How to Catify Your Windows

How to Catify Your Windows

We’ve all seen cats perched in windows looking out on to the world beyond the window pane. However, not all houses or homes leave cats with the ability to partake in such behavior which is a shame given that they gain so much enjoyment from it. Bearing this in mind, in this guide, we look at ways to catify your windows so that they can always look out at what is going on in the world with ease. It’s a good idea to do, not only for your cat’s benefit but also for yours. It provides your pet with a great deal of mental stimulation which means that they do not need as much entertaining by you to stop them from exhibiting any negative behavior that can come from being bored.

All of the tips below are incredibly easy and inexpensive so anyone can do it! You’ll have one of the best cat perches ready for your cat in no time.

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Make Existing Window Ledges More Appealing

Often, cats may avoid jumping up on to window ledges simply because there is nothing enticing enough up there for them to make them think about doing so. If you have a bare window ledge, and your cat never uses it, think about decorating it so that they are encouraged to use it. This can be very easily done by simply covering a window ledge with a warm lining, like sheepskin or fake fur, along with making the area colorful through cat friendly pot plants. If you are unsure about your cat and pot plants, either because they may eat it or because they may knock the pot over making a mess, simply use cheap fake ones.

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Put An Cat Pedestal Up Against the Window

Not all windows come with ledges that are suitable for cats to perch on. If this is the case, move one of the cat pedestals that you have around your house or apartment so that your cat can climb up an already loved toy and look out at the window. This is so quick and easy to do, plus if your cat tower or pedestal has several different levels it can act as a fantastic development for mental stimulation to an already much loved toy by putting it front of a lookout to the outside world.

Put Up a Shelf

For those that don’t want a cat pedestal in their homes but also do not have a window with a ledge, it is not a bad idea simply to put up a shelf below your window. Once you’ve done this, you can decorate the shelf with non slip lining so that your cat can walk along the shelf easily and safely as well as decorating it in a cat safe way that matches the rest of your decor. If you are unsure of what non slip lining to use, anything like carpet offcuts from the store or even a strip of an old yoga mat will do. Make sure you subject your shelf to rigorous testing before you let your cat jump up on to it however to avoid any accidents.

Put More Entertainment on the Outside

Sometimes, even if you have decorated a suitable ledge for your cat to sit on beside a window, they still won’t jump up onto it of their own accord and watch what is going on outside. If this is the case with your feline pet, think about adding some entertainment on the outside of the window to start to entice them up on to the ledge in the first place. Great ideas for this would be a bird box so that your cat can see the birds from the floor and want to jump up on to the ledge by the window to try to get at the entertainment outside (while the birds stay safe). Other ideas would be to attach feathers or other cat toys to the outside of the windows so that they move in the breeze causing your kitty cat to want to get up on the ledge and play with the toys on the outside of the window. It will keep them mesmerized for hours.

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Make Access Easy

In some instances, cats may actually really want to get up on to the window sill of your home, but can’t. This can be either due to the general older health making them less agile, or even because there is simply too much clutter in the way to prevent them from being able to sit down easily on the window ledge. Ensure, therefore, that there is an easy access point for your cat, whatever stage of their life they are at. If they are older, and so cannot jump up quite as high, think about adding some cat stairs or building blocks that allow them to get to the sill to watch the world go by on the outside. If your window sill is too cluttered, think about making enough space for your pet by getting rid of a few ornaments or photo frames that are masking the view for them. Or, if your house is really too cluttered, make sure there is a clear path from the door of a room to a window ledge so that your cat does not have to undergo a treacherous journey to its favorite lookout spot.

How To Catify Your Window – The Bottom Line

Some of the above tips may seem like a bit of a chore at first as a way to catify your window, but they can do your cat so much good, especially if they are indoor cats that cannot go outside. Being able to see the wider world is good for their mental health as well as their physical well being, so give it a go and see if your cat starts to jump up on whatever ledge you provide for them. More often than not, they will.

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