Meow Mix Cat Food Review

Last Updated April 28, 2020

If you’ve been looking for highly palatable but affordable cat food for your finicky feline companion, you’ve probably bumped into Meow Mix a few times, a brand that’s been in the pet food manufacturing business for over 40 years. Made popular by their tagline “tastes so good, cats ask for it by name” and accompanying jingle, the brand is well-known and well-loved by pet parents and their kitties all over the world. While undoubtedly delicious enough to entice even the pickiest of eaters, is this food really good for your cat? Find out in our comprehensive and unbiased Meow Mix cat food review where we take a close look at the company and the ingredients they commonly use in their recipes.


Meow Mix Original Choice Dry Cat Food is one of the brand’s most popular kibbles – and for a reason. This dry food is incredibly tasty thanks to its flavorful ingredients such as salmon, chicken, ocean fish, and turkey, and crunchy texture thanks to corn. The taste is truly delicious, and the perfect blend of the various nourishing ingredients is guaranteed to put a smile on your finicky feline’s face.

That said, the formula is not the healthiest out there because the first two protein sources are corn, not animal meat. Still, the food does contain all the essential vitamins and minerals, so it’s 100% complete and balanced. It’s quite rich in overall protein, which is crucial for your kitty’s muscle maintenance and overall health and well-being. And thanks to salmon and fish, there are plenty of essential fatty acids, which are vital for healthy skin and shiny coat. Overall, a well-balanced, crunchy kibble that is the perfect choice for picky eaters.

30% of protein and 11% of fat

Contains chicken, turkey, salmon, ocean fish and grains

Fortified with all essential vitamins and minerals

Highly palatable kibble with crunchy texture

  • Brand: Meow Mix
  • Model: 00829274461986-PARENT
  • Weight: 7.8 pounds


If your cat likes nothing better than juicy moist food, we recommend Meow Mix Wet Food in poultry and beef flavor. This variety pack is not only delicious, but also quite healthy as it’s made with real chicken, turkey, beef or fish. It comes conveniently canned in 2.75oz cups, making it easy to serve, whether on its own or mixed with dry kibble.

There are three “tender” flavors: chicken and liver, chicken and beef, and turkey and giblets, all served in a creamy, tasty sauce for maximum enjoyment. The ingredients in all three recipes are quite good, as there are plenty of animal proteins, including tuna, chicken, beef and turkey, plus easily digestible grains and added vitamins and minerals for complete nutrition for both adult cats and kittens.

Between 10% and 11% of protein

Three flavors different flavors for maximum enjoyment 

Contains multiple animal protein sources

Suitable for both adult cats and kittens

  • Brand: Meow Mix
  • Model: 10079100520890
  • Weight: 5 pounds


If you’re looking for something really special to entice your kitty to eat their dry food, we recommend checking out Meow Mix Tender Centers recipe. This kibble has a crunchy outer shell and a meaty, tender center so even the pickiest cat won’t be able to resist it.

Made with multiple protein sources, including chicken, salmon and turkey, this Meow Mix dry cat food is quite rich in overall protein, making it ideal for growing and active cats. Aside from poultry and fish, the formula also contains easily digestible grains, including corn which is the first ingredient. Since it’s supplemented with all important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, the food 100% balanced and complete. Overall, a solid choice if you’re looking for super-tasty Meow Mix kitten food that can also be fed to adult cats.


31% of protein and 11% of fat

Crunchy outer layer and meaty center

Made with easily digestible proteins

Balanced nutritional content


  • Brand: Meow Mix
  • Model: 10079100501653
  • Weight: 13.9 pounds


Another Meow Mix wet cat food we really liked is Simple Servings Variety Pack. This pack comes with individual, mess-free cups that are super-simple to open and serve. Each cup is packed with nourishing, easily digestible ingredients, including real fish and veggies, making it perfect for feeding on its own, or mixed with your kitty’s regular dry food.

With three different flavors – tuna and salmon, tuna, shrimp and whitefish, and tuna and ocean fish – this pack is the ideal pick for finicky eaters as each recipe is bursting with seafood flavor. Aside from these protein sources, the food also contains some healthy veggies such as peas and carrots, as well as added vitamins and minerals. 

From 11% to 12% of protein

No meat or filler by-products

Comes in three different flavors

Irresistible taste and nutritious ingredients

  • Brand: Meow Mix
  • Model: 2927414851
  • Weight: 2.6 pounds


If your cat is sensitive to grains, you can try Meow Mix’s Grain-Free recipes as they’re quite tasty, affordable and completely free from all grains, including corn and wheat. This particular formula is made with USA chicken plus a few simple but highly nutritious ingredients, including peas, flaxseed and beef fat. Unlike most Meow Mix kibbles, this one is free from added flavors, making it perfect for sensitive cats. To provide a complete and balanced nutrition, it’s enriched with essential minerals, vitamins and other nutrients, including taurine for eye and heart health.

