Merial Oravet Dental Hygiene Chew for Dogs

Oral care is one aspect of canine health care that is one of the trickiest to master as a pet parent. Managing ticks and fleas can be as easy as applying a topical spot-on solution. However, caring for your pooch’s teeth and oral health can be challenging since you really cannot expect to train your dog to brush its teeth on a regular basis. This is where dental dog chews come in. Sadly, the market is often inundated with a lot of products that are mediocre at best. However, there are products that come from reputable brands that you can trust to give your pooch the kind of dental and oral health it deserves. One of these products is Oravet Dental Hygiene Chew for Dogs from the same maker of Frontline flea medications, Merial.


Oravet Dental Hygiene Chew for Dogs is a uniquely-formulated dog chew that is guaranteed to prevent the attachment of bacteria on the surface of your dog’s teeth as well as in the gum line. This will help prevent the formation or development of dental plaque, halitosis, and calculus.

Oravet also contains a proprietary dental technology that provides exceptional protection for the teeth as well as the gums and the tongue. This protective layer is what helps guard against the deposition or colonization of these areas by microorganisms especially bacteria.

The unique formulation of Oravet also allows for the more effective breakdown of existing dental plaque. The rough textures of the dental chews help finish the process of removing these broken-down plaque bits through mechanical action.

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  • Contains 0.7% delmopinol HCl

Delmopinol is one of the key ingredients in a new class of human oral health care products that is classified by the FDA as a Class II medical device primarily because of its ability to interfere with the production of biofilm and plaque by bacteria found in the oral cavity as well as prevent the adherence or attachment of bacteria on the surface of the teeth. While the original formulation is designed primarily for human use, the delmopinol found in Oravet has been optimized for canine oral cavities. In human tests, delmopinol has been shown to reduce the incidence of bleeding gums by up to 36 percent as well as reduce the amount of dental plaques by 35%. What this translates to for dogs is lower incidence of gum diseases.

  • Dog-friendly chewable formulation

Since the formulation of Oravet is in chewable form, its administration is relatively easy. However, Merial strongly advises against the giving of Oravet more than once per day as the effects of overdosing have not been studied extensivey.

  • Individually-wrapped chews

This helps prevent possible cross-contamination of the chews if these are not individually wrapped. You only get to open and use one chew at a time, preserving the integrity of the rest until it’s time to give your pooch its daily Oravet chew.

The strength of Oravet is in its ability to provide a protective barrier between your dog’s teeth and other oral structures and the different species of bacteria that cause plaque, tartar, and bad breath.