The Best Guinea Pig Cages (Review) in 2021

Last Updated June 9, 2020

Guinea pigs are very popular pets for children and adults and are inquisitive little creatures that will soon be a part of your family. Depending on the weather conditions, you can keep them inside or outside for most of the year but they will need an appropriate cage. It is important that they have enough room to move around and are protected from predators and other household pets.

Guinea pig cages come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so you will have plenty of choices. It is important that you pick one that fits the available space in your home and that safeguards your little friend’s welfare. They must be protected from heat and cold and from draughts. They also have sensitive little feet that can get injured on a harsh surface. To help you with your decision, here is a quick guide to choosing the best guinea pig cage for your little furry friend.

The Best Guinea Pig Cage


A meticulously designed guinea pig cage that provides a full eight square feet of enclosed area for your guinea pigs and a host of features to meet their welfare requirements and to make your life easier. The top part of the cage is made from wire mesh which will protect guinea pigs from predators but which is fully removable for cleaning and feeding. It also has a folding top which facilities easy access.

The bottom of the cage is made from a PVC-lined canvas which is both durable and leak proof and is very easy to clean. It is gentle on your guinea pig’s sensitive feet. Inside there is a divider panel that has doors and ramps so that the cage can be divided up into separate areas. It takes just seconds to set up and requires no tools for assembly.

Provides eight square feet of enclosed area

Wire mesh top

PVC lined canvas bottom

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

  • Brand: MidWest Homes for Pets
  • Model: 171GHP
  • Weight: 12.5 pounds


An extra large guinea pig cage that measures around 47 inches x 23 inches and which is 24 inches in height. It consists of a wire frame top section and a hard plastic base so it is both secure and comfortable. The top opens in two sections via wire hinges and is coated in an attractive red color. An additional door at the front provides easy accessibility to all parts of the cage.

Within the cage, there is a balcony that is reached via an access ramp and has a private space underneath it in case your guinea pig wants to hide away. This is preferable for creating the ideal guinea pig habitat where your pet can relax. A tip-proof dish for food is fixed to the balcony floor. Fixed to the exterior of the cage are a drip-proof water bottle and a hay guard so that you can top them up easily. This also saves on space within the cage. This cage is quick to assemble and no tools are required. Other sizes are available.

Wire frame top and hard plastic base

Hinged top which opens in two sections

Balcony with ramp

Water bottle and hay rack

  • Brand: Living World
  • Model: 61859A1
  • Weight: 19 pounds


A pop-up indoor portable exercise pen for guinea pigs and other small pets. It is excellent as a temporary home for holidays or when traveling and sets up in seconds. It is made from a strong steel frame that is covered with a waterproof 600D oxford cloth that is water-resistant, durable, easy to clean and available in several different colors. The bottom of the pen is waterproof to protect the surface underneath.

You get into the playpen by opening one of the two zippered doors which roll up to give convenient access. There is mesh on all eight of the side panels to maximize airflow and give great visibility. There is a band that can be used to attach a water bottle and four metal stakes that can be used to secure the pen to the ground. The product includes a handy carry bag.

Travel pen that pops up in seconds

Steel frame and sturdy oxford cloth construction

Waterproof base

Includes carry bag

  • Brand: ToysOpoly
  • Weight: 6.3 pounds


A large single level cage that is nearly 39 inches high. The construction is a sturdy square tube frame with metal wire in a gray quartz hammer tone color. Between the wires, there are half-inch spaces horizontally so that the animals inside can explore. The floor has a full-width plastic pan to keep the debris and liquids inside the cage.

Access to the cage is gained via the full-width double doors that are secured with dual locking door latches. Inside there is a wide expanse shelf that can be adjusted and a swing-up locking ramp that has a safety cover to protect little feet and to prevent slipping. There are plenty of attachment points for additional hammocks and toys that you may wish to buy separately. Underneath the cage, there is a handy storage shelf for food and the whole frame is supported on lockable castors for easy maneuverability.

Large sturdy metal wire cage

Plastic pan at the base

Full-width double doors

Lockable castors

  • Brand: MidWest Homes for Pets
  • Model: 161
  • Weight: 59 pounds


A traditional varnished metal wire mesh cage with a hard plastic base. The door stretches fully across the front of the cage to allow easy access for cleaning and feeding. There are plastic clips to close the door securely and keep your guinea pig securely inside. There is also a smaller door at the top.

The plastic base is deep enough to keep sawdust and bedding from spilling out of the cage and making a mess. The cage is supplied with a balcony that has access steps and provides a private area underneath it. On top of the balcony, there is a food dish and the cage is provided with a drinks bottle that can be fixed to the wire mesh. You can completely dismantle the cage for easy cleaning.

