The Best Christmas Presents for Cats

Last Updated November 2, 2020

If you are anything like us, you will be wanting to spoil your cat this Holiday and are already planning a Christmas stocking stuffed full of feline gift fabulousness! But with so much on the market to choose from, you may be feeling a little cat-founded over what you should buy your pet. If so, then read on as Santa’s special little helpers are here to help you choose.

In our sparkling holiday gift ideas for cats guide, we’ve picked 15 purrfect presents for the special kit in your life this Christmas.

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Let Goody Box take the stress out of picking the right stocking fillers for your feline, with their (p)awesome selection of treats and toys any kit will love. We really liked the quality of the toy and treat products in this cute cats’ Christmas gifts box, and it’s clear they have been carefully picked by cat lovers. The box itself is sturdy so can be easily wrapped if you want to and it looks like it will stand up to the most excitable cat come opening time. So, what exactly do you get inside? Well, there’s two well-made Christmas Holiday themed soft toys, a fun cat chute and three full-sized edible cat treats to keep your pet happy and satisfied. In short, if you are looking for some well-priced cat Christmas gift ideas, look no further, as you get all you need in one fun-looking box!

Sturdy and easy to wrap gift box

Contents hand-selected by cat lovers

Three toys for interactive play

Three full size cat treat packs

  • Brand: Goody Box
  • Model: 222473


Fresh out of a fairy tale (or should that be furry tail?), these gorgeous gingerbread toys will spice up your cat Christmas presents list! And they will add a little Holiday spirit for your kit, as they come stuffed with catnip. Made from claw-proof polyester, this pair of non-edible gingerbread pals are tough cookies when it comes to your cat’s playtime and their dangling arms and legs will certainly keep your frisky pet on their toes. While they may look super-cute, these gingerbread cat toys are actually designed for rough and tough play.  Although due to the catnip inside, you do need to limit the time your cat gets to spend with their new soft toy playmates.  And they are not quite suitable for younger kits under six months of age.

Great value two toy pack

Made from claw-proof polyester

Stuffed with catnip

Not suitable for kittens

  • Brand: Frisco
  • Model: 233303
  • Weight: 1.52 ounces


We think this quality cat house is certainly one of the best Christmas gifts for cats you can get, and will make his home space feel extra special, thanks to the seasonal gingerbread house design. And if you’re cat likes to have his own hideaway, then this gorgeous cat house will fit the bill, not least because it is heated! Made from durable 600 denier fabric, with a vinyl backing, the whole cat house is also waterproof so is tough enough to be used and kept outside. For your cat’s comfort, there are two entries, with removable door flaps, depending how much he prefers his privacy while inside it has all the comforts to make it a real home from home. You also get a K&H Lectro soft heated bed which heats the floor of the house to keep those kit toes lovely and toasty, even if it’s snowing. The perfect gift for outdoor cats, the whole house is also easy to assemble and will look festively fabulous out on your porch.

Easy to assemble outdoor house

Cute gingerbread house design

600D polyester with waterproof vinyl backing

Includes a heated soft bed pad

  • Brand: K&H Pet Products
  • Model: 201412
  • Weight: 5.84 pounds


If you are looking to improve your kit’s table manners or simply want to treat her to a quality drinking bowl, then this elevated bowl from Necoichi makes for one of the best cat gifts. Made from durable yet classy porcelain and with festive patterns you will love, the raised bowl design will make drinking a pleasure for your kit. The higher dish means less neck strain, especially for older cats or kits with arthritis while for all cats, the elevated positioning makes their water super-easy to swallow. And, as you want your cat to drink as much water as they can, then this bowl with its pre-measured portion lines and no-spill rim makes a great all-round Christmas present. The porcelain is also non-absorbent so is both dishwasher and microwave safe, making it a convenient option for his pet parent too.

Made from non-absorbent porcelain

Raised platform for comfort and easy drinking

Inner measure for monitoring drinking

Dishwasher and microwave safe materal

  • Brand: Necoichi
  • Model: 230658
  • Weight: 15.1 ounces


If their food bowl floats your kit’s boat, then why not tap into their love of food and flavor with this awesome festive variety pack from pet ‘clean cuisine’ gurus, Weruva. Think of an advent calendar designed especially for felines, and you are pretty much spot on with this 12 can pack, making it one of the tastiest Christmas presents for cats you can buy. The variety box offers 12 different recipes to keep them coming back for more. And, if the names of each recipe are anything to go by, they’ll also bring a smile to your face. There’s ‘Paw Lickin’ Chicken’, ‘Funky Chicken’ and ‘Marbella Paella’ plus other playful recipes to keep your pet satisfied throughout the holidays. And the ingredients are quality too, so just pop a festive bow on the top of the box and make your cat’s Christmas holiday!

