9 Lives Cat Food Review

Last Updated February 12, 2020

Feeding your cat should not only be about satisfying its hunger, but it must also be about getting the required nutrients into its body that will help protect your cat from external attacks such as diseases and infections. Cats cannot produce some vital nutrients needed for their survival; hence these minerals and vitamins should be derived from the quality ingredients used in creating their meals. The 9 Lives cat food brand is big on taste and nutrients so their products serve as a defense wall to shield your cat from ill health and help increase your feline’s life expectancy. In light of this, we have created this 9 Lives cat food review so you can understand more about the nine lives cat food products as well as the company behind the products.

9 Lives Cat Food Review


We kick things off with the 9Lives Dry Cat Food. This uniquely formulated product contains vital nutrients that will help your indoor feline to maintain and control his weight. It is made with chicken and salmon and so contains lean protein as well as vitamin B, which helps your feline maintain his healthy metabolism. This product’s high fiber helps to control and reduce hairballs in your cat. It also and contains 12 percent moisture, which helps to keep your cat hydrated at all times. 9 Lives dry cat food has a low phosphorus content of 0.8 percent. Cat foods with controlled or low phosphorus levels reduce the chances of renal disorders in your cat. The 9 Lives dry cat food product range is one of the very best for indoor felines.

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Contains vitamin B

It is made with chicken and salmon

Has four percent crude fiber

Provides 30 percent crude protein

  • Brand: 9Lives
  • Model: 079100524464
  • Weight: 20 pounds


Next up on our list is 9Lives Variety Pack Favorites Wet Cat Food. This product is made with fish or beef, real chicken in an enticing gravy, which gives it a delicious taste and a sweet aroma accompanying it. These 9 Lives wet cat food comes in twelve different cans with each flavor specially formulated to satisfy the palate of even the most finicky eaters. The ingredients, such as thick meat and rich gravy, are carefully blended to produce a pleasant aroma. This product also contains a high protein content, which will strengthen your cat’s muscle mass. With its 100% complete nutrition and suitability for kittens and adult cats, you can be sure that all the cats in your household are getting exactly what they need in their diet.

Comes in three flavors

Contains 82 percent moisture

Has 2% crude fat

Ideal for cats of different stages and sizes

  • Brand: 9Lives
  • Model: 079100830503
  • Weight: 5.4 ounces


Looking for a nutritious seafood delight for your cat? Then look no further than 9 Lives Seafood & Turkey Favorites Wet Cat Food. This 9 Lives wet cat food is manufactured with components such as salmon, fish, and turkey. It is highly flavored, and the smell of this variety will attract your cat’s attention wherever he is located. This 9 Lives cat food contains eight cans of delectable seafood soaked in a well-seasoned sauce. This product is highly rich in essential nutrients, which will keep your cat in top shape and help your feline stay healthy. Another significant characteristic of this variety is that it contains 82 percent moisture. Moisture is crucial for your cat because it is vital for your feline’s digestive tract function and also helps to breakdown nutrients easily. Moreover, this variety has additional taurine, which helps supports your cat’s heart to function correctly and helps improve your feline’s vision. Furthermore, it has eight percent protein levels, and the protein content is important in building your cat’s muscle mass. 

Has tender or soft morsels

Added taurine to boost your cat’s heart function

Economical and inexpensive

Made in four delicious flavors

  • Brand: 9Lives
  • Model: 079100533787
  • Weight: 8.25 pounds


Moving on to 9Lives Surf ‘N Turf Favorites Variety Pack Wet Cat Food, which is made in three delicious varieties. Each package comes with salmon or tuna and real chicken. It is available in a pack of eight cans. This uniquely formulated cat food comes with an ideal mixture of vital minerals and vitamins satisfying the everyday nutritional needs of your cat. It is therefore 100% complete in its nutritional value and can be given to kittens and adult cats alike. The added taurine content and high-level protein content of this variety are essential in promoting your cat’s healthy coat, skin and muscles as well as crucial in boosting your feline’s digestive system. Taurine is also vital for a healthy eye function in cats. Another great feature of this 9 Lives Surf And Turf Favorite is that it offers you the opportunity of refreshing and spicing up your cat’s diet with tasty varieties.

A balanced nutritional formula

Contains one percent crude fiber

Made with high-quality protein

Suitable for kittens and adult cats

  • Brand: 9Lives
  • Model: 079100529766
  • Weight: 10.25 pounds


Last but not least we have 9Lives Plus Care Dry Cat Food. This variety is rich in dietary fiber, selenium, vitamin E, and this helps improve your cat’s immune system and digestive health. Also, it reduces your feline’s urinary Ph, and by so doing, helps to improve your cat’s urinary tract system as well. This 9 Lives dry cat food is highly delicious and flavored. 9 Lives Plus Care Dry Cat Food contains essential vitamins and minerals that are crucial for your cat’s overall health. It is prepared with egg and tuna, and it is especially ideal for aging felines. This product contains 31 percent protein, nine percent fat, and one percent calcium content. The high-quality protein levels will fuel your feline’s lean muscle while improving his heart function. The 12 percent moisture levels are crucial in keeping your cat hydrated throughout the day.

Contains selenium

Rich in dietary fiber

Has 0.8 percent phosphorus levels

Contains vitamin E

  • Brand: 9Lives
  • Model: 079100532872
  • Weight: 4 pounds

9 Lives Cat Food Review Buying Guide

Company Information

9 Lives came into existence in the year 1957 and have since been regarded as one of the leading and iconic labels in the cat food industry. The 9Lives brand was the crown jewel of Starkist. However, in the year 1963, starkest was acquired by Heinz. In 1969, the initial Morris television advertisements were aired. In the year 2002, Del Monte purchased 9Lives and Starkist from Heinz. Later in 2014, Del Monte created a new pet meal division known as Big Heart. Big Heart Pet Brands now owns the 9Lives brand. Its parent company is J.M Smucker. Some of the popular products manufactured by the company include Natural Balance and Meow Mix. The dry cat food is made at its facilities in Pennsylvania and Kansas. While their wet feline meals are manufactured locally in facilities in the US, some of the 9 Lives wet cat food are also made outside the United States.

