The Best Dog Dragon Costumes (Review) in 2021

Jarrett Gilpin
Published March 22, 2019

Who doesn’t love dressing up at Halloween, at Christmas or at parties and parades? Now your pooch can join in all the fun in a dog dragon costume. You can get costumes in several colors and in 3D designs with teeth, wings and tails! They are available in many sizes and it is important that you measure your dog before ordering.

Your pooch will look super cute in these adorable costumes but a cat could wear them as well. They are very comfortable and keep your pooch warm and cozy in the winter. Most of them can be machine washed and your dog can happily poop and pee when they are wearing them. To help you make the best choice for your pooch, here is our top list of dog dragon costumes.

The Best Dog Dragon Costume


Alfie Pet Smokie The Dragon Dinosaur Costume
Alfie Couture Smokie the Dragon Dinosaur Costume

It’s not just the humans in the house that will be having all the dressing-up fun when you get your pooch this adorable Smokie the Dragon Dinosaur costume. It is available in blue or green and in five sizes. As an example, the medium size has an 8.5 inch body length, a breast girth of 16.5 inches and a neck girth of 12 inches.

Your pooch can take on a prehistoric look complete with a 3D design. There are sharp teeth, a long spiky tail and scary eyes. It also has shiny wings and shiny spikes on the tail. It is very easy to get onto and off your dog and closes with three press buttons. It has an elastic fitting around the hood for a snug fit. Your dog will love to wear this costume because it is both soft and comfortable and is made from a single-sided velvet material. It can be hand-washed or machine-washed. It would make a perfect gift for your friend’s dog or a treat for your own little pooch. However, there’s no reason why a cat could not wear it too!

Available in five sizes

Prehistoric look complete with a 3D design

Closes with three press buttons

Perfect as a gift

  • Brand: Alfie
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces

Looks very cute when on a little dog

Very good quality

Good value for money


Sizes are very small so order the one above

No holes for a leash

Head can slip out of place


Specifically sized for wider chested canines such as bulldogs, Frenchies and pitbulls, this cute dragon hoodie will prove your pooch to be just a big softie! Made from soft, machine-washable cotton, the costume has wide shoulders to fit over thicker chested dogs for a comfortable feel. The hood is fully functional and when pulled up, gives your dog a dragon/dinosaur vibe that will make you smile. And your pooch should have no issues with wearing this costume as there’s an inner cover on the zip to prevent his fur getting trapped. Available in five sizes, from small to extra-large, you do need to measure your pooch to get the perfect fit. But the result is an eye-catching outfit for a special occasion or even everyday casual use.

100% machine-washable cotton

Thicker fabric to keep your dog warm

Available in five sizes

Shaped for wide-chested dogs

  • Brand: iChoue
  • Weight: 5.9 ounces

The perfect size and shape for wider chested pooches

Zip protector to prevent trapped hair


There’s no opening on the back for his harness leash


Alfie Pet Night Fury Dragon Costume
Alfie Pet Night Fury Dragon Costume

You can order this super cute dog dragon costume in three colors: blue, black or purple. It gives your dog a prehistoric look but they look adorable at the same time. You can choose from five possible sizes and you must measure your dog to get the right one. If you choose the large size, it is designed to fit a dog that has a 13 inch body length, a 22 inch breast girth and a neck girth of 16 inches.

It is recommended that you buy the size above to make sure that it fits. It is a soft and comfortable costume that your dog will love. It’s very easy to get on and off your pooch. It would make a perfect dragon dog Halloween costume so that your four-legged friend can join in the celebrations and the fun.

Available in three colors

Five possible sizes

Makes a perfect Halloween gift

Comfortable and soft

  • Brand: Alfie
  • Weight: 11.2 ounces

Fabric quality is good

Costume is well made and put together well

Head stands up on its own


Costume is very small so order a larger size

Elastic can be a bit constricting

Wings can be difficult to straighten


There’s no reason why your tiny terror should miss out on the Halloween party fun with this delightful dragon-like costume from Hotumn. And the beauty of this beastly get-up is that, thanks to its lovely velvet feel fleecy fabric, it can be used any time to keep your little pet toasty and warm. Sized for mini breeds such as chihuahua, bichon frise and the Pomeranian, you can be sure of a lovely fit, and with its hood and ear holes, back spikes and dragon tail, your pooch will get plenty of attention. The legs are softly elasticated to keep everything in place and the back is left open for when he needs to have a toilet break. Designed to make an impact on a spooky night, we think this mini dragon costume is too cute not to wear it all year round!

Sized for smaller dogs and mini breeds

Available in five sizes

Soft yet durable velvet fabric

Ideal costume for Halloween

  • Brand: Hotumn
  • Weight: 3.8 ounces

Mini-sized to fit smaller breeds

Supersoft fabric that also keeps your tiny pooch warm


Can be a little short in the body so ensure you get the right size

No hole on the back for his leash


This is a dragon pet costume that is suitable for small breeds only. It would be perfect for breeds such as the Pekingese, Pomeranian and Chihuahua who would look unbelievably cute in it. You could also buy it for pups of larger breeds or for other small pets.

It is available in five sizes and in red or green. It is important that you measure your dog before ordering and refer to the size chart. As an example, the xs size has a chest of 10.23 inches, the length is 7.87 inches and the neck is 7.87 inches. It would suit a dog of up to 3.3 pounds. The fabric is comfortable against your pet’s skin. The polyester blend material smells pleasant and does not trigger skin allergies or irritation. It is both lightweight and durable and because it is so soft and flexible, your dog will love wearing it. It can be used when indoors or outdoors and for any special occasion. You fix it on with buttons and it can be machine washed without fading or shrinking.

Suitable for small breeds only

Polyester blend material

Does not cause irritation

  • Brand: ARJOSA
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces

Comfortable for your dog

Very well made

Washes well


Size measurements are a bit small

Only suitable for small dogs


With its big googly eyes and full body, this crocodile-dragon canine costume gets full marks for its snappy design. Made from a super-soft fleece style material that’s lightweight and durable, it still well over your dog, secured by Velcro fastening for a comfortable fit.  And it is not just about the dressing up, as the outfit also keeps your pooch toasty warm. The hood fits over your pooch’s head and is on the large side so won’t hug his head like a hoody so can move around. But the whole outfit is easy to put on and take off, with no discomfort for your pet, thanks to the Velcro cummerbund. The sizes do run on the small side so always measure your dog and if you are in any doubt, go a size up. But with a choice of sizes, from medium to XXXL, your larger dog is going to look super-cute.

Sizes from medium to XXXL

Soft and warm velvet material

Velcro cummerbund for fit

Adjustable length

  • Brand: MUYAOPET
  • Weight: 8 ounces

Small split in the neck for your dog’s leash
Quick and easy to put on and take off


The hood is large and can move around

Runs small so you must measure your dog before buying

Our Top Pick

Our top pick for a dragon pet costume is an adorable Smokie the Dragon Dinosaur costume. You can get it in blue or green and in five sizes. It has a 3D design with sharp teeth and a long spiky tail. There are also shiny wings and shiny spikes.

It is easy to get it on and off and it closes with three press buttons. There is an elastic fitting around the hood and it is soft. The single-sided velvet material can be machine-washed. It would make a perfect gift and can also be worn by cats.


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