CHEWDEN Dog Treat Holder Designed to Reduce Mess, Prevent Choking and Engage Dogs

Thousand of dogs owners across the United States have experienced the stress, anxiety, and exasperation of providing their pups with a delicious chew treat, only for them to break it into a thousand tiny pieces all over the rug, or threaten to swallow it whole out of enthusiasm. But up until now, there has been nothing offered on the doggie market to help combat this awkward and somewhat stressful part of dog ownership. This is where the CHEWDEN treat holder by LUNOJI comes in.

What is CHEWDEN?

Brown poodle is having her treat time with Chewden on a sofa

CHEWDEN is a brand new modular system developed by Adrian Lim to make chew-time far less stressful for you and more enjoyable for your dog. By inserting a tasty chew into the CHEWDEN treat-holder, your dog is not only going to be more comfortable, but safer. It holds your dog’s chew steady for them to enjoy it safely in your absence by preventing them from being able to tip their head back or swallow it whole. This is a particularly helpful tool for dog parents who either have to spend a large amount of time out of the house or owners of dogs that require chews on a regular basis as a soothing tool.

CHEWDEN’s founder Adrian Lim designed this holder after adopting a rescue dog, named Oji, that does heavily relies on chews to help it deal with separation anxiety in his absence. Lim found himself stressing constantly that Oji would choke on his chews whilst he was away. Additionally, Oji could be quite the messy eater, meaning constant hoovering and surface wiping, something for which Lim was eager to find a solution.


Disassembled Chewden on a grey sofa

The treat holder itself is designed to sit at such an angle that less strain is put on your dog’s neck owing to the far more natural positioning of the treat. It has also been designed in such a way that it curved inwards towards the treat, encouraging the use of the front teeth once the treat gets smaller. In order to fit the treat snuggly into the holder, you simply slide it into the slot and adjust the high-quality velcro strap to tighten it as much as you want.

The use of velcro instead of screws, or twisting mechanism is in order to simplify the device and minimize the risk to your dog. Screws can come loose, and toys that need to be twisted closed are often made up of multiple pieces that can fall apart under stress. The CHEWDEN holder is only made up of two main pieces – the base and the removable holder. Simply tuck the chew into the universal chew-holder, tighten it as much as you see fit, and slot it back onto the base.

The CHEWDEN holder also has a wide, flat, weighted base made to resist tugging and catch any pieces of chew your dog might drop. Not only making it tidier for you as the owner but also far more hygienic for your dog who won’t have to eat pieces of chew off the floor.

Additionally, once your dog has settled down into a comfortable chewing position, its paws will rest on the base of the holder, weighing it down further and acting as an additional anchor, should they start pulling on the chew. The fact that the chew itself is not touching the floor will mean your dog will not be able to get its paws around it, stopping it from getting enough purchase to pull as hard as it wants. Furthermore, it has been designed with a slight wobble in the joint to provide an added challenge and additional interactive element for your pup.

Additional CHEWDEN Attachments and Uses



The original Grip attachment is also ideal for use outside of the holder, as it can act as a barrier between the chew and the ground. Simply place the treat into the grip and give it to your dog. They will be able to gain easy purchase on the concave base to hold the chew steady as they’re enjoying it. Perfect to avoid contamination from dirty outdoor surfaces that could lead to the growth of bad bacteria.

As a little added bonus, Lim has also developed the Trove attachment, which has a deep circular opening (like a small bowl), that can be filled and frozen to create the perfect pupsicle during hot weather, or even as a little extra treat. Though it’s not simply limited to pupsicles – you could fill it with pretty much anything including small snacks, peanut butter, chunky pate, and much more.

What is CHEWDEN Made From?

The holder itself is made using non-toxic, BPA-free, phthalate-free, recyclable TPE material, whilst the jointing mechanism and base uses a single stainless steel piece. All parts of the CHEWDEN are dishwasher safe, with it being recommended that it is washed as often as possible to maintain proper hygiene.

Where Can I Buy CHEWDEN?

This product has come to fruition as the result of a highly successful Indiegogo campaign through which they were able to raise twice their target. The campaign itself is still running with 14 days remaining and over 280 backers so far. For anyone wanting to back the CHEWDEN campaign and pre-order one of these fantastic chew holders, further information can be found on their Indiegogo campaign page.

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