The Best Bedding for Chinchillas (Review) in 2021

Last Updated September 29, 2020

Super-cute and fun to own, chinchillas are increasingly a popular pet as they are relatively easy to care for and are good for families with older children. But they are high mountain, nocturnal creatures so need the right cage environment to be happy and thrive. And key to a chinchilla’s wellbeing is their bedding. Natural tunnellers and with sensitive feet, chins need a soft, loose bedding that’s as natural as possible and dust-free.

We take a look at your little pet’s bedtime requirements and dig into the best bedding for chinchillas you can buy.

The Best Bedding for Chinchilla


Made from raw paper fiber, this pillow like bedding from Carefresh is the ideal soft spot for your cheeky chinchilla. Cozy and ultra-absorbent, it ticks all the boxes when it comes to creating a cost effective clean space for your little pet. In fact, it’s twice as absorbent as shavings and almost dust-free. What we also like about this paper bedding is its odor control, which the makers claim can suppress ammonia smells for up to 10 days. Biodegradable and compostable, this paper bedding is also pretty easy to clean out when it’s time for a chinchilla bed change, making it our best litter for chinchillas top pick.

100% raw natural paper fiber

Super-soft and absorbent

Suppresses ammonia and odors

Keeps your pet warm and dry 

  • Brand: Carefresh
  • Model: L0401
  • Weight: 8.5 pounds


Naturally lavender scented for a fresh cage space and with longer shredded fiber strands for comfort, Kaytee’s paper bedding is a good choice for your avid burrower. Almost 100% dust free, it’s also kind on their respiratory system and works hard to keep their space fresh and clean. We like how soft and fluffy this longer stranded paper bedding is, perfect for tunneling or curling up in and it is also excellent at absorbing liquid and moisture. And so confident are Kaytee in its smell-controlling abilities, that this bedding also comes with an odor control guarantee!

Recycled long fiber paper

Natural lavender scent

99.9% dust free

Superior absorbency and odor control 

  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Model: 100509427
  • Weight: 5.47 pounds


Our premium pick is this natural paper bedding that’s excellent value as it will expand three times its original package size. Made from unbleached raw paper, it is free of harmful chemicals and will create a surprisingly soft and luxurious bedding for your chinchilla pet. The absorbency levels are pretty impressive too and while its raw nature means the bedding is a brown color, there are no artificial dyes or fragrances. Almost dust free and supersoft for those delicate chinchilla feet, this is a bedding investment that’s also easy to clean out and will last for some time. 

Quality unbleached premium paper

Dye and chemical free

Dust-free and absorbent

Great value bag

  • Brand: Small Pet Select
  • Model: BDING-178L
  • Weight: 14.5 pounds


With up to 14 days odor control and a lovely soft paper that crumbles for comfort, Vitakraft only uses recycled paper in its Fresh World Bedding. Ideal for small animals, including chinchillas, you also get a bedding that has a triple expansion ability to mop up even more liquid and moisture. The result is a long-lasting bedding that’s also a good choice for those tunneling chinchillas. We like how soft and cozy the bedding is, and the large bag goes a long way. And, as it is almost 100% dust free, it will create a healthy and welcoming environment for your little furry friend. 

Made from 100% recycled paper

Up to two weeks odor control

Crumbles for extra softness

Dust-free for a healthy cage

  • Brand: Vitakraft
  • Model: 34754


A cute curveball in our best bedding for chinchillas review, we love this mini hideout from Sprint Fever. Popped into their cage or on the floor if you are letting them out for a run, this soft fabric house is also easy to clean. Made from non-toxic fabric, that’s soft to the touch but keeps its hideout shape, there’s enough room inside for a single chin to hide. You get also get a soft fleece liner and a non-skid base and the whole house is water resistant and will work to keep your pet dry. Add in a ‘stalk’ on the top for carrying and your chinchilla will have the best hideout in town!

Made from non-toxic fabric

Cozy inner fleece liner

Non-skid waterproof base

Machine wash and dry

  • Brand: Spring Fever
  • Model: SUAS0977AXO0L
  • Weight: 11.9 ounces


Made from all-natural pine treated to remove any harmful oils, this small animal bedding from Kaytee is a quality buy. With its natural fresh odor and soft, fluffy pieces it spreads beautifully in the cage to create the perfect burrowing opportunity for your chinchilla. It has also been processed to minimize dust and a little goes a long way. The pine shavings provide natural odor control and are effective in absorbing urine and spilt liquids to help keep your pet drier for longer. And the size of the shavings in this pine bedding for chinchillas also makes it easy to spot clean. 

Natural pine shavings

Processed to remove dust and toxins

Naturally odor controlling

Biodegradable and easy to clean

  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Model: 100032043
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds


Back to paper, and Fresh News uses a baking soda odor absorber to ensure those whiffy chinchilla smells are kept under control. Made from recycled paper that’s both compostable and biodegradable, the result is a fine paper fiber that nicely fills the bottom of their cage. It is a soft shred too, so your chinchilla can easily burrow or create a cozy sleeping space. The paper is really absorbent, so makes this bedding long-lasting, meaning you can easily spot clean between full cage clean outs and there’s no dust to irritate your pet. 

Made from recycled paper

Compostable and biodegradable

Ammonia Locker technology

Excellent absorption levels

  • Brand: Fresh News
  • Model: 40,000 cu cm
  • Weight: 16.2 pounds


While not strictly a cage bedding, this woven mat is a great alternative or even an extra layer for your chinchilla’s home. Made from natural grass, each mat is hand woven to create a natural layer for your pet to rest on. And, with the 100% natural materials, it can also make an excellent chew toy to keep their teeth healthy. Sized for smaller pets like chinchillas, guinea pigs and rabbits, you get three mats per pack, each giving off a lovely, subtle fresh grass odor. And we like how soft these mats are, meaning they’ll also take good care of your chinchilla’s delicate little feet.

