Did You Feed The Dog
Did You Feed The Dog
Did You Feed The Dog
Did You Feed The Dog

Did You Feed The Dog? by DYFTD

If you live alone with your dog, keeping track of its feeding schedule is easy. But if you live with others, there’s a chance of overfeeding the pet. Someone else may have already fed the dog without you knowing it. The Did You Feed The Dog? sliding signage keeps you posted on the feeding status of your pet.

The Did You Feed The Dog? device offers a very simple solution for keeping track of the dog’s feeding times. It is made of high-grade ABS plastic that is far better than conventional plastics you see in many products today. It doesn’t look plastic, however. It has a brushed metal look to make it more elegant and high-end.

This device comes with two columns that correspond to the morning and afternoon feeding schedules of dogs. There are also the days of the week under each column, complete with their corresponding color-coded sliders. When “activated”, the slider will reveal a green-colored slot. This makes it very visible from a considerable distance. If the slot retains the solid silver color of the device, then it means that the dog hasn’t eaten yet.

There is one minor flaw in the design of the Did You Feed The Dog? It presupposes that these pets only need to eat twice a day. There are pets that need to eat 3 or 4 times a day. Regardless, the device is still a very useful contraption to keep track of your pet’s feeding schedule.

Key Features:
  • Simple color-coding dog feeding checker
  • Made of high-impact ABS plastic with a brushed metal look
  • Secure slider mechanism
  • Easy to mount design

How Does This Product Work?

If you have ever seen a doctor use an “IN/OUT” sign on the door of his or her clinic, then you already know how the Did You Feed The Dog? works. This is a tablet that you mount on your wall where it is visible. The only difference with the conventional ‘IN/OUT?” sliding sign is that you have two columns of sliders to “activate”. These correspond to AM and PM feeding times. There are also 7 rows corresponding to the days of the week.

Right after feeding the dog, you slide the appropriate slider into position. This presents a green-colored tab which should be visible from across the room. If you don’t see a green tab in one of the columns, it means you haven’t fed your dog its meal yet.