The Best Dog Food for Hypothyroidism (Review) in 2021

Last Updated April 23, 2021

The body is made up of several organs that aid in our existence. One of such is the thyroid gland which is located in the neck area and is responsible for the production of hormones, which helps in the regulation of all essential bodily functions. Just as humans need their thyroids to operate fully and correctly daily, dogs also need theirs too and no doubt, one of the significant health issues experienced by dogs is hypothyroidism, which can also be very life-threatening. Furthermore, it comes with symptoms such as dulling of coats, thinning fur, and excessive fur shedding. The best way to curb this issue is to feed your dogs correctly and also give them the required medications. In this article, we focus on the best foods for dogs with hypothyroidism and their many specifications. There is also a comprehensive buying guide, meant to aid pet owners on the dietary requirements and nutritional needs of dogs with hypothyroidism.

The Best Dog Food for Hypothyroidism


No one wishes for their dog to contract such a disease, but in the instance where they do, their diet must be considered and taken care of properly. This is why Racheal Ray’s Dog Recipe has been adjudged the best food for all dogs having hypothyroidism. This meal is a premium dog food formula that is dry which means it comes in excessive quantities and can be eaten over a more extended period. We love this recipe because it encompasses the love Racheal has for both food and her furry friends. What’s more, it is made with only organic elements, which have been mixed in the right proportions to ensure that your canine gets all the nutrients and minerals he deserves and more.

Additionally, Racheal Ray premium dog food features the use of real chicken as its main ingredient which has been added as dogs need a lot of protein to remain active, and they also need to develop more lean muscle for better growth. For proper and healthy digestion, this dog food features the use of natural prebiotics, all inspired by Racheal Ray’s kitchen recipes. We recommend this meal for all dogs, especially those with health issues, because it is organic and free from artificial ingredients. Rachael Ray Nutrish Real Chicken & Veggies Recipe Dry Dog Food is one of 5 dog food recipes mentioned in our Rachael Ray Dog Food Review.

U.s. Farm-raised chicken is the #1 ingredient

No poultry or wheat gluten ingredients

Added vitamins & minerals

Real recipes inspired by Rachael’s kitchen

  • Brand: Rachael Ray Nutrish
  • Model: 184303
  • Weight: 40 pounds


Besides drugs, one other way to help your dog suffering from hypothyroidism is to offer him or her the Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula. We are in love with this dog food because it is a very efficient option, put together by scientists and veterinarians for the healthy development of every canine. It is the best dog food for all senior and adult dogs, as it ensures that they get to live their furry years to the fullest.

Additionally, we love Blue Buffalo because they care about your dog as much as you do; since their inception they have continuously released top-notch products. No doubt, this is a company that perfectly manages the delivery of top quality meals to dogs and pet owners. Their food options are also very affordable, and comes with the required nutrients and minerals for holistic development and health maintenance. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food is one of 10 dog food recipes included in our Blue Buffalo Dog Food Review.

It is also worth noting that the primary ingredient in this meal is meat which used because dogs in general, need a lot of protein. Meat appeals to all dogs, and it meets all the energy needs of canines around the world. And apart from protein, carbohydrates are also provided to dogs who consume the Blue Buffalo dog food. This is why veterinarians from all over the globe greatly recommend this meal recipe for dogs. They believe it has all the required nutrition to guarantee robust immune system health during all life stages of your dog.

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Natural adult dry dog food

Real meat as the first ingredient

Promote a shiny coat and healthy skin

Based in the united states

  • Brand: Blue Buffalo
  • Model: 11
  • Weight: 30 pounds


With the Whole Earth Farms Dog Food, you’re assured that your dog’s tummy is safe from unwanted substances, or oversupply of nutrients. If you have a dog with hypothyroidism, one of the best dog recipes in the market today has been formulated by Whole Earth Farms. This company has years of expertise, which is used to bring your canine nothing short of holistic health.

This dog food for hypothyroidism is a grain-free recipe that is crafted carefully and tested thoroughly to help offer the much-needed nutritional support to your dog during all its life stages. This dog food recipe is packed with the right amounts of minerals and vitamins, all in a bid to keep your dog healthy and his immune system active.