Handwoven from natural grass

Soft and stable support for feet

Can also be used as a chew toy

Great value three-mat pack

  • Brand: Hamiledyi Store
  • Weight: 8 ounces


With its lovely soft pieces of reclaimed wood pulp, Critter Care pet bedding has been designed to efficiently mop any liquid or moisture up for a fresh space for your chinchilla to enjoy.  Dust free and twice as absorbent as wood shavings, this paper bedding is also easy to use, as it spreads really well over the cage surface. And the paper fibers act as a natural odor absorber, effectively controlling any chinchilla smells. Biodegradable and compostable, it is not only soft, warm and cozy, but Critter Care natural bedding is good for the environment too. 

Dust-free, soft paper fiber bedding

Made from reclaimed wood pulp

Long-lasting odor control

Absorbs 2x more liquid than wood

  • Brand: Healthy Pet
  • Model: L0178
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds


For when you need some extra help to keep your chinchilla’s cage fresh and dry, check out these absorbent liners from Arm & Hammer. These neat liners effectively wick away moisture and work to control any unpleasant smells but are totally pet-safe and easy to use. Simply trim the liner to fit the cage tray and smooth into place under the grate then cover with your chosen bedding. The baking soda inside the liner absorbs any moisture or liquid, helping to keep the bedding lovely and dry. And you should get around two months of super-absorption from each seven-liner pack. 

Baking soda infused cage liners

Absorbs moisture and odors

Safe for all small pets

Good value seven liner pack 

  • Brand: Arm & Hammer
  • Model: FF7942
  • Weight: 2.4 ounces

Best Bedding for Chinchilla Buying Guide & FAQ

Do Chinchillas Need Bedding in Their Cage?

A native species of the Chilean Andes, chinchillas are hardy little creatures, and can survive in some seriously low temperatures. But these cute critters still need comfy bedding. Here are the main reasons why:

  • Chinchillas like to burrow so a soft bed will enable them to indulge in their tunneling behaviors
  • Chinchilla skin can also be on the sensitive side so they need a soft surface to lie on
  • A good bedding will help to keep their cage clean and dry by absorbing their pee
  • It also helps to keep their feet healthy as chinchillas can develop a condition called bumblefoot if they have to stand on hard, solid surfaces for too long.

Girl playing with chinchilla

What to Consider When Buying Chinchilla Bedding

The ideal bedding for a chinchilla is made from soft, natural material that will keep their feet and skin protected while absorbing moisture and any odor. Here are the key things to look for:

Natural materials: While there’s a wide range of materials to choose from, the best products are made from natural materials. We look in more depth at the best types of chinchilla bedding further on in this guide.

Low in dust: Although chinchillas love taking dust baths in the wild, it’s important that their bedding is not dusty as it can cause problems with their respiratory system.

Absorbency and odor control: How well the bedding absorbs liquid, including urine, is an essential consideration as you want to keep your chinchilla’s cage as clean and dry as possible.

Toxin free: You want their bedding to be pet-safe so avoid products that may contain toxic materials. Pine and cedar shavings, for example, can contain oils which could be harmful to your chinchilla unless they have been kiln dried.

Padding: With their delicate feet, chinchillas need a bedding that will protect them from the hard surface or wires of their cage. This means they need a soft bedding that doesn’t have any rough or sharp edges or particles.

Biodegradable: Look for environmentally friendly products that are biodegradable and ideally made from sustainable materials. Some bedding products are also compostable, so you can get a second use out of it, as fertilizer for your garden.

How Often Should I Change My Chinchilla’s Bedding?

While chinchillas are not known to be particularly dirty pets, you do need to ensure they have a clean environment to live in, if you want them to be healthy and happy. It is recommended that their bedding is changed at least once a week, with spot cleaning in between to keep everything fresh.

What Kind of Beddings Are the Best for Chinchillas?

We take a look at safe chinchilla bedding, and the ones you really need to avoid.

Kiln-dried pine shaving: While untreated pine shavings can contain potentially toxic chemicals and oils which are not good for your chinchilla, the process of kiln drying the pine will remove these toxins, making it a perfectly safe bedding for your pet. These pine shavings will also have a natural, fresh odor to help keep their cage smelling sweet.

Aspen shavings: Finer than pine, natural aspen bedding shavings are great at absorbency and odor control. However, aspen shavings can be dusty, depending on how fine the wood shavings are.

Paper: One of the most popular forms of chinchilla bedding, this is typically made from recycled paper and makes a really cozy, absorbent bed. Paper bedding is also well-priced, just avoid products that are bleached or colored as they can be toxic for your small pets.

Fleece: The beauty of a fleece bedding is that it can be washed and reused several times, making it a versatile and cost-effective choice for your chinchilla. Fleece is also highly absorbent, soft and warm.

Bedding to avoid: There are some small animal beddings that should be avoided. These include corn cob, which can cause problems if ingested, as well as cat litter and towel bedding. Cedar shavings should also be a no-no for chinchillas as they can be toxic.

Our Top Pick

We have selected Carefresh Small Pet Bedding as our review’s best choice, thanks to its natural production, super absorbency and odor control and ease of cleaning. Made from raw paper fiber, you can create a super-soft bed for your little chin, with enough pile for tunneling and cozy enough to keep him happy and safe. With no artificial additives, it is also biodegradable, making it an excellent value choice for your pet.

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