The Best Dog Tick Remover Tool (Review) in 2021

Last Updated May 26, 2020

Are you looking for the best dog tick remover tool to keep you and your pet safe when you are on long walks in the country or in woodland? To protect your pooch from the nasty diseases that ticks can transmit, it is important that you act in time and remove all of the tick from the skin as soon as you spot it. The traditional way of removing ticks was to use a tweezers but now there is a new way. Many pet owners and vets now prefer to use a specially designed tool for this delicate job.

These devices are small enough for you to carry them around with you. Some will even attach to a key ring or leash. They can quickly remove both crawling and attached ticks and cause little trauma to the skin. When used correctly, all of the tick can be eased out of the skin without rupturing the tick’s abdomen and without leaving the mouth parts behind where they can cause infection. Read on to find out more about tick removal tools and how you should use them.

The Best Dog Tick Remover Tool


A set of two tick removing tools that will help you to safely remove ticks from your dog’s skin. The tools are in two sizes and can be used to remove the tick without pain and without leaving the mouth parts behind. With this tick remover set, you can tackle both small and large ticks in just a few seconds and they can be used on all your pets. They are available in five bright color options so you can spot them in the grass if you drop them.

Set of two tools to remove ticks

Remove ticks without pain

Made from plastic

Can be mounted on a key ring

  • Brand: Tick Twister
  • Model: STT
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces


A safe and effective way of removing ticks from both humans and pets. These tools are capable of lifting the whole tick out of the skin without leaving the mouth parts behind and therefore reducing the risk of infections such as Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. The remover is designed by a vet and is safer and more reliable than a tweezers.

They are small enough to carry around with you and are a bright color so you can spot them if you drop them. The larger tool can be used for an adult tick and an embedded tick and the smaller tool can be used for nymph ticks.

Can be used on humans and animals

Designed by a veterinarian

Two sizes for different tick life stages

Bright color

  • Brand: Tick Tornado
  • Model: 5926
  • Weight: 0.32 ounces


Pack of two tick remover tools that will safely remove these pesky parasites without causing a risk of injury and infection. They help to cut down the risk of Lyme disease by removing all parts of the tick’s body at the same time.

The pack includes two removers so that you can use them on different sizes of tick and still be sure that you have removed the whole tick including the head. The twisters are small enough to carry around with you when you are out on a walk in the country.

Pack of two tick remover tools

Safely removes ticks

Help to prevent disease

Removes the mouth parts of ticks

  • Brand: Jakma
  • Model: 02-3785
  • Weight: 0.32 ounces


The Tick Key is a compact and highly portable tick removing tool that can be carried around on a key ring or in a wallet so that you will have it wherever you are. You could even attach it to your dog’s leash. It is available in a very wide range of bright colors and is made from anodized aluminum which is both strong and durable.

This tick extractor is very easy to use by dog owners who are not experts in tick removal and it will remove the entire body without leaving the mouth parts behind.

Very portable – can be attached to a leash

Available in a wide range of colors

Made from anodized aluminum

Easy to use

  • Brand: Tick Key Products
  • Model: TickKey
  • Weight: 0.96 ounces


The key feature of this tick removal tool is that three separate tools in different sizes are supplied. This means that you will be able to remove very small ticks (deer ticks) right up to the largest engorged ticks. The tools are very easy to use and do not involve any chemicals.

The process is efficient and painless – the tools do not pinch the abdomen of the tick which can cause rupture and create a pool of blood on your dog’s coat. They remove the entire tick including the mouth parts. This helps to prevent the spread of disease and makes the process a lot quicker.

Removes ticks without squashing the abdomen

Suitable for all sizes of tick

Can be used on all tick life stages

Helps to prevent disease

  • Brand: HomeSake
  • Weight: 0.6 ounces


Suitable for both people and animals, this tick remover is safe and very easy to use. It has a bowl shape at one end with a notch in it that grabs around the tick very close to the skin. By tilting the remover you remove the whole tick with one action without having to touch it with your own hands

The design is approved by vets and doctors and it can be used to remove both attached and crawling ticks. It’s available in a range of bright colors that are easy to spot in long grass should you drop them when you are out.

Suitable for both people and animals

Safe and easy to use

Removes attached and crawling ticks without any need to touch them

Approved by vets and doctors

  • Brand: Ticked Off
  • Model: FBA_6221
  • Weight: 0.8 ounces


A dual-sided tick tweezers that complies with Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations. You need just this one tool to effectively treat all of your pets and your family members. This tick remover is made from stainless steel and can be used on ticks of all life stages and of all engorgement levels. At one end, there is a fine-tipped tweezer tick remover that is suitable for removing ticks for humans.

At the other end, there is a tick puller shaped like a slotted scoop and this is the best tick remover for pets. It is quick and easy to use – you just slide it under an attached tick close to your pet’s skin and lift it up gently and slowly.

One tool suitable for humans and animals

Different tools at each end

Fine-tipped tweezer for ticks on humans

Slotted scoop removal tool for pets

  • Brand: TickEase
  • Model: 098667
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces


This dog tick removal tool is safe and very easy to use, even for pet owners who have no experience. It has a bowl shape at one end with a special notch that slots around the tick close to the skin so that it can be pulled upwards in one piece.

