This prevents food from spilling.

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