These days fruits and vegetables are getting popular for healthy living. Apples they say, keep the doctor away. This fruit is known to have some nutritional benefits for humans like antioxidants and fiber. Apples also reduce the risk of getting cancer and improve heart function, but do they work the same for cats? Do cats react the same way to apples as adults do? The logical answer to these will be positive because if it is so good for humans, why wouldn’t it work for them too? Here is everything useful on cats and apples and how you may either be hurting your cat or doing it some good.

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Your Cat’s Diet and Fruits

By now you should know that a cat’s diet should be made mainly of protein-rich foods like meat and fish. It is the first thing you learn about cats before bringing them into your home. Sometimes it can get boring to feed them the same thing every day and so you might want to switch it up a bit. Fruits can be a great addition to your cat’s diet if you pay attention to what is in them. They come in handy if you’re trying to control your cat’s weight since they are low in calories. Whenever you are adding something new to your cat’s diet you should pay attention, so you do not cause more harm than good. Cats have fragile digestive systems, and some fruits may cause digestive problems for them. You should discontinue giving fruits to your cat when you start to notice adverse reactions to them. Also visit the vet to know more about what and what not to be feeding your cat.

Your Cat’s Diet and Apples

Cats are carnivorous animals, and the meats contain all the nutrients they need to grow and stay healthy.  Sometimes, however, they can have some vegetarian specials like whole-grain and some vegetables. Apples are not harmful to cats but should not be the main component of their diet. You might find that your cat may love the fruit as much as you do, so you must know what its made of. The flesh of the apple is not harmful to your cat so that it can have a few pieces. Other parts of the apple, like the seeds and leaves, on the other hand, are not so great for the furball. These parts of the apple contain cyanide, which can be harmful to the cat. Cyanide is a poisonous chemical that has the potential to kill cells by preventing oxygen flow to them. It can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, and seizures, which are not good signs of a healthy cat. It is excusable in small quantities and can be passed through urine, but it can cause severe problems if not controlled. Either way, it is safer to avoid feeding the cat these parts of the apples totally to be on the safer side.

What Is the Best Way to Feed Cats Apples?

Apple seeds have minimal amounts of cyanide, and the flesh is ok for your cat. There is, however, the right approach and a wrong approach to feeding the fruit to the cat. After removing the leaves, stem, and seeds, the rest of the apple should be treated appropriately before serving it to the cat. Because of the fragile nature of their digestive system, cats must be fed clean food. Make sure the apple is washed correctly before letting your cat eat it. There may be some pesticides on the fruit from the cultivation process which may not be helpful to the cat. If you’re serving the cat raw apples, then cut them up into small, manageable pieces to reduce the likelihood of choking. You can use these pieces as toppings for your cat’s regular food if you want to introduce fruit. An alternative to the slices will be to mash the apples into a puree for the cat and mix it with its food. This method lowers the possibility of choking and is relatively safer. Applesauce is different from mashing a whole apple and may not be that great for the cat. It contains additives that are detrimental to cat health, and it is not advisable to feed your cat applesauce.

Other Fruits You Can Feed Your Cat

Across the board, banana is suitable for general body health. The fruit contains potassium, which helps with supporting heart and kidney functions. It can be a once in a while treat when sliced into small manageable pieces.

  • Mango

Mangoes have a lot of vitamins in then, which are beneficial to your cat’s nutrition. Their seeds, like apples’, have cyanide, and so be sure to remove them before serving the cat. The fiber in them can also cause a tummy upset for the cat. To remedy this so you can remove the skin and cut the fruit up into little pieces to prevent this.

  • Pineapple

This fruit is another vitamin-packed goodie capable of boosting the immune system of your furball. It also promotes healthy digestion but should be served in small quantities because of its sugary nature.

  • Watermelon

This fruit has a lot of water stored in it, and so is excellent for keeping hydration at a maximum. It also has vitamins and potassium and is essential for nerve and muscle function.

Not all fruits are great for cats, and there are some to avoid absolutely. These include cherries, grapes, and raisins, which are toxic and can cause kidney damage. It is helpful to note that because fruits generally have a high sugar content, it is only advisable to feed them to cats that are not overweight.

To Summarize

Apples are not entirely harmful to your cat as they are an excellent source of Vitamins A and C. These vitamins promote healthy bone and tissue growth. Apples are also low in fat and high in fiber and are perfect for senior or overweight cats. The leaves, stem, and seeds of apples contain cyanide in small quantities, but the cyanide is still poisonous. It is recommended to serve apples to your cat in moderation and when it has been thoroughly cleaned. To answer the question of whether cats can eat apples, yes they can. However, do not feed anything to the cat that you are not sure of and always consult a vet first.

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