9 Lives have suffered two recalls in the cat food industry. The first recall was in 2017. During January 2017, many flavors of the company’s canned Meaty Paté products were withdrawn from the food shelves because of possible thiamine defect or deficiency. The authorities later expanded the recall to cover several of the company’s Meaty Paté products. The expanded recall also affected Big Heart labels such as Special kitty and EverPet. The second recall was in 2018, which also affected the company’s brand and image. In December of that year, two products belonging to the 9 Lives cat brand were taken off the market because of the likelihood of a low amount of a nutrient known as thiamine. Throughout its existence, 9Lives has undertaken several corporate social responsibilities such as championing the adoption of felines from pet shelters and also embarking on a countrywide tour to promote the adoption of cats in the United States.


Why Choose This Brand

Is 9 lives good cat food? Well, read below to find out.

  • Good Reviews:  The 9 Lives cat food brand has gained some positive recommendations and appraisal from the United States and also around the world. There are useful and excellent write-ups on the internet regarding the quality of the 9 Lives cat food label. Again, consumers and cat lovers have given the company good feedbacks concerning the product on various consumer rating sites, and these comments help the company to better improve upon its multiple products.
  • Rich in protein: The source of protein in the 9 Lives cat food products includes chicken, salmon, and beef. The 9 Lives cat food label contains high-quality protein content, which is crucial in fueling your feline’s lean muscles and also helps improve your cat’s heart function. A cat with a weak muscle mass will be less active and will be unable to partake in playful activities with you or his fellow felines. Thus, you purchase cat foods that contain quality protein to energize your cat as well as make him more active and mobile throughout the day. However, caution must be taken so that you don’t feed your cat with too much protein. Excess protein in your cat food increases the phosphorus levels than your feline’s body requires, and a high phosphorus content can cause damage to your cat’s kidney.
  • Ideal for cats of all ages: The various products under the 9 Lives cat food brand are suitable for felines of different ages and sizes. The company has made varieties to meet the nutritional needs of kittens as well as aging felines. No cat is left out.
  • Comes in a variety of flavors: One of the most challenging tasks of cat owners is to satisfy the taste of picky felines. Yes, cats, just like humans, are also fussy when it comes to foods, and they know a good meal when they eat one. 9 Lives has, over the years, introduced a variety of flavors with enticing aromas to please the taste of cats who are fussy when it comes to food.
  • It contains essential nutrients: Nutrients are critical in the development and growth of cats. They play significant roles in your cat’s health and total well-being. The 9 Lives cat food has vital nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. These minerals and vitamins help to maintain and control your feline’s weight. Again, the 9 Lives cat food brand has additional taurine content, which helps beautify your cat’s coat and skin.
  • Contains Moisture: Moisture in a feline’s meal is extremely important. These nine lives cat food products have plenty of moisture that is key and required for your cat’s health. The moisture levels in your cat’s dish help your feline to be hydrated and also help support your cat’s digestive tract function. Again, the moisture content is essential in breaking down nutrients.

Ingredient Analysis

The 9 Lives cat food is made using different ingredients, which is specially blended to create a delicious meal and a sweet aroma. Read below to get to know more about the components used in making this great formula.

  • The combined elements used include chicken, turkey, animal fat, natural flavor, wheat, corn, meat, water, salt, tuna, artificial flavor, salmon, liver wheat flour, and fish. The rest are vitamins B-12, D3, E, and A. Other ingredients are phosphorus acid, biotin, carrageenan, potassium chloride, chlorine chloride, calcium carbonate, and niacin. The remaining elements include taurine, folic acid, ferrous sulfate, zinc oxide, copper sulfate, manganous oxide, calcium iodate, sodium selenite, and BHA.
  • Again, the 9 Lives cat food varieties contain high-quality protein. The protein sources include tuna, chicken, salmon, liver, and fish. Protein helps your cat’s muscle mass to grow stronger and also is vital in ensuring that your feline’s heart function correctly.
  • Furthermore, the 9 Lives cat food products are rich in nutrients such as dietary fiber, selenium, vitamin E and A. These vitamins and minerals help to reduce your cat’s urinary pH and also support your feline’s digestive health.
  • Last but not least, the cat foods under the 9Lives brand contain moisture. Moisture is crucial to your feline as it helps to break down nutrients and keeps your cat hydrated.

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Pros & Cons

  • High protein content: 9 Lives cat food brands contain high protein levels. The manufacturers understand that quality protein content is critical for the total well-being and health of your feline. As such, they have meticulously selected ingredients that are rich in protein and will contribute significantly to helping your feline stay healthy as well as prolonging his lifespan.
  • Added nutrients: The ingredients used in creating the 9 Lives cat food products are specially mixed to provide the needed nutrients that your cat requires for his growth. It contains additional taurine, selenium, and fiber. These nutrients serve as a shield that helps to protect your cats from diseases.
  • Low Phosphorus content: The phosphorus levels in the 9 Lives cat food products are low. The small amount of phosphorus in their varieties minimizes the chances of your feline developing renal complications.
  • Some of the 9 Lives cat food products contain artificial colors, which can cause harm to your cat.
  • Again, some of the 9 Lives cat food varieties have high carbohydrate levels when compared to their competitors. Meals that are high in carbohydrates may lead to your feline becoming overweight and hence developing cardiovascular diseases.
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