Bumper pack of 12 festive cat food cans

Selection of tasty, real meat recipes

Made with high quality proteins

Grain, gluten, corn and soy free

  • Brand: Weruva
  • Model: 172665
  • Weight: 3 ounces (pack of 12)


A Christmas gift that can also help to soothe a stressed cat or help reduce negative or unwanted behaviors – what’s not to love about the Snuggle Kitty? And we think it is the perfect addition to both your adult and kitten Christmas presents list. Made from plush, machine washable fabric, there is so much more to this cat cuddle toy than meets the eye. Yes, he is cute looking, but this stuffed toy cat has hidden depths. First up, you get a removable heat pack for when a warm, comforting cuddle is needed. Then there is a battery-operated internal beat that sounds and feels like a real heart pulse designed to soothe and calm. Altogether, you get a clever cuddly toy that can help your cat de-stress or provide additional comfort to ease separation anxiety when he’s left home alone.

Soft cuddle cat to reduce negative behaviors

Inner removable heat pack for comfort

Battery-operated ‘heartbeat’ to soothe

Made from easy to clean fabric

  • Brand: Smart Pet Love
  • Model: 108168
  • Weight: 13.92 ounces


A hat made specifically for your cat? Why not – it’s the Holidays after all! Made from machine-washable yarn and in a super-seasonal red and white design, this is one standout present in your cat’s Christmas gifts stocking. With holes to allow for their ears and available in three pet-friendly sizes, the Frisco hat comes complete with a cute bobble and adjustable chin strap to keep everything looking neat and in place. And with ‘nice’ written on the front, and ‘naughty’ on the back, it is a great way to let the world know just what your cat has been up to this Holiday season. Let’s just hope Santa doesn’t catch on when he comes to deliver his presents!

Nice or naughty message on each side

Made from machine washable fabric

Comfort holes for their cat ears

Adjustable elastic chin strap

  • Brand: Frisco
  • Model: 160049


We all like to dress up in our best party clothes for the Holidays and, with this blingy cat collar from Blueberry Pet, your kit doesn’t need to be the exception. This well-made cat collar comes in a durable polyester webbing with fine stitching that is both neat and long-lasting. And with a fun, festive design, complete with sparkly bow tie and jingly Santa bell, your feline will look pretty smart. With two festive cat collars per pack, we think this is great value too, and means you can keep your cat looking sharp and smart throughout the Holidays. But if you think this is just a decorative piece then you would be wrong, as it has all the durability and safety features you would expect from a regular cat collar. Tough plastic buckles and slip locks plus a secure breakaway clasp means your kit will be enjoying his collars for many Holidays to come.

Festive cat collar two pack

Complete with bow and jingle bell

Made from durable polyester webbing

Includes a secure breakaway clasp

  • Brand: Blueberry Pet
  • Model: 147203


For a last-minute stocking filler or as a cost-effective gift for the cat or cats in your life, our Best Value Christmas gift for cats is this irresistible treat dispenser in the shape of a snowy penguin. Supplied with a small bag of tasty Temptations cat treats, you simply pop a few into the back of the wobbly penguin and let your feline work out how to get them out! Your cat will need to use their paws to pat, rock and roll the penguin in just the right way for the treats to drop out so should keep them nicely entertained. Easy to refill, it is a game your cat will enjoy until they all run out. And the treats are quality too, with a real chicken flavor, and with a good balance of vitamins and minerals that’s suitable for adult cats.

Refillable cat treat toy

Wobbling plastic penguin

Provides mental stimulation

Includes a pack of Temptation treats

  • Brand: Temptations
  • Model: 123188
  • Weight: 0.42 ounces


KONG is one of the leading brands on the cat toy market and their reindeer Kickeroo will prove to be no exception in the popularity stakes this Christmas. With multiple ways to keep your cat playful, happy and stimulated, it could well keep them out of a whole host of seasonal trouble! Made with a soft outer material that is then lined with a fun crinkle fabric to create a touch and sound sensation your cat will love, this is the ideal toy for your active cat and will let him expend all his energy and exuberance. It is also filled with KONG’s premium catnip for an extra layer of feline stimulation. We also love the floppy reindeer tail and cute Santa hat that are just inviting your cat to pounce on for some full-on feline play. For wrestling, batting, chewing and even cuddling, the KONG Kickeroo Reindeer rates highly on our cats Christmas toys wish list.