Traditional varnished wire mesh cage

Deep plastic bottom

Balcony and private area

Water bottle and feeding dish

  • Brand: Ferplast
  • Model: 57054070
  • Weight: 8.2 pounds


A compact multiple level cages that are suitable for many types of small mammals. It has a wire mesh top and a sturdy, deep plastic base. The wire spacing is extra narrow to keep smaller pets securely inside. The base is deep to keep all the bedding and debris inside the cage.

There are multiple levels and ramps which provide plenty of opportunity for moving around and playing. The ramps have raised strips to provide grip. There is a large, side-access door that closes using a Z shaped, chew-proof wire lock to make sure there are no escapes!

Sturdy, deep plastic base

Multiple levels for play and exercise

Z-shaped secure locks

  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Model: 100513101
  • Weight: 16 pounds


A small mammal tubular steel and wire mesh cage with a plastic base that slides out for easy cleaning. The mesh is covered in a non-toxic powder coating. Getting at your guinea pigs is easy because there are two large doors, one on the top and one on the side.

Within the cage is a platform with a ramp and the base is made from mesh so debris falls into the base where it can be cleaned up. The whole cage is set in a framework which is on castors so it can be moved from one room to another.

Tubular steel and wire mesh cage

Two large doors for easy access

Framework is on castors

  • Brand: Prevue Hendryx
  • Model: 425
  • Weight: 22 pounds


These cages can be used as a single tier or can be stacked one on top of the other. They are very heavy duty but have a non-toxic coating on the surface. There is a hinged door at the front and the lid completely opens up giving full access to the whole cage.

The mesh on the floor of the cage is spaced to prevent it from causing damage to little feet. Underneath there is a pull-out tray for easy cleaning. The cage is mounted on lockable castors.

Heavy duty cage that can be stacked in tiers

Two openings for easy access

Removable tray

Lockable castors

  • Brand: Homey Pet
  • Weight: 52 pounds


A multi-level guinea pig hutch that can be constructed inside or outdoors and looks just like a cute little house for your guinea pigs. It is made out of timber and wire mesh and is finished off with non-toxic auburn and white paint detail. There are a variety of alternative colors and designs available but they all have asphalt roofs to keep the rain off the cage.

It includes a run area and enclosed private spaces and has three metal sliding trays which make it easy to clean. There are three access doors so you will always be able to reach your pet. Within the cage, there are connecting interior ramps and the roof is designed to keep the whole cage shaded. You do need to put the cage together yourself but all hardware and full instructions are included.

Cute house-style cage in timber and wire mesh

Includes run and private areas

Metal sliding trays for easy cleaning

  • Brand: Purlove


A complete guinea pig kit to get you started with your new little friend. The kit includes a basic cage made from wire mesh with a deep, sturdy plastic base. It has a door that hinges open at the front for easy access.

There is also a water bottle that fixes to the outside of the cage and a food dish. To keep your guinea pig comfortable and cozy there is a pack of bedding for you to use at the bottom of the cage. You even get a pack of balanced guinea pig food to start you off.

Wire mesh cage with deep plastic base

Hinged door at the front

Water bottle and food dish

Bedding and pack of food included

  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Model: 100511106
  • Weight: 11.64 pounds

Best Guinea Pig Cage Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Consider When Buying a Guinea Pig Cage

You will find plenty of choices when it comes to guinea pig cages. Here are some of the things that you should look out for when making a purchase.

  • Cage size: A single guinea pig should have at least 7.5 square feet. If you are getting a pair, you would need 10.5 square feet. You don’t need a lot of vertical height because guinea pigs don’t climb but cages that are tall enough to have multiple levels with ramps are more interesting! Big guinea pig cages are preferable to small ones but remember that you may need to move them around.
  • Material: Guinea pig cages can be made from a variety of materials. The plastic, aquarium-style hutches are not recommended because they will not provide enough ventilation. Most cages consist of a wire mesh top and a metal or hard plastic tray at the bottom that retains the debris. If the wire mesh is powder it must be non-toxic. The base must be made of a material that is easy to clean and must be waterproof to protect the floor surface beneath it from liquids.
  • Design: There are plenty of design features for large guinea pig cagesBalconies and multiple levels are a nice addition but they must be provided with slip-resistant ramps so your pet can get to them. Guinea pigs like to have private areas where they can hide away when they want some peace and quiet. Most guinea pig cages have a lid to protect them from other pets and younger children.
  • Access doors. You will need to be able to reach all areas of the cage so that you can get to your little pet and clean out the cage. Cages with two doors are useful and provide access to all parts of the cage.
  • Isolation: Sometimes you may need to isolate your guinea pig in one section of the cage. Internal dividers are very useful for this.
  • Floor: The floor of the cage can be made of sturdy wire mesh or it can be solid. You need to be very careful with cages that have mesh floors because they can damage delicate little feet. They are convenient because the debris falls through but animal experts tend to prefer a solid cage bottom. A deep plastic base will keep all the debris inside.
  • Ease of assembly: Most cages are easy to assemble but some will require tools so it is always best to check this out before you buy it.
  • Indoor or outdoor. Some cages can be used indoors and outdoors. Outdoor cages may need some additional protection from bright sun, wind or rain. Some cages have castors which makes them easier to move from one place to another. An indoor guinea pig cage should not be placed in the main thoroughfare because that can cause stress.

guinea pig in a cage

Different Types of Guinea Pig Cages

There are several options for you to choose from.