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Included in the recipe are protein-rich salmon and whitefish for lean muscle development. There are no soy, wheat, color, flavor, or additives in this recipe, making it a very organic option for all dogs. The formula is cooked and packaged in the U.S.A. by a trusted family-owned company for your satisfaction.

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Natural dry dog food


Protein-rich real salmon

No artificial preservatives

  • Brand: Whole Earth Farms
  • Model: 85580
  • Weight: 25 pounds


Let’s take a look at yet another great dog food brand, Natural Balance. As their name suggests, this is a special dog recipe formulated to attain nutritional balance in your dog, no matter the life stage he is at. This meal features the use of chicken, meat, and salmon and uses the Limited Ingredient Diet system to restrict the intake of unnecessary meals and substances, which can harm the health of your canine.

The Natural Balance Dry Dog Food is a grain-free meal put together with ingredients such as salmon for high-quality protein, natural fiber for proper digestion, and many other vitamins and minerals. This dog food helps in the building of stronger muscles and also supports a healthy metabolism, which keeps your dog comfortable and active for the longest time. Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Grain-Free Salmon & Sweet Potato Formula Dry Dog Food is one of 5 dog food recipes included in our Natural Balance Dog Food Review.

To make this meal safe for dogs with sensitive tummies and allergies, it doesn’t use a lot of ingredients. The basic recipe is also free from artificial substances, which are often mixed with toxic substances. The Natural Balance dog food is a premium product, and we guarantee you will be delighted with its benefits.

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Contains 1 – 26 pound bag

Limited ingredient diet

Natural fiber helps support healthy digestion

  • Brand: Natural Balance
  • Model: 42037
  • Weight: 25.6 pounds


Taste of the Wild is a brand that understands the language of dogs. They have deciphered all organic ingredients that dogs love and can’t get enough of, and this discovery has helped in their creation of this formula. We present to you the Taste of the Wild Dog Food. This is dry dog food at its finest. It is a well-formulated recipe made with purely organic elements for the health of your dog.

This dog food for hypothyroidism is highly beneficial in more ways than one. It features real salmon, which is their premium ingredient. The salmon was chosen because it is fully packed with adequate amounts of amino acid, and protein which, when combined to go a long way for the development of lean and strong muscles. What’s more, there are no grains, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors added in this dog food recipe. Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is one of 7 dog food recipes mentioned in our Taste of The Wild Dog Food Review.

All dogs and dog lovers adore how great this meal is for digestion. It is rich in fiber, and this goes a long way to aid in keeping the G.I. tract of your dog clear. Overall, we love this all American produced dog food because it is a scientifically advanced meal option that is safe for all dog breeds and all dog age groups.

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High protein

Real meat recipe

The optimal amino acid profile

No artificial flavors

  • Brand: Taste of the Wild
  • Model: 1575_5_TDP
  • Weight: 5 pounds


Meet the Nutro Natural Dog Food, a dog centered recipe which has won several awards all across the world. In this era where several types of dog foods have filled the market, it is tough to identify the best from the rest. One of the well-trusted brands is Nutro. They have been in existence for the longest time, and they have set the tone for natural and organic recipe creation for animals.

Nutro dog food for hypothyroidism is the most suitable option for all adult dogs. This food is dry and therefore tends to have a longer lifespan. We recommend it because it delivers all the required minerals and nutrients your dog will need for holistic development. The most prominantingredient used is farm-raised chicken, and this is known to have a high amount of protein, which is more than adequate for the development of lean muscle. 

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Other ingredients include lentils and sweet potato for more energy, vitamins, and several minerals for ultimate growth and development. The blend for those dog food has been tailored to suit older and aging dogs; thus, It doesn’t only support their health; it also aids in weight management. Enjoy this well-crafted recipe from Nutro watch your dog grow from strength to strength.