Wrestle reindeer cat toy

Filled with premium catnip

Inner crinkle layer for extra sensation

Encourages a variety of play

  • Brand: KONG
  • Model: 166793
  • Weight: 1.12 ounces


If your cat is a prolific pouncer or he simply likes to spend some quality time playing with his favorite human, then you need to pop this mistletoe teaser toy on his letter to Santa. Ideal for indoor use, this seasonal teaser toy also makes sure your cat gets his daily exercise, especially if he doesn’t go outdoors. Although the plastic wand is not expandable, it is a generous length that is safe to use indoors, and the line easily flicks and moves. And the seasonal touch is the mistletoe soft toy at the end, which is also stuffed with tantalizing catnip to really capture your pet’s attention. Bright, mobile and great fun, you will have great fun playing tease with your feline and it is also a good way to keep your relationship fun and happy over the busy Christmas holidays.

Wand-style teaser cat toy

Plastic wand and polyester/felt teaser

Includes a catnip stuffed mistletoe toy

Ideal for interactive play sessions

  • Brand: Frisco
  • Model: 233312


With so much Christmas activity over the holidays, it can get a little tiring for your kit, so why not add a super comfy Santa-inspired bed to his gift list for when he feels the need to take time out?  Shaped like a deep dish to create a lovely ‘cuddler’ style bed, this quality small bed will provide a safe haven for your cat to settle down and rest. The Christmas-themed outer design is gorgeous too, with the red suit styling of Santa, complete with fur lining and that oh so familiar jolly black belt. The plush faux fur is also perfect for snuggling down into and the bed is not too large, so you can keep it in your living room or kitchen, meaning your cat can still be part of all the family festive action. It is only spot clean though and can’t be washed in the washing machine.

Santa-inspired cat cuddle bed

Red fabric outer with faux Santa belt

Inner fleece lining for comfort

Spot-clean only; not machine washer safe

  • Brand: Frisco
  • Model: 165335
  • Weight: 1 pound


Spread out all the Christmas joy for your pet to enjoy with this festive 12-day advent calendar designed specifically for felines. With its Christmas tree shape, containing 12 numbered drawers, it could actually be too tempting for your cat’s human to resist taking a sneaky peek inside! But it is worth the wait for your precious pet as each drawer contains a different cat toy, ranging from balls to plush play toys. And the toys also have hidden depths with either crinkle inner or catnip stuffing to keep your cat totally entertained. Put the Frisco cat advent calendar next to your own and you will have a new family tradition come Christmas time. And the tree tower is so well-made it can be used again and again, simply fill it up with new toys and treats ready for next year’s Christmas holidays.

Christmas tree shaped advent calendar

Each drawer reveals a cat toy

Includes crinkle inners and catnip

Advent tower is reusable

  • Brand: Frisco
  • Model: 244931
  • Weight: 2 pounds


The Holidays are a time for feasting (in moderation, of course) so don’t let your kit feel left out, with these genius turkey and sweet potato Christmas treats. Designed to mirror your own festive dinner, each treat is only two calories, so shouldn’t ruin his appetite – or his waistline. And Temptations’ Holiday Dinner cat treats are pretty special too, as each treat features a delicious soft inner and crunchy outer shell to surprise and delight your cat. If you are keen to know the nutritional value of these treats, you can be reassured as they are 100% balanced, containing only natural flavors as well as a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals. Complete with a resealable stay fresh pack, this is certainly a gift your kit will love to find in their Christmas stocking.

Christmas dinner flavored treats

Crispy outer and soft center

Two calories per treat

In a stay fresh resealable pack

  • Brand: Temptations
  • Model: 123192
  • Weight: 1 pounds


Our final present idea to give you cat gift inspiration is this amazing value toy bundle from Frisco. With no less than 20 assorted toys, this bundle pack will keep your kit entertained throughout the Christmas holidays, and beyond. And with such a variety, your feline is sure to pick their very own favorite. From catnip-filled soft toys and fuzzy mice, you also get pom-poms that crinkle, rolling balls and feather tease toys, meaning there’s a toy to entertain your cat, whatever their energy level or mood. From simple tease games to full on chase and everything in-between, you even get a large play tunnel for a classic game of feline hide and seek. We also think this is a great gift for the multi-cat household, as none of your cats will feel left out. However, due to the catnip, this toy bundle is not suitable for cats under the age of six months.

Bumper value 20-piece cat toy bundle

Includes cat nip toys, rolling balls and teasers

Large cat tunnel for hide and seek

Not suitable for kittens

  • Brand: Frisco
  • Model: 178161

Holiday Gift Guide for Cat Buying Guide

Our Top Pick

Super convenient and well made, the Goody Box Holiday Toys & Treats for Cats easily wraps up our Holiday Gift Guide for Cats’ best choice. With six full-sized cat gifts your kit will love, including a cat chute, the quality of this holiday season goody box is obvious and will take the stress out of Christmas shopping for your pet. Whether they like to eat, play or cuddle up with a soft toy, there’s something in this well-priced variety gift box for cats of all sizes and ages.   


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