36% of protein, 12% of fat

Made with quality chicken protein

Grain-free recipe

Contains optimal amount or level of minerals and vitamins

  • Brand: Meow Mix
  • Model: 829274218337
  • Weight: 13.8 pounds

Meow Mix Cat Food Review Buying Guide

Company Information

The Meow Mix company was established in the year 1974. The original owner was the Ralston Purina Brand, today known as Nestlé-Purina. But the ownership of the Meow Mix company has changed several times over the 40 years period: it was initially bought by the Del Monte brand, which also owned the Big Heart Animal or Pet labels; then, the company was acquired by Cypress Group, only to return to Del Monte brand soon after. Today, the Meow Mix Cat Food products are sold under the Smucker Brand name.

The Meow Mix dry meals are manufactured in USA, in a facility in Alabama to be precise, however, the wet recipes are manufactured in Thailand. Interestingly, most of their wet formulas tend to be better in terms of ingredients.

The Meow Mix label has not suffered from any product recalls since its establishment. However, in the year 2015, an advocacy organization conducted research and found contaminants in the Meow Mix Tender Centers Feline Food and several animal foods. Meow Mix Tender Centers Food was found to contain excessive levels of mycotoxin, which is a naturally occurring toxin produced by fungi (typically found in corn and wheat). That said, Meow Mix has never been officially recalled and is considered as one of the safest pet foods in the market.

The brand offers several recipe varieties, including Meow Mix Hairball Control for kitties with hairball issues, grain-free recipes for cats intolerant to grains, and many more.

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Unwell cat refusing to eat

Why Choose This Brand

  • Irresistible flavor and texture: Every single recipe by Meow Mix -whether dry or wet – is highly palatable, making it ideal for finicky eaters. Most formulas also feature irresistible texture – super-crunchy kibbles with meaty centers, and juicy, tender chunks of meat in sauce – no cat can resist them!
  • High-protein content: The Meow Mix kitten food, as well as most adult recipes, are big on texture, taste, and protein. Turkey, chicken, tuna, salmon, ocean fish and beef are some of the sources of protein that are typically used in their formulas. All of these are excellent protein sources as they provide a complete amino acid profile.
  • Available in different formulas: The Meow Mix cat food is accessible in a variety of formulas and flavors. Some of the tastes include chicken, turkey, tuna and salmon, and you can also buy both dry and wet varieties. The brand also has different formulations available, including grain-free recipes, foods specially crafted for hairball control, indoor health formulas, and so much more.
  • No recalls: The Meow Mix cat food has never been recalled from the market. It shows that the people behind the brand are particular about the safety of the ingredients used in the manufacturing process.
  • Added nutrients: All Meow Mix foods are supplemented with essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients, making them 100% balanced and complete.

Ingredient Analysis

Alright, so there are plenty of reasons to give Meow Mix cat food a try. But what about the ingredients commonly used in their recipes? Are they good enough for your kitty? Let’s take a closer look.

  • Some of the most commonly used ingredients in Meow Mix recipes include chicken, turkey, salmon, ocean fish and whitefish, beef fat, natural flavor, salt, water, peas, fish oil, carrots and chicken liver. There are also grains and meat by-products in some recipes, which although nutritious and easy to digest, are not favorites among pet parents.
  • Felines are carnivores, and as such, they require lots of protein in their meals. Thankfully, the amount of crude protein in pretty much all Meow Mix cat foods is moderately rich to high. The most common protein sources are chicken and chicken by-products, turkey and turkey by-products, salmon meal and fish meal, as well as wholesome grains.
  • Importantly, all Meow Mix recipes are enriched with essential supplements, including all necessary minerals, vitamins and other nutrients such as taurine, which is crucial for good vision and heart health.
  • The fat composition in most Meow Mix products is average, and typical fat sources include beef fat, chicken fat, fish oil and flaxseed. As most cat owners know, felines need plenty of essential fats in their meals, however, too much fat can lead to cardiovascular disease and obesity. Luckily, Meow Mix recipes are all either moderately low or moderately rich in fat.

Grey scottish fold cat near bowl on floor in kitchen

Pros & Cons

  • The protein content in Meow Mix foods is typically high, which is great news for your kitty’s health. While some recipes contain only simple, natural meats, others contain processed varieties such as meat meals and byproducts. While this may be a minus for some pet parents, it’s actually a pro for others, such as the owners of kitties with digestive issues as more processed meat and fish sources are easier to digest.
  • Most recipes contain simple and easily digestible ingredients, including meat meals and refined grains, both of which are gentle on the tummy.
  • Meow Mix products are quite affordable as compared to other products on the shelves. For felines that have an average weight of 10 Ibs, you can buy dry cat food for about $10 per day while the Meow Mix wet cat food costs about $1.65 per day – quite a bargain!
  • One of the biggest selling points of Meow Mix cat foods is their irresistible taste. Every single recipe we reviewed is bursting with flavor, making this food perfect for finicky eaters.
  • The Meow Mix Cat Food is readily available on shelves around the world, as well as online.
  • In 2015, the Meow Mix Tender Centers Food product was found to contain an excessive level of mycotoxin contamination.
  • Most dry Meow Mix foods contain a high carbohydrate content; thankfully, the wet varieties offer a better balance of macronutrients.
  • To increase palatability, some recipes contain added flavors and colors.
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