It can help to reduce the risk of some very nasty illnesses and infections; it has been endorsed by vets and tested in laboratories. You can use it on humans as well and it is popular with hunters and hikers as well as pet owners. You can use it to remove attached and crawling ticks without you having to touch them with your own hands which cuts down the infection risk.

Safe and easy tick removal

Can be used on you and your pet

Suitable for ticks at all life stages

Removes the tick in one piece

  • Brand: Ticked Off
  • Model: ZT59722
  • Weight: 0.48 ounces

Best Dog Tick Remover Tool Buying Guide

How to Identify Ticks on Your Dog

Ticks are small parasites but you will be able to spot them if you look carefully. You can also feel them on your dog’s skin. Despite their small size, they can do a lot of damage! They can spread several nasty diseases to both animals and humans and Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever are two of the most serious. For this reason, it is important that you know what they look like and adopt the habit of regularly checking your dog.

It is especially important to check your pooch after you have been walking in areas with long grass and in woodland. Ticks are found all over the US but are most common in the Northeast areas. They crawl onto your dog’s body when they brush against grass and plunge their mouth parts into the skin. They then feed on blood and can pass on diseases that they are carrying within three to 24 hours.

Your best line of defence is to identify and remove the ticks before they have a chance to pass on a disease to your dog. You can do this by giving your dog a thorough examination after a walk and before you get back into the car or into the house. Experts agree that you should do this by combing through your dog’s coat with your fingers whilst pressing gently on their skin. You should be able to feel any lumps. Remember that a tick can be very small (like a pinhead) or larger (like a grape). Ticks prefer the dark and moist areas of the body so pay special attention to the area under their collar, under the tail, around the groin, between the toes, under the front legs and at the elbow. You should also check inside the ears and around the face.

If you do find a bump, investigate it further. Ticks look a bit like tiny spiders and are egg-shaped. They have eight legs and are about the size of a sesame seed that is black, brown, or gray. You may not be able to see any legs at all.

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Why You Should Buy a Dog Tick Remover Tool

Ticks can transmit some very nasty diseases and the longer they stay on your pet’s skin, the more likely they are to spread a disease to your pet. The quicker you remove the tick the better. A tick removal tool is a very handy device that you can carry around with you. This means that you can remove the tick from your pet as soon as soon as you spot that it is there. You don’t have to wait until you get home.

The alternative is to carry around a pair of tweezers but a removal tool has a number of advantages. It is designed to remove both crawling and embedded ticks from your pet’s coat. Removal tools are also designed to gently lift out ticks from your pet’s skin without crushing them. If you crush a tick as you are removing it, you can squeeze a lot of fluid back into your pet’s bloodstream and this can cause illnesses and infections. Finally, a removal tool makes it easier for you to remove the tick from your pet without leaving the mouth parts behind. The tick is lifted in one piece and this causes less trauma to your pet’s skin.

How to Use a Tick Removal Tool

Even though tick removal tools are designed to safely and effectively remove ticks, they must always be used with great care. There are several different designs available and complete instructions will be provided by the manufacturer. It is important that you read these instructions carefully.

In general, you should get another adult to hold your pooch still whilst you are removing the tick. You start by parting your pet’s hair so that you can get a good view of the tick. Then, you slide the notch around the tick’s body whilst staying very close to the skin and applying very gentle pressure. Stop when the tick has reached the narrow end of the notch. With some removers you then carry on sliding forwards very carefully but with others you gradually tilt or twist the tools so that the tick is lifted out of the skin. This should be done very gradually and slowly so that all of the tick comes out and the mouth parts are not left behind as this causes an infection risk.

Once the tick is removed, you should dispose of it carefully. Do not throw it in the trash can or down the sink without crushing it completely because it can get back out and attach itself to humans and pets again! It is also a good idea to clean the skin area around the bite and your hands with rubbing alcohol but you could also use iodine or soap and water if you do not have any rubbing alcohol. Keep an eye on the bite site for a few days. If it shows signs that it is infected, consult your vet.

Best Dog Tick Remover Tool FAQ:

Q: Are tick removal tools safe around my pets?

A:Tick removal tools are the safest way of removing ticks from your dog’s skin. They have been designed by vets and doctors and many are approved by the Centers for Disease Control. If you use them according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer, they are completely safe and will help to spread infections associated with ticks.

However, these are small devices and they could present a choke hazard if your dog gets them into their mouth. For that reason, always keep the removal tool safely stored away. Some can be attached safely to a key fob or a leash.

Q: How do I get a tick off my dog without tweezers?

A: A pair of tweezers or a special tick removing tool or tick key are the only two safe ways of removing a tick effectively without hurting yourself or your dog. It is essential that you use these or get advice from your vet.

Do not try to remove ticks with your own fingers because you could get infected or you could introduce infection to the tick bite area. There is also a danger that you could crush the tick as you pull it out which will force liquid through the tick’s mouth and into your dog’s body which actually increases the risk of infection. Rubbing alcohol can be used to clean the area after removal but will not remove ticks by itself.

Despite what you may read on some websites, you should not use nail polish, vaseline or a lit cigarette to remove the tick. These can cause injury and are not effective.

Mastiff dog scratching

Our Top Pick

Our top pick of the tick removal tools is a set of two devices that will safely remove ticks from your dog’s skin. The tools are in two sizes, do not cause pain and remove the entire tick including the mouth parts.

These products will tackle both small and large ticks in just a few seconds and they are available in five bright color options so you can spot them in the long grass if you drop them.

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