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Dry dog food

Natural dog food plus vitamins

Help support strong muscles

Crafted with essential antioxidants

  • Brand: Nutro
  • Model: 10157624
  • Weight: 30 pounds


Hypothyroidism is very dangerous and can be fatal if not treated properly. One of the best ways to deal with this health issue is via diet and this is when the Wellness Simple Dog Food comes in. This is grain-free dry dog food formulated with intense research from veterinarians and scientists alike. Their search results have led to this diet plan, which aids in the growth and development of all dog breeds.

The Wellness Simple Recipe For Dogs features salmon and potato, which perfectly balance out the dog’s need for carbohydrates and protein. With such ingredients present, you’re assured of your dog has a lot of energy for its daily activities, as well as a lot of muscles for movement. This dog food is balanced in nutrients and minerals; thus, it can be a main meal for your canine.

For more information on the brand, check out our Wellness Core Dog Food Review.

We love the Wellness Simple natural dog food because besides it being an all American product, it is made by a family-owned organization that is known globally for its production of top quality meals for dogs all around the globe.

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Natural grain-free

Dry limited ingredient

Salmon & potato

24-pound bag

  • Brand: Wellness
  • Model: 89308
  • Weight: 24 pounds


The Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch Food comes as one of the bestselling dog foods in today’s market. This is because the dog food for thyroid problems is grain and gluten-free and rich in protein for muscle development. This food comes in a large resealable bag, which keeps it around and tasty for longer.

Some of the ingredients used include salmon and herrings, vegetables, and fruits. These ingredients are rich in fatty and amino acids; thus, they go a long way to keep your canine happy and healthy. The health benefits derived from this meal aren’t internal only; they also extend to the exterior of your dog. The obvious benefits include skin shine, less shedding, and a thicker coat. Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch Grain-Free Natural Dry Dog Food is one of 5 dog food recipes mentioned in our Earthborn Holistic Dog Food Review.


Dry dog food

28 lb. resealable bag

The packaging is B.P.A. free

  • Brand: Earthborn Holistic
  • Model: 71492
  • Weight: 12.4 pounds


A single look at the Zingature Dry Dog Food is all you need to know just how amazing it is for your canine. Out of all available recipes in the market, this one tops the chart with quantity, quality, and reliability. The benefits received from this meal are numerous, and this makes the food sought after by all dog owners.

The Zignature dog food for hypothyroidism is a dry, grain-free recipe that features salmon and trout as its main ingredients. It is made from the US and delivers all nutrients and minerals in right quantities for holistic health. The meal is ideal for all younger dogs and those with sensitive stomachs too. Zignature Limited Ingredient Formula Grain-Free Trout & Salmon Meal Dry Dog Food is one of 5 dog food recipes presented in our Zignature Dog Food Review.

Trout and salmon meal formula


Suitable for younger pups with any pet food allergy

Powerful antioxidants

  • Brand: Zignature
  • Model: 31020
  • Weight: 27 pounds


Our final product is from Victor. This is their Victor Dry Dog Food. Like many other dog food options on the market, it is free from grains and gluten and comes with no artificial fillers or preservatives. We love that caters for all life stages of your dog, as this ensures that your canine experiences proper development throughout its life. If your dog is allergic to meat proteins or other substances, this organic meal recipe will be the best option.

The Victor best dog food for hypothyroidism comes with premium quality ingredients such as fish and salmon. It also has carbohydrates that provide the much-needed energy for your canine. Victor’s dog food is very affordable and substantial for its price. VICTOR Select Yukon River Canine Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is one of 5 recipes included in our review of the Victor Dog Food product line.


Yukon river canine

All life stages formula

Fish-based protein sources

  • Brand: Victor Super Premium Pet Food
  • Model: 2510
  • Weight: 30 pounds

Best Dog Food for Hypothyroidism Buying Guide & FAQ

Things to Consider When Choosing a Dog Food for Hypothyroidism

The diet of a dog with hypothyroidism is crucial. It must be designed to ensure that he receives all the needed nutrients for optimum health. for a healthier body, the diet needs to be healthy too, which is why every dog owner needs to be aware of the primary things that a meal needs to be, before it can be fed to a dog with thyroid issues.

  • High-quality ingredients

This is very necessary if you want your canine to be healthy. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to check and study the ingredients used in your dog food. Be sure that the ingredients are sourced from nature, and that the recipe is free from artificial elements.

