The Best Dog Dragon Costumes (Review) in 2019

Who doesn’t love dressing up at Halloween, at Christmas or at parties and parades? Now your pooch can join in all the fun in a dog dragon costume. You can get costumes in several colors and in 3D designs with teeth, wings and tails! They are available in many sizes and it is important that you measure your dog before ordering.

Your pooch will look super cute in these adorable costumes but a cat could wear them as well. They are very comfortable and keep your pooch warm and cozy in the winter. Most of them can be machine washed and your dog can happily poop and pee when they are wearing them. To help you make the best choice for your pooch, here is our top list of dog dragon costumes.

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dog dragon costume
Alfie Couture Smokie the Dragon Dinosaur Costume

Alfie Couture Smokie the Dragon Dinosaur Costume

UHeng Funny Dog Fly Dragon Cosplay Costume

UHeng Funny Dog Fly Dragon Cosplay Costume

ARJOSA Puppies Dog Dragon Halloween Costume

ARJOSA Puppies Dog Dragon Halloween Costume

Our Top Pick

Our top pick for a dragon pet costume is an adorable Smokie the Dragon Dinosaur costume. You can get it in blue or green and in five sizes. It has a 3D design with sharp teeth and a long spiky tail. There are also shiny wings and shiny spikes.

It is easy to get it on and off and it closes with three press buttons. There is an elastic fitting around the hood and it is soft. The single-sided velvet material can be machine-washed. It would make a perfect gift and can also be worn by cats.


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