When you marry your other half, it is likely that you are going to want all of the special people in your life in attendance. A lot of pet owners view their animals as their family – even referring to their pets as their children. If this applies to you, you may be interested in different ways to include your dog in your wedding. Read on to discover plenty of suggestions you can use.

How to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding

Use your pet to propose – If marriage is on the horizon, but you are yet to pop the question, why not use your dog to propose? You could get a sign made, saying “will you marry me?” and you can place it around your pet’s neck. Just be prepared for a bit of nerves if your other half doesn’t notice it straight away. That’s half the fun of it, though!

Dog theme – One of the best ways to incorporate your pup into your special day is to incorporate dogs into the theme of your wedding. From the save-the-dates to the table numbers, you can easily personalize wedding stationary so that it has a dog theme. Why not include dog bones on the design? Or, why not send out photo invites? You could take a picture of your dog with a sign around his neck saying “save the date” or “we’re getting married.” Not only is this a good way to include your dog in your special day, but also it will add a unique twist to your wedding stationary, which is assured to get your guests excited and make a positive impression.

Arrive in style – If you are arranging wedding transport for your big day, try to find a company that will allow your dog to ride in the car with you. You could have your dog’s head hanging out of the window (safely, of course!), as you arrive. Not only is this a great way to include your pet in your wedding day, but it can also calm your nerves too. After all, many people find their pets to be a soothing presence, and so there is no better way to arrive to the most important day of your life.

Make your dog part of the wedding party – When people get married, those who are special in their lives tend to play an important role on the day, for example, best man or bridesmaid. So, why not create a special role especially for your dog? Your dog could accompany you down the aisle, for example. Or, why don’t you make your dog the ring bearer? You could attach a little jewellery pouch to your dog’s collar and keep the rings inside of there. Needless to say, you will want to make sure it is secure and make sure one of your friends or family members is in charge of watching your dog like a hawk! There are so many ways you can include your dog in wedding ceremony. For example, if you have a number of pets, why not get your bridesmaids to walk your dogs down the aisle? This is also something you could get your flower girls and page boys today, if they aren’t too young – babies and dogs together can be chaos!

Couple and hunting dog in field

Take some special photos with your dog included – When you choose a wedding photographer, speak to them about the prospect of including your dog in the photos. Nowadays, there are so many different styles of photography available. Some people prefer natural shots whereas others like the staged shots with the elaborate backgrounds. No matter what you decide on, it is important to talk to the photographer beforehand about your desire to make your pet a vital part of the photos. If you are going for staged shots, the photographer will be able to come up with lots of fun and exciting poses and settings. For natural shots, your photographer will be on the lookout for different and fun ways to include the dog in the photos while ensuring everyone around is non-the-wiser of the snaps being taken.

Dog photo props – It is also worth pointing out that you and your guests can have photos taken with your dog in your photobooth if you are hiring one. If you intend to do this, make sure you buy some props for your dog too.

Get ready together – Are you going to be getting ready with your bridesmaids on your special day? If so, why not let your little pup tag along? There are lots of cute dog wedding collars available to buy online, which will make your pet look extra smart. Just make sure you put your dog’s collar on before you get dressed yourself!

Dress them up – While we are on the subject of dog collars and getting ready, why not dress your dog up for your wedding? After all, dogs should look just as dapper as the rest of the wedding party. Nowadays, there is no end to the different styles and designs of dog attire you can purchase. From floral collars and tutus for girls to tuxedoes and bow ties for boys, you are bound to find dog wedding attire that fits in with your wedding theme.

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Serve dog-themed drinks – Are you going to be serving cocktails at your wedding reception? If so, why not give them a dog-themed name? Signature drinks are becoming more and more popular. People are ditching the champagne and Prosecco for something a bit more unique. And, what better what to put your own spin on things than by naming your special cocktail after your precious pup?

Ditch the floral bouquet – If you have a small puppy, why not ditch the floral bouquet and carry your dog down the aisle instead? One dog trainer had her bridesmaids carry rescue dogs down the aisle instead of bouquets, which is a beautiful idea. You could combine this with donations to a pet rescue centre as part of your favours. Of course, borrowing this many rescue dogs may not be feasible. It’s worth exploring, though. Charities and rescue centres may jump on the idea if you are planning to make a donation and you are going to encourage all of your gusts to do so. This is a great way to include your dogs, show your passion for animals, and support an important cause.

Dog-themed favours – As mentioned, one option is to donate money to a dog rescue centre as your wedding favours. However, there are lots of other dog themed gifts. You could create a dog goodie bag as your favours, or you could opt for chocolates in the shape of paw prints. If you do a bit of digging online, you will find plenty of inspiration regarding the different ways you can incorporate your dogs into the wedding favours.

White dog in suit

Dog decorations – A lot of people like to include photographs as part of their wedding décor. There are many different ways this can be done. You could put photo frames on all of the tables at the wedding breakfast. Or, you could opt for one of the popular wishing trees and place Polaroid photos on them. No matter what option you go for, make sure you include some photos of you and your partner having fun with your dog.

Add them to your cake topper – While we stay on the theme of decorations, why not add your dog to your cake topper? If you are going to go down the traditional route of having a bride and groom on the top of the cake, add a dog figure to complete the family.

First dance for three – Last but not least, another unique way to incorporate your dog into your wedding celebrations is to incorporate him or her into your first dance. Nowadays, many couples decide to do something a little bit different for their first dance. A lot of brides do routines with their bridesmaids, for example. But have you ever seen a bride and groom do a dance with their dog? If not, be the first couple to do it! One thing is for sure; it will be a first dance to remember!

As you can see, there are many different ways you can include your dog into your wedding.  No matter whether you have decided to have a dog ring bearer or you’re going to walk down the aisle with your dog, you are bound to find a precious way to include your much-loved pet into your special day. If you look on Instagram and Pinterest, you will be able to find some great inspiration regarding dog-themed décor, wedding invites, and such like!


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