  • Grain-free

This feature is also vital. Some dogs have sensitive stomachs and those that cannot consume grains. Grains in dog food tend to lead to hormonal imbalance; thus, to be safe, opt for recipes that have no kind of grains.

You may also like our latest review of Dog Food for Sensitive Stomachs.

  • Animal protein

Fish, meat, and poultry are some great examples of high-quality animal protein. These ingredients should be a significant ingredient in your dog food, as much as possible. These foods can offer all dogs the required protein; thus, they’re considered biologically valuable elements. If you wish for your dog to lose some weight, you can choose between turkey and chicken.

Take a look at our High Protein Dog Food Review.

  • Digestion

The food your dog eats needs to digest well; thus, the recipe must contain animal-based ingredients. These are substances that are the most digestible for dogs. You can also check for foods with probiotics and prebiotic fibers.

Metal bowl with pet food

Nutritional Requirements for Dogs with Hypothyroidism

There are general nutritional requirements for dogs and specialized requirements for canines with special issues. In this case, we’re looking at hypothyroidism, and the kind of food that affected dogs need to eat.

  • Protein

In a dog’s nutrition, one significant ingredient which is required for growth and development is protein. Proteins can be sourced from animals and plants. Protein is vital for dogs because it aids in the development and maintenance of lean muscle, which allows your dog to move freely. As much as possible, dogs require their meal to have 18% of protein.

  • Fats

The second most crucial nutritional requirement for dog food recipes is the presence of fat. Fat is needed for the release of fatty acids, which are great for your dog’s coat. It brings shine to your dog’s fur and also aids in keeping their skin healthy. Fat can be sourced from meat and fish, and even some legumes.

  • Fruits & Vegetables

The final nutritional requirement in this article is the need for fruits and vegetables. These ingredients and substances aid in nutritional balance by providing your dog with macro and micronutrients as well as vitamins and minerals.

What Ingredients Should You Avoid

Like every other health issue, hypothyroidism comes with the need to eliminate some foods from your dog’s diet. The removal of these substances helps keep their hormones balanced and also prevents them from experiencing any of the hypothyroidism symptoms.

  • Beef products

These need to be avoided because they can be detrimental to the health of your canine. Beef products and by-products are known to be significant causes of thyroid issues in dogs.

  • Grains

These also need to be avoided because they can cause bloat and can affect the dietary health of your canine.

  • Artificial Preservatives

These are very toxic substances that can affect the health of your dog, artificial preservatives, fillers, and flavors are created from chemicals that may not be meant for consumption. Read the product description as well as the list of ingredients which will help keep you in the know.

Best Dog Food for Hypothyroidism FAQ:

Q: Can dog food cause thyroid problems?

A: Some foods may cause an increase in thyroid gland hormone production. These foods can, in turn, cause thyroid issues. Dog food isn’t formulated to cure hypothyroidism, and it is only formulated to help curb and reduce the effects. The meals feature the necessary nutrients and minerals, which aid in reducing or balancing the hormone levels within your dog, to ensure that he doesn’t exhibit any illness symptoms. Food must be taken with drugs, to be able to cure thyroid issues.

Q: How do I know if my dog has hypothyroidism?

A: There are many symptoms displayed by canines with hypothyroidism; thus, it is effortless to spot in your pet. Dogs have a very similar diagnosis of this ailment to humans. The first step is to take a blood sample from the dog, and have tested for hormonal imbalance. The test checks the level of thyroid-stimulating hormones produced by your dog’s pituitary gland. If these levels are high, it is highly probable that your dog has hypothyroidism.

Our Top Pick

The world’s best dog food for all canine with hypothyroidism, according to customer reviews and veterinarian research, is the Dry Dog Food Recipe from Racheal Ray. We have fallen in love with this recipe because of its high level of originality and purity. It is made from the best naturally sourced ingredients, with the sole aim of delivering quality health to dogs of all breeds and ages. We recommend this dog food for dogs who have a sensitive stomach, allergies, or those suffering from ailments such as hypothyroidism.


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