  • Mesh cages with plastic bases

Most guinea pig cages for sale are made out of some sort of wire mesh at the top. This provides plenty of ventilation and allows you to see your pet. The mesh can be of varying thickness. Remember that for outdoor cages it needs to be strong enough to keep predators out. Plastic cages are not likely to provide enough ventilation. The cages can be of varying heights. Guinea pigs do not climb so, in theory, you do not need a lid to prevent them from escaping. However, a lid is needed to stop other animals from getting in.

The plastic bases are gentle on little feet and provide a cozy area for them to sleep.

  • Mesh cages with removable trays

The easiest c&c cages to clean out have mesh floors. All of the debris falls through to a tray which may be made from plastic or metal. It can be removed by sliding it out from under the cage. The disadvantage of this type of cage is that the mesh can hurt little feet so you need to be very careful what size you choose.

  • Hutch-type cages

Some owners prefer a guinea pig hutch that looks a little like a small house complete with an asphalt roof and several doors. They look very cute inside your home or in a garden and provide plenty of room for running around. Just make sure that you can reach all areas of the cage for cleaning and for checking on your guinea pig.

Indoor vs Outdoor Guinea Pig Cage

Guinea pigs can successfully live both inside or outside but you have to be careful about the weather conditions where you live and you need the right cage. They can be sensitive to noise so if you live in a very noisy household, they may prefer it outside. However, they are also inquisitive little creatures and like to see what is going on so if you use your garden very little they could get a bit lonely.

Guinea pigs have a limited temperature range where they feel comfortable. They need to be kept at between 62 degrees and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. If you live in a part of the country where the outside temperature is significantly above or below this at certain times of the year, you will need to bring them inside. For this reason, some owners prefer cages on castors that they can move around.

Outdoor cages need to be able to protect your pets from the elements so they need shade to protect them from direct sunlight and a roof to protect them from wind and rain. Guinea pigs cannot sweat so it is just as dangerous for them to get too hot as it is for them to get too cold. They are also sensitive to draughts so pick a sheltered spot for your outdoor cage. Outdoor cages need to be able to protect your little friend from potential predators as well as stop them from escaping so they need to be very robust.

Putting guinea pig cages in a garage where any kind of vehicle is stored is not an option because they are very sensitive to exhaust fumes.

Best Guinea Pig Cages FAQ:

Q:  What size cage does my guinea pig need?

A:  Guinea pigs need enough room to move around in comfort. The generally accepted rule is that they need a horizontal space that is at least two feet wide and three feet long. Overall, it is usually recommended that one guinea pig needs seven and a half square feet and a pair would need 10.5 square feet. The height of guinea pig homes is not as important as they don’t use up the vertical height of a cage as much as hamsters and other pets that can climb up the wire mesh.

An outdoor or indoor run is also required to give them more space to move around and explore a few times a week when you are supervising them.

Q:  Do I need a cover?

A:  Indoor cages will not generally need a cover. There should be a quiet, private place inside their cage where they can hide away if they want to. A mesh lid is advisable for protection.

Outdoor cages, on the other hand, need to be able to keep your pet warm and dry. Guinea pigs are very sensitive to temperature changes and do not do well in draughts. Therefore, the wind and rain can cause them a lot of problems and could make them very ill. For this reason, some owners invest in a wind-proof and water-proof cover for the cage. It is important that the cage gets enough ventilation and that you can gain access to feeding, petting, and cleaning. Many covers have sections that can be rolled up or have zippers.

Q:  Are these cages safe for guinea pig babies?

A:  Baby guinea pigs can slip through the bars of some cages so these cages may need to be adapted whilst the babies are very small. It is possible to buy metal grids that have small spaces between the bars and these can be fitted over the top of the existing mesh. They can be removed when the babies grow. Cages with deep bases are best for babies because they may not even be able to reach the wire mesh!

Don’t forget to check if the babies can reach the water bottle which may be too high in a regular cage. Also, check that they can get to the food. If it is at the top of a ramp they may not be able to access it!

Our Top Pick

“Guinea Habitat” Guinea Pig Cage & Accessories

The clever design of this cage means that there are eight square feet of area for your guinea pig to move around. It has the typical wire mesh construction to keep them safe but has a folding top which makes it easy to clean.

The base is a strong PVC-lined canvas which is gentle on sensitive little feet. There is a handy divider panel and ramps to make the interior more interesting. You can assemble it